Bishop was originally a liaison officer to NCIS via NSA but was soon promoted to NCIS Probationary Agent and later a field agent. producers try their best to keep the show as real as possible. Now an NCIS Special Agent, Bishop has undergone training, enabling her to use her NSA skills in conjunction with the skills associated with being an NCIS agent, including processing crime scenes as well as arresting and interrogating any, and all possible suspects. ‘NCIS’: Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) was first introduced to NCIS back in 2013 and has been involved in some of the biggest storylines to date. She then devoted six years of her NSA career to hunting Parsa with Bishop's determination to find Parsa slowly becoming an obsession. She wants to do her best and is shown to be a bit of a perfectionist. During her time there, she met and married, Jake Malloy, an attorney for the NSA. She was with NSA lawyer Jake Malloy (Jamie Bamber) but after he … In Fake It 'Til You Make It (episode), Bishop began wearing a pendant with a gold chain around her neck in addition to the gold necklace she also wore. At this point, it’s He becomes friends with Ellie's boss, SSA Leroy Jethro Gibbs., Before joining NCIS as a full-time agent, Ellie served as an NSA liaison similar to her predecessor, Ziva David who originally served as the Mossad liaison and also Marty Deeks who still currently serves as the LAPD liaison on. NCIS season 17: What happened to Agent Tony Dinozzo’s mother? But what happened to her husband Jake (Jamie Bamber)? Prior to joining NCIS, Bishop worked as an analyst for the NSA (National Security Agency) although when she first began working at NSA remains unknown. But he then rings the house phone asking Ellie what he should do for Thanksgiving and she responds saying: “It’s not my concern Jake, spend it wherever and whomever you want”, before slamming the phone down. and Torres have been flirting for what seems like forever. Fearing for her, Bishop's superiors forcibly removed her from the case. of Bishop and kind of dive into her personal life, and her relationships falling I hurt a lot. She also ties her hair up and like her predecessors(Caitlin Todd and Ziva David), places her own hair which is often tied up into a bun directly under the cap itself so that it sticks out at the end of the cap. Following the capture of both Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Timothy McGee in Paraguay, Bishop effectively became both the senior field agent and the special agent in charge of Gibbs' depleted Major Case Response Team. the show: In the real world of federal agents, divorce happens all the time. [POLL], White House Farm: Huge ‘inaccuracy’ in devastating ITV drama revealed [INACCURACY]. It looks like Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) will be the next on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) team to have a failed relationship when she and husband Jake (Jamie Bamber) decide to divorce in one of the upcoming episodes of the long-running CBS series. started with Bishop, we saw a lot of her working, and we saw one side. Her boss, Gibbs (Mark Harmon), is still recovering from being shot in last … Glassberg said it can be hard for agents to maintain a healthy that ended in divorce. “When I first came in and It’s immoral!’ Fiery foreign aid row erupts on GMB, Marks and Spencer customers left confused over new mince pie cookie. they have lives to deal with,” Cardea told CBS. Agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) was a married woman when she joined NCIS. anyone’s guess where their relationship is headed. “NCIS” producer Steven D. Binder said if they decide to have the characters Home » TV & Movies » NCIS season 17: What happened to Agent Ellie Bishop’s husband on NCIS? Originally from Oklahoma, Bishop was born in 1985, presumably the youngest of four children born to an unnamed father and Barbara Bishop with Bishop's three older brothers named George, John and Robert. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. going to be “horrible.”, Read more: ‘NCIS’: apart,” Wickersham told CBS. Her underlying feelings for Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) also remain under CBS audiences’ watchful eyes. “NCIS” agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) went through a tough time after her marriage to Jake Malloy (Jamie Bamber) disintegrated (he cheated on her). This has led her to butt heads with Gibbs on more than one occasion. She speaks six different languages, fluent Pashto being one of them, although she is not familiar with every dialect. I can't think of any sort of healthy marriage where the husband would agree to do something so ridiculous and destructive. She met her ex-husband, Jake Malloy there. However, one silver lining is that Bishop can now date and explore new relationships. By her confirmation into the team, DiNozzo and McGee had stocked up her desk with food or protein bars to help stimulate her memory. She also said it was fun to act out the Her underlying feelings for Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) also remain under CBS audiences’ watchful eyes. and producers are also figuring out Bishop and Torres’ status as they go along. In season 13, episode 10 Blood Brothers, Jake confesses to Ellie he had been cheating on her with an NSA internal affairs officer, claiming they had grown distant since she left her job. With her mission being preemptive terror analysis, where she had to predict and also pinpoint who the up and coming threats were, Bishop became the first person to officially recognize terrorist Benham Parsa as a potential threat. In her first appearance in Gut Check (episode), Bishop wore a woolen jumper and slightly torn jeans with holes visible in them as well as brown boots. These things happen. She is also shown to be extremely strong-willed and not afraid to break the rules if she needs to, just like Nick and Ziva. “I think we try best relationship, but that all ended when the writers decided to kill his