Essential Oils & Herbs ❤️ The. No, I didn’t. But it can be a useful tool if used properly. Mix the oils and lye solution and blend until trace is achieved. event : evt, May I also say I love your blog. mau . Thanks for the link!! I am 67 now and after finding a good solution for Red Devil and save enough fat drippings I well make some again. I’ve heard of the wood ash (potash) lye used for such things. More items to explore. My Facebook feed is full of it and the shock that’s been caused by a recently banned TV advert. Cocoa butter soap kept the darker yellow color of the cocoa butter and jojoba oil soap – or rather the floating part of it – was bright yellow. I have been looking around for so long for recipes for our soap. Like Shauna, I too am wondering how they worked. In jojoba lye is to watery which giving slow reactions and separation . As result lye solution in first will be very strong – stronger lye produce lover gel temperature and very quick hardening and crumbles . And surprisingly, her comments about it were the same as mine (and her comments were made without me telling her what I liked about the soap). I originally started with your sun screen. I was really excited. Would the palm oil recipe be similar? She found the soap: Which makes a nice brief change from the beautiful African heat. This is so interesting to see, and u shared. !’ came over me. Piece of cake! "Please get rid of them because they are full of crap and are very slowly poisoning you. It has gone on to become globally popular. The stronger use of Lye was in making soap. listenButton1.onclick = function(){ I thought I had found the soap of the century! JavaScript is disabled. Hi i am from bhutan.i am a bigginer.but nothing worked on lye as i very new. Which was important for her as her skin is a little dry in areas. Good recipe however I always try not to use palm oil or anything derived from the palm fruit because there are massive deforestation and lost of species in under developed countries, in particular, Indonesia and Malaysia because of the unsustainable practice. Ok, I thought that sounds great. Palm oil is sometimes called vegetable tallow. Wow Evik, She pointed to some other soap which was yellow in colour and said, ‘no that is for clothes, this is for skin’. Until a couple of months ago we couldn’t buy it here anywhere until the Costco got in Organic Red Palm Oil. I asked the friendly helpful woman at a nearby shop for some African black soap. Lye calculators will have small differences. A lye solution for cleaning cattle? I asked one of my friends, who is also from the UK and who is out here with me, to try the soap too. .login-action-register #registerform .gglcptch { Tel: +44 7933002430 / +44 113 414 4832. on: function(evt, cb) { Yet I still do not advise it. Leslie. She loved it. Pros and cons?? } I’m thinking ‘No that must be for washing your clothes, she clearly doesn’t understand what I want’. Learn how your comment data is processed. And thanks for sharing on Oil me Up Wednesdays@ my lamp is full. It’s exciting to hear from people who have taken soap making on as their own. (It says Certified Sustainable). I think you should mentioned that in big. And surprisingly, her comments about it were the same as mine (and her comments were made without me telling her what I liked about the soap). I haven’t had that experience at all and have been using them for 14 years. Combine waxes, fats and/or oils in a large stainless steel pot and heat over low until all oils are melted and combined. I have several pounds of pure unrefined Shea that I am trying to use. Palm Kernel Flakes This is a mixture of partially-hydrogenated palm kernel oil and soy lecithin. It is bleached, refined and deodorized to give us the creamy palm oil that most of us are familiar with. Palm oil is used in soap making, lotions, lip products, scrubs, and other bath and body formulations. There is a difference. The bar is ridiculously amazing and I'm inclined … 3 bars of soap for 46p in Morrisons, Leeds, West Yorkshire UK. A big test of 100% one oil soaps – after 15 months. Thankd again so much! Helps to speed trace as well. Organic, Sustainable, Non-hydrogenated 32 fl oz. I thought I had found the soap of the century….. Read This Article To Me Belief it or not, the prolonged use of many of these products can also contribute to diabetes and cancer as well as other sicknesses. You can save it by placing in a slow cooker and covering with plastic wrap to retain all moisture. So, I’ve asked again for African black soap and asked if the one she had handed me was for washing clothes. Lye water temp was 103 where And my other thought is: is the soap didn’t solidify, this doens’t mean it cannot be used as a shower lotion (instead of using a soap), right? She loved it. You should have added photos of the lather as well to complete the story (didn’t want the post to end). Love this blog btw! Hi Kelly, Thread starter vuladams; Start date Jan 1, 2015; Help Support SoapMakingForum: vuladams Well-Known Member. But there has been a lot of combined effort by many organizations, including the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Therefore, showering regularly is necessary. Add the lye to the water to for a lye solution. Have a wonderful day. Palm oil can be used in place of tallow in a favorite recipe you have, but I, personally, keep palm oil at or below 30% of the added fats because I think it can dry out the skin if it is the greater percentage of fats (as can coconut) unless superfat content is raised as well. Both followed by palm oil soap which was of white-creamy color, a bit more creamy were shea butter and corn oil soaps. I kept stirring and using the stick blender until I got trace. I unmolded soaps after 24 hours. I am just curious if Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils can be used together in a soap? I need to make some soap. It does change everything. The next thing I noticed was how quickly and easily it lathered. Mainly because there is no central heating, so the water flows at the same temperature that it is at its natural source. Here is how I found a 100% Naturally Organic, Hand Made Cocoa And Palm Oil Soap. Here are some great benefits that you will enjoy: A 100% Naturally Organic, Hand Made Cocoa And Palm Oil Soap, that has a rich creamy and bubbly lather. You would want to use Palm oil, not Palm kernel oil. Thank you Bindu, I do my best! I wonder if anyone know the magic numbers for peanut oil soap, or should it only make up 20% of the oil? Cool to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The next thing I noticed was how quickly and easily it lathered. Next 2 hours I hand stirred the soap every 20-30 minutes, at the end by blender.Every time the stirring helped into trace, however, Impossible to unmold, after 72 hours I put it in the freezer in order to unmold, Relatively difficult, I had to bend the plastic to get it out, Relatively easy, interestingly quite elastic (the very thin layer unmolded with the soap), Still two phases, the bottom one very soft, top one floating, When touched, changes color to darker, very soft, deep trace, Too soft – probably because of water I added at trace.After 72 hours was put in freezer and unmolded, hardness, bubliness, creaminess of lather. What’s the percentage of lye in 80% palm oil soap? Hi Brittany, did you check the two links at the end of the post leading to tests of foam etc?. With This Ring. We then eat the fishes etc. Palm oil soap benefits, and the differences: Palm Oil: Known for creating a long lasting and hard bar with small bubbles and a creamy texture. A soap making oil chart must, therefore, cover the basic oils as well as the more exotic oils that are becoming more common in soap making today. Sometimes she’s can have that effect. We have coconut allergies. What a beautiful experiment! Especially your info on Palm Oil. I've done pure CO with 20% SF. Red palm oil, which is bright orange, gets it color from carotenes (like carrots and tomatoes). A true traditional Castile soap, made simply with 100% olive oil. A nice adventure Of course, I took pictures and tried soap hardness by thumb imprint before unmolding.