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And students should be encouraged to explore their areas of interest by reading, writing, or talking with someone who knows about the topic. ;�J""7���Ӗ�d}���O��-�6�H�US��mqDީ�@+��. Students will also practice social studies writing. "Social Studies" is a blanket term used to investigate what makes a culture, people, or country distinct from all of the others. ��C V] �� ~w��5t?� Printable worksheets Learning games Educational videos + Filters 87 results Filters. �e'�&��fvh�)W弞U�v&Bj7O\4�5�G 1st Grade Social Studies Free Resource. The units cover all main first and second grade Social Studies concepts and are compl It encompasses so many things, including culture, geography, economy, and politics. The idea of choice also comes into play, with students learning that people have to make economic choices. In addition, they’ll talk about what their roles and responsibilities are, including how to show respect, how they can contribute, and what the safety rules are. h�bbd```b``� "��H�E ��0X� L>�J`����- 1st Grade Worksheet Bundle: Printable worksheets that include multiple subjects from a variety of our online solutions, including Study Island, EducationCity, and ReadingEggs. 7052 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8CA680896BC5B24FAB1B99105DD7E9EE>]/Index[7033 47]/Info 7032 0 R/Length 95/Prev 454610/Root 7034 0 R/Size 7080/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Social Studies is a subject full of topics, concepts, ideas, and facts. 0 "Y\�"v`�L��H�h ɬV�tN�]���� ��9����[� !c Learning about social studies in school or at home can be interesting and fun. endstream endobj 7034 0 obj <>/Metadata 201 0 R/OCProperties<>/OCGs[7054 0 R]>>/Pages 7027 0 R/StructTreeRoot 775 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 7035 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 7036 0 obj <>stream It can incorporate economics, history, governmental structure, sociology, civics, religion, geography, anthropology, and much more. 7079 0 obj <>stream Reading and LiteracyMath Activities. 1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets and Printables. endstream endobj startxref They’ll discuss the importance of schools and neighborhoods and identify the roles people play. Finally, experiment with a magnet to test your predictions. First Grade Science and Social Studies Worksheets Science Worksheets. Students will learn all these new terms and many more first grade social studies vocabulary terms. 7033 0 obj <> endobj This 297-page First and Second Grade Social Studies Bundle includes 12 comprehensive units, an interactive Social Studies Journal, and a complete set of foldables that are engaging and rigorous for your students! Set sail through history and geography with these first grade social studies worksheets! Study Island 1st Grade Math - Length Question 1 . They might be asked to respond to a story or create one of their own. State standards and district curriculums vary, but grade levels tend to have similar themes and focus on similar topics in schools across the United States. 7. How many fish hooks long is the fish? Along with each new social studies unit comes new social studies vocabulary. It is a subject that will be studied in every year of school and will expand students’ knowledge of the many things around them and the many events that came before them. At this level, students will most likely use a compass rose, talk about landforms, and practice using directional words like north and south. They might also be asked to identify where they live and discuss towns, cities, and states. Students will work with maps, practice using a compass rose, and identify their country and state. Much of this will be learning to write some of the new vocabulary or incorporating it into a picture or story. Evaluate student maps of their house on While traveling, parents can point out various geographic or economic concepts they come across. 1st Grade (Grade 1) Practice/Workbook People and Places (PDF by Macmillan/McGraw Hill) 5 units, 68 pages People and Places: Texas Edition (PDF by Macmillan/McGraw Hill) ... Social Studies (Grade 6 textbook, lots of PDF) History (Grade 7 textbook, PDF) The World and Its People (Grade 7 textbook, PDF) %PDF-1.6 %���� Learning social studies in the first grade, students will start with the basics like schools and neighborhoods and how they are alike and different from others. Geography also plays an important role in first grade social studies. Social Studies is a subject full of topics, concepts, ideas, and facts. They’ll discuss jobs and currency and how people exchange goods and services. ��Bx�>��w��m"���h�p��ލ�O��.��jw|x�� ���@�����@�E@� xP�������7�zQ�-~�ͧ�����P�5{�V�����X"�>ae���m�e±�m�Y_�,��[J#B��Z��wP���@�(�x��g�:�0j��j�[o�Z>oω����AlZ F�p�1�.�ib��. Social Studies 1st Grade Social Studies Standard 2.1 places on the map of their classroom and assess as they use the sketched map to answer questions with the terms: inside, next to, between, near, and far. It encompasses so many things, including culture, geography, economy, and politics. Building on what they learned about the economy in kindergarten, students will review the meaning of wants and needs and what basic needs are. Worksheets for teachers and students that fall under the Social Studies subject area. Your students will love exploring U.S. history, world cultures, and geography fundamentals. Words that we often think of as complicated concepts, are explained in much simpler ways so young children can begin to understand them. The computer is also a great resource, where you’ll find games, puzzles, and plenty of information to keep children interested. ���,���áSò��v囩�ݩ�����i��CHH�m��ʴ/��^�R�x��V����ڒA��fN���f���K[>��D)N�m�zƩ&��a�p�����[����E]�QJ]�;��(&����m9�����\�&�����(����yv:��:=���#�nVM��}j2Ҕ�������al Healthy Snacks - Fill in the word boxes with the names of healthy snacks and complete each sentence. �vE[�F[AW��X�:f�1t܇�m�J�� �6�X�4�'���C{�Pg�����ׁ-cA@����V�.F���̟�m� �r�nk�g���ȶb-���Z���Z�6��c���� ��2� h��YYo�6�O�S��l��������,���;C�4�+��-����~;�J��DS)�22a�#��,s*�pPc�;U�(��@��K���1Yb\�#�KAd�r"J� ��9��A�$�(�'���5N�FQ��e�eOs��Z �02U��(0$v:QB�x&Q����sr�;"�v�f�'�yH���5(^M�a9} �����l�0U��''�b6�A��5$R�{q~/�1A�Ҏ����� ��+&���C[-�}V���~�[���5��(,��Wc;�.���F�ˋ��w��]i��;��5�Y��`�uC��*H�|J(�׼�)��;rI�ȵ�}�RX�\��B)��E�%L���r���7��j7�^� �e!$K9SPy*aۄ����\�T���S�*O�ɓ,���(H!K�` �*�Fn��O��*Z� Magnets Worksheets 1-2 - Identify items that a magnet will attract then make predictions about items magnets will attract. Make a list of student statements using language of location and display it with the classroom map. Geography entails using words that describe physical features and location as well as those words and phrases we need to properly use a map.