Rather than playing root, 3rd, 5th, root, I’m playing 3rd, root, 3rd, 5th, root. I get asked about six string basses a lot. My technique changes when I switch to fretless bass. However, if You do not accept Cookies, You may not be able to use some parts of our Service. This Privacy Policy is maintained by the Free Privacy Policy Generator. The first thing that I think is really important is string spacing. The last thing that I would highlight is the balance. Last week I featured three exercises for 5-string bass, this week I’ve got an exercise for 6-string bass. This involves simultaneously hammering three different notes on three strings. With an extra low string and an extra high string you can extend your range in both directions, which makes six string basses very versatile. They need to remember that what matters is music, not strings. Why? You should find the bass that feels right for the way you play, and that’s all that matters. They help to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts. I’ve heard it said that bass players should learn how to play 4 strings properly before trying to play 6. In fact, there are other types of 6-string basses by brands such as Warwick, who makes the Corvette bass. Persistent Cookies remain on your personal computer or mobile device when You go offline, while Session Cookies are deleted as soon as You close your web browser. Tapping Chords on Bass Guitar – Bass Practice Diary 133, Fretless Bass Jam/Improv on My Sire M7 5-String Bass – Bass Practice Diary 130, Cycle of Fifths Exercise on 6-String Bass – Bass Practice Diary 129, 6-String Bass Exercise – Major Triads in 12 Keys – Bass Practice Diary 128, Learn How to Play Bass Grooves in Odd Meters, Pentatonic Jazz Lick – How to Use the Pentatonic Scale in Modern Jazz – Part 1, Introduction to Triad Pairs on Bass Guitar, Triad Pairs – Part 2 – Using Major Triads to Improvise, Triad Pairs – Part 3 – Triad Pairs & Hexatonic Scales, A Complete Guide to Harmonics on Bass – Part 1: Natural Harmonics, A Guide to Harmonics on Bass – Part 2: Artificial Harmonics, Everything You Need to Know About Harmony on Bass Guitar, How to Use Outside Notes In Your Basslines, Learn to Play Jazz Chord Extensions on Bass Guitar, Use This Cool Metronome Trick to Develop Superb Timing, Hammer Ons and Pull Offs – Left Hand Technique Lesson, Learn to Play Triplet Rhythms on Straight 16th Note Bass Grooves, Use Intervals of a 4th To Create a Modern Jazz Sound, Learn to Play Quartal Chord Voicings on Bass Guitar, 8th and 16th Note Bass Lines – Part 1 – Eighth Note Bass Grooves, 8th and 16th Note Bass Lines – Part 2 – Sixteenth Note Bass Grooves, Protect and defend the rights or property of the Company, Prevent or investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Service, Protect the personal safety of Users of the Service or the public. Having said that, as much as I enjoy playing this bass, it has turned out to be the most unreliable instrument that I’ve ever owned in terms of holding it’s setup. It means that this information may be transferred to — and maintained on — computers located outside of Your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the data protection laws may differ than those from Your jurisdiction. When I started playing bass, I learned on a  4 string bass like most people do. So, I should say that it’s a Warwick Artist Series bass. So, if you have a six string bass with a wide string spacing, a nice even sound across it’s whole range and it’s well balanced, then you have everything you need. I’ve mentioned already that there’s no difference in the way I approach playing 4, 5 or 6 strings.