I wish the abode support page or home portal had the status of the abode server. While 100% uptime and reliability is the goal of every major company (i.e. Anyone else have their gateway just go Offline? Problem I’m having with ring and nest is that they completely own your data, your access to your data, etc. hide. mine went down at 8:48 AM PDT for a minute. Push the battery switch on the back of the abode Gateway to OFF position. As an aside - we have since corrected this issue so the email and push notifications are sent for all Online events in this expanded outage profile-event. Gateway Online Today @ 8:49AM Gateway Offline Today @ 8:48AM, Same here. Twitter, Facebook, ADT, Financial Institutions, etc) and we share that desire, we recognized from a practical standpoint it is impossible to attain 100% uptime in any system. Re-supply power to Gateway5. 26 comments. Close. We recognize there was a 4 minute window in which self-monitored customers were down, and we want to sincerely apologize for that and let you know our teams are working to resolve these and ensure the maximum reliability and uptime of our solution regardless of whether you are on the free plan or a paid monitoring plan. kharris8887 - the good news is the gateway still works locally if it goes "offline". 1 year ago. In other words, this outage that was experienced (or any other potential outage for that matter) would not impact our customers who leverage our on-demand or professional monitoring service. We highly recommend following these steps in the order below.Please follow these steps to attempt to get your gateway back online:1. Press J to jump to the feed. As a result of our founding principle to provide a professional grade system, we architected it in a way that in the event of an outage like this, the Professional Monitoring center will still receive, respond, and handle the alarms that are generated. Trouble Shooting abode HomeKit integration, How to disable/mute the siren on your Gateway/iota, Updating the abode camera's Wi-Fi network. Make sure your abode Gateway is plugging into your internet router via Ethernet2. I'm going to send abode an email now just to make sure what the status of my gateway is. “Yes, this was short hiccup on our end. Our gateways (called iota or smart security system) comes in a starter kit and act as the central "hub" of your alarm system. MiserWil and BBBasher - Thank you for the follow up. (Especially if you lose internet connection?) share. Simply put - It is what we expect from us, and what you deserve. Others? How do I resolve this? r/Abode: A subreddit to discuss the Abode security and home-automation system, as well as their compatible systems and components. if that's the case, coupled with their awesome response, makes me still have lots of interest and faith in going with them very soon. Typically when maintenance goes south that should translate into a sev 1 incident and kick off an outage/triage process. An off-line event will be listed on the timeline and a notification will be sent. Remove power from Gateway 3. Therefore, we typically will only email our user base in advance of a maintenance that will definitely cause a window period of outage. Gateway offline. User account menu. if there is an accident that knocks a telephone pole down, weather conditions where a tree falls on a phone line, etc.). There are 3 parts to an abode security system: Gateways | Accessories | abode App. Would be nice for a different notification. Gateway offline. Like going offline for updates...back online for the updates. Pain in my ass as I am not able to fix remotely. My abode Gateway is offline. They responded right away. My gateway went offline at 7:48 AM (AKDT) and is still offline. I thought something on my end went wrong at first, it was only off for 1min or less but at least they are aware. Outages aren't uncommon, like you said, and I don't think anyone would see it as an excuse. Should be back to normal now.”, “We are still diagnosing a spike in CPU usage from our server that we are running a diagnosis on. one has cellular backup, the other doesn't. System is inoperable. If that does not resolve the issue, now Reboot Abode Gateway (see instructions below)To reboot the abode Gateway:1. The systems are linked, but not dependent on each other. 100% Upvoted. We certainly understand your concern regarding the outage and our goal that we strive for is 100% uptime and reliability. (Edit: Which makes sense since this wasn’t an ISP or issue on my end), Not ok. I’m usually a naysayer of many of the folks here who nag or report issues I’ve never experienced — but I have no patience for downtime or “hiccups” in service of the security and fire notification system I use to protect/secure my home, family, and pet. Push the battery switch on the back of the abode Gateway to OFF position.2. 2. I'm thinking about getting this, but stuff like this makes me second guess (and think about ADT instead...woof). Seems like a lot of you had this issue, so it must have been system wide. Gateway Offline Anyone else have their gateway just go Offline? Archived. I've seen it go offline a couple times in the past but usually comes back online within a few minutes. "Gateway lost connectivity to the abode cloud at 8:48 AM (PDT) on Monday, September 5". Which on its own should include involvement of customer care, who would handle customer communication. 22. Wait 3 minutes for your internet to come back online5. In other words, the "Gateways" weren't offline per-se, but rather it was a server side issue, so it didn't fit the offline profile to send the Online Message back out when they came back. Abode has its pains, but at least it doesn’t quite feel like this overbearing overlord controlling your stuff.. not yet anyway. Re-supply power to Gateway 5. My abode Gateway is offline. I’ve never had it ever go fully offline though. Remove power from Gateway3. This is what has always worried me about Abode: that it was more of a fun side project experimental company than an enterprise (like Ring, Nest, etc). I reached out on Twitter to ask them and the founder. Posted by 1 year ago. What Google just did with the Nest API completely turned me off from them. share. Same here. Mine only goes offline when my internet drops (the Abode app is a great way for me to monitor how much it does). Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve had Abode about 2 years and every once in a while I’ll get an alert that my gateway switched to cellular (in cases of a momentary internet outage ) and then a minute later I get another alert that the gateway has connected via ethernet.