In addition to its refining operation, which handles more than 30 million pounds of metal each year, the Dallas-based company provides recycling, minting, and other refining services to thousands of business around the world. So this is my frustration that I have with NTR Metals. I felt really bad lost all my earnings that week as i work on low margins. Gian Piere Perez Gutierrez and Peter Davis Perez Gutierrez were arrested in connection with this scheme.". Today, a customer reported that they received a letter stating that a further payment was made, which appears to be another one of these "tiny" payments. NTR Metals, also known as the Northern Texas Refinery, is one of the largest metal refineries in the world. Ms. Crowell confirmed this, by stating "We delisted a refiner called Elemetal. The chances of making up several correct bar numbers (without knowing the checksum formula) is close to impossible. They did not suspend OPM bars (which are listed as "no longer produced"), and NTR/Provident bars were never COMEX approved. 05-10-2013, 12:24 AM. 1-24 of 24 Results. As far as I can tell, this is all news that did appeared in national media more than 3 months ago. Within 2 months, Loftus announced that DGSE was in negotiations to buy Elemetal Recycling, for about $20M. I received great payouts and fast service. If I ran Provident, I would immediately respond, either with an answer, or giving a high priority to getting a detailed response. That would mean that all customers would get 100% of what they are owed before the end of the year. But like the Provident Metals lien, this lien applies to metal likely held in Elemetal Refining's vault, the same place where Elemetal Vault's metal is held. Why Ripoff Report will not release author information! The United States is home to a vast array of private minting operations. After looking at the post, he chose not to provide any comments. 17 Feb 2017 announcement that it is being acquired by DGSE. The rolling mill, combined with a strip annealing furnace help refine the bars to their required thickness. I urge any dealer to be careful who they deal with and if in doubt send samples to the assay office, it may cost you £20 to get it done but it will soon give you the asnswers you need. They offer a full range of services including industrial recycling, bullion minting, and commercial refining. So they have gone from not answering my question (non-action) to deleting it (an intentional action). How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. The third defendant, Renato Rodriguez, has chosen to go to trial, rather than sign a plea agreement. Someone there gave a vague response, but did not address my question. ntr metals dallas texas, elemetal ntr north america dr buffalo new york,  elemetal dallas texas ntr dallas tx 7500 grams gold filled claimed 24.5 ounce burn off bull crap offered $1,187 should be $8000.00 buffalo new york dallas texas, NTR Metals NTR, NTR Metals, ntr, ntr metals, gold refining, gold refinery, ntr refining, precious metals refining, ntr gold refining, ntr scam, ntr scams, ntr steals money, ntr low assay, ntr metal burn off NTR Metals NTR, NTR Metals, ntr, ntr metals, gold refining, gold refinery, ntr refining, precious metals refining, ntr gold refining, ntr scam, ntr scams, ntr steals money, ntr low assay, ntr metal bu Internet, Internet. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has encountered or heard of any fake 10oz NTR Silver Bars? This relieves most of my concern regarding Provident Metals and Elemetal Vault, LLC. Don’t click on those slick Ads! Then, on March 31, for reasons unknown, the LBMA dropped both OPM (Ohio Precious Metals, an Elemetal company) and Elemetal from their "Good Delivery" list. Although .99984 is below what was marked, that is nowhere near the concern that it would have been at .997 as some people were expecting. The 10 oz NTR Silver Bar is in brand new condition and … Wondering if a report is missing? Week after week I received 14k gold assays that were consistently 51.5% for 14K ! I contacted Dillon Gage to ask if they were no longer buying back these bars (not mentioning the purity issue), and the person who received the E-mail deferred to the VP of Trading (I was Cc:'d), asking "how do you want us to respond?". If Elemetal Vault's metal is subject to a lien (and there is evidence that suggests this could be the case), Elemetal Vault would be a complete lie, and it would to me seem like Provident would be selling a fraudulent product.