This can let you know that the work you are putting in now will be worth it. Recap: If you’re looking for the flexibility online learning, but want an ACT prep course that feels like a traditional classroom, ClearPath Advantage might be the prep for you. There are two schools of thought on ACT games. Anthony recommends purchasing the Official College Board ACT study guides ($60). This is unlike other companies that make up and create their own questions and practice tests that can be easier or harder. Finally, the Coaching Plus package offers the same benefits as the Coaching package, plus an extra one-on-one session each week for students who may be less independent or need more help in a specific subject. This is something to remember if you are signing up and need a lot of content material to study from. During our ACT prep review, we test the usability of the website. Peterson’s ACT prep course is an online self-paced course. You can use the video lessons and self-assessment quizzes in this course to prepare for the math portion of the ACT. Our ACT online prep course reviews will share more details about what you can expect from this company. Good course for students who are looking for a prep course with a high number of practice exams. Expensive and received no refund. You can study anywhere and at any time, as well as whenever it suits you. Testive is a test prep company that uses technology and human coaches to prepare students to succeed on standardized tests. It includes all the tools and materials you get with ACT Online Prep, plus video tutorials and homework help from Kaplan instructors. and 400+ test prep video lessons. This is going to be offered by other companies. You can use this to study when you are on the move and access your personalized learning path. College admissions officers look at these scores together with your transcript, essays, extracurricular activities, and other aspects of your application to decide whether or not you’re a good fit and ready to pursue a degree at their school. ACT Online Prep's Website and Mobile App Usability, Best Homework Help Websites For College Students, You can connect and chat with other students – this may be a useful feature if you want help, The course includes 450 e-flashcards to test your skills after you have studied the content, The practice tests include real questions from previous exams – this allows you to study similar topics to your future exam, while other companies create their own questions, This is an affordable choice of prep course compared to other competitors that are online, There are engaging games to learn content – this is not offered by many competitors, Includes a personal learning path to keep track of your progress and keep you reaching your goals, There are no live classes or tutoring services offered by this company – it is a self-study course, There are no videos – all text-based which some students may find bored and hard to learn with, There are no test strategies – it only gives you academic information and no tips, You have to sign up for an account straight away, moreover, there are no refunds on ACT Online Prep, Other companies offer a lot more materials to study from this ACT Online Prep organization. Peterson’s ACT Prep Online Course offers ACT help for everyone, anywhere, anytime. One of the most useful features is the use of flashcards to help remember content faster. All of Kaplan’s ACT prep offerings include an interactive classroom led by an expert instructor. The ACT Course offered by ClearPath Advantage lasts six weeks, with four hours of class time per week. The course is $99 and is available for use for 12 months. Raw scores are converted to scale scores, and you'll get one composite score of all tests (the highest possible being 36), and sub-scores of all subject tests. You can expect all of the online prep lessons to be academic text. Negative Rate of Change, Lesson 1 - Composite Function: Definition & Examples, Lesson 2 - What is a Linear Function? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. During our Online ACT prep reviews, we were impressed by this company. Since is the official company, you know that the practice questions are going to be a similar level and topic to what you will receive in the real exam. As a company, they have been around for 60 years and engages with millions of students. Really, whichever test or tests you take should come down to personal preference. Online ACT test prep can be a great option for preparing for the test in the middle of your already busy schedule. Just study yourself guys! ACT has always been committed to providing education and helping students achieve their dreams. There is no option to work alongside a teacher and this is a self-study course. Furthermore, they have no refunds and the only possible payment method is by a credit card, no PayPal or Payoneer. The ACT Online Prep course contains questions from past ACT exams, giving you realistic material to use for practice. Best Princeton Review Feature - SAT & ACT bundled together for great price. The course follows a simple process – learn the ACT content and various strategies that will help you, drill down the content with realistic ACT questions, then review your mistakes so they will not be made again.