The dealer replaced the clutch packs under warranty. 2011 Ford Focus. This time they changed the clutch to a new improved one and now works fine again. Opening the transmission is a laborious task, which is why it is reasonable to expect labor costs of at least $300 to replace the transmission control module. Transmission shudders when shifting, especially at low speeds. Dealer stated Ford acknowledges problem. To see how Ford extended warranty to lifetime because of unresolved design defect with leaking seals, Transmission control module died. Dealer reflashed TCM but needed to order replacement clutch parts which are nationally back ordered for 2-3 months. Your car can’t function without one. The frequency and severity of repairs are both fairly average when compared with all other vehicles. Do you really need to be told that leaks are bad? :), Firmware update for jerky automatics transmission. 2012 Ford Focus A new generation of Ford Focus started in 2012, and it did not work out very well. TrueDelta is not affiliated with any car manufacturer or their trademarks. Ford Focus. In this video I show you how involved a clutch replacement is on one of these and why you may not get a perfect shifting trans afterwards. Experienced transmission shuttering and overheating. Stutter/shimmy when accelerating between 1st/2nd and 2nd/3rd gears. The 2012 Ford Transit Connect has 12 problems reported for transmission failure. We had the car towed to the dealer for repair. New clutches and seals for the transmission. (Page 1 of 3) My son has a 2012 Ford Focus which is included in the Ford's Dual Clutch or "PowerShift" Transmission class action lawsuit. Transmission shudder on acceleration. The clutch had a mild shuddering issue previously. Let's compare the costs side-by side: Insurance based on 30-year-old driver, using vehicle for commuting to work approximately 20 miles each way on 2008 versus 2001 Ford Taurus. The repair was effective as the dealer was instructed to replace the clutch-packs which had been malfunctioning. Transmission exhibits severe hesitation on tip in. Car would not start first time you turn the key. $2,750, 2.0L L4 Turbo • Cost to Replace Ford Focus Transmission - References. Ford Focus… A lot can go wrong, and a lot will go wrong if you ignore one of the most important warning lights in your dashboard. 2012 Ford Focus. Replaced Transmission Control Module under warranty. Clutch felt like it was slipping at low speeds and light acceleration. My 2017 Ford Focus is in the shop as we speak, they replaced the TCM I guess, on warranty bc I only owe for diagnostics. Car acted like it was in nuetral. We recommend the following online resources for trustworthy information about Ford Focus maintenance, repair and service. The transmission stopped powering the vehicle in the middle of an intersection after stopping. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Ford attempted power train computer reflash [failed] followed by replacing transmission control module [computer & actuators]. We have 475,000 quality parts, products and accessories to help you do the job right. Refund for deductible has been issued. The car bucked, hesitated, and stuttered when starting from a stop in traffic (zero to 10 mph). 2012 Ford Focus 2.0L L4 • 212,000 miles Perform TSB 13-4-5. 2012 Ford Focus 2.0 engine, with code P090C, Clutch B actuator control circuits low, does mean I need a new transmission? When the car was new, a soft pedal start was jerky. Seems OK now, Clutch replaced for free under extended transmission warranty. Transmission Control Module and clutch packs were replaced. Feels like surging and can't get any amount of speed up. Clutch was completely replaced as per technical service bulletin. Transmission Control Module replaced. Little power on inclines. Replaced Transmission control module and both problems were solved. It eventually started working after sitting a while and restarting. The car had no power in reverse and wouldn't shift out of first gear. I wonder if this is what my 2012 focus se is doing. Average repair cost is $3,110 at 45,600 miles. Tranmission was slow to react. Ford Accessories. REF: 11T02 – DEMONSTRATION / DELIVERY HOLD – 2012 Model Year Fiesta and Focus Equipped with a DPS6 Automatic Transmission – Clutch Replacement … The 2012 through 2015 have had the issues, the problem being the transmission shuddering, usually in lower gears. Problem detected and still waiting for backordered parts. Took 4 months to get new clutch in. Slipping and shuddering, replaced clutch packs and seals with reprogramming. Car stalled out, and wouldn't turn back on. RhinoPac® Premium Clutch … Compare and book with Australia's largest network of mechanics. 94,420 miles, $5,850 - Shuddering worse when A/C is running. Ford Focus Third Generation. If you ignore the failing transmission, the issue will get worse and worse, until the transmission fails altogether. Transmission Control Module had a short circuit, bad wiring - required replacement. In an automatic, CVT, or DCT, a transmission assembly malfunction could result in slipping, which means the engine RPMs will increase, even though the car isn’t accelerating. To see how frequently 2012 Ford Escape problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Get the best deals on Automatic Transmission Parts for 2012 Ford Focus when you shop the largest online selection at 119 kilowatts 2.0L I4 6-speed automatic FWD, 119 kilowatts 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD, 92 kilowatts 1.6L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD. There is a TSB for this which is a trans leak, then clutches would get oil soaked. Ford Focus S / SE Standard Transmission 2012, Flywheel by Genuine®. Part # AE8Z7Z369F. Ford launched the DPS6 dual-clutch transmission, widely known as the PowerShift transmission, on 2011 Fiesta and 2012 Focus … Bring it to a dealership to fix it. What could actually go wrong? Smoothed out the shifting. A transmission malfunction message appeared and the car had severe problems changing gears. Clutch was shuddering (again!). See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Symptoms would improve with new tranny fluid (2qts) for a period of time. Sold vehicle. Because a lot. Drives like it's brand new now. The trans. Worse when turning left. In many older models ( especially automatic transmissions ) the module is located in an area of the engine that is much easier to reach. Dealer noticed earlier that car shuddered when accelerating forcefully. TCM failed (a known issue with an extended warranty) while driving, dealer replaced under warranty. Clutch and seals replaced under warranty. If you’ve ever learned how to drive a stick shift, the first time was probably a little embarrassing. Need advice about a specific Ford Focus problem? Transmission shifted rough and jerked at low speeds. The flawed design causes premature wear and tear in the clutch assembly. Replaced clutches in transmission and re flashed transmission software. Car bought back. An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. Transmission would not easily shift into 1,3,or 5th gear. Dealer performed tsb and reset cpu that controls shifts. Ford called me and offered a rental car at no charge to re-repair the transmission stumbling on acceleration from a stop. Now fixed but still shudders sometimes in reverse, and ascending hills at slow speeds e.g. Leaky seals Transmission slipping, noise , vibration. Get the best deals on Automatic Transmission Parts for 2012 Ford Focus when you shop the largest online selection at