The Online Old Time Banjo Contest is a way to build community in this time of social distancing and quiet concert halls. Metal’s Best: Top 30 Guitarists Ruling the Genre! i tryed the GHS boomers once, used the 0.009-0.046" guage, i usually use the 9-42's i did like the strings, they did last a pretty good while, but one thing i noticed was they were a bit rough on the frets, or thats what i was feeling when bending the strings and playing, they had that scratchy feeling that i dont have using D'addarios. This is the story behind our amazing strings encouraging your journey – promising you'll never look back. That's really not a knock on GHS. GHS Strings is a family of artists and experts built on tradition to help aid in the quest for personal string design and tone. For example, I’m working with Dave and Sarah from A Fine Constant on some custom 8 string guitar sets from our Progressives line. We are the string brand encouraging you to play harder, go longer. So if you guys could tell me if its a good brand thanks and also tell me other brands that sell good acoustic guitar strings PLAY WITH THE BEST™|Nitro-Pack|ROCKTRON|INNOVATION STRINGS|., Miscellaneous Music Related Items For Sale / Trade, If this is your first visit, be sure to -- Default Mobile Style Former Dean Guitars COO Wayne Odell Will Be Released From Prison Soon From Child Pornography Charges, Will He Return To Dean Guitars? Across the board (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass), we use a slightly larger core diameter than nearly everyone else as we’ve felt that’s where the sound and tone come from. I also just finished up a signature guitar set for Jeff George of We Are Harlot. Truthfully, that’s such a loaded question. On many of our electric guitar sets (Boomers and Nickel Rockers, for example), we still use round core wire over the industry-standard of hex core as we feel the tactile feel of that is preferable to what we want as well. I used GHS boomers for years exclusively. They are good strings. GHS Strings takes this same approach to customer service. Our site uses cookies to enhance your experience and understand how you use our site. Though based in Battle Creek, we are global, but our values remain rooted in midwestern soil. The string tension is what I like ( 10s feel like D'As 11's to me) and they seem to last...tonally. To that end, we still use round core wire for much of our guitar strings and use some string specs decades old. I asked Jon Moody, who’s Manager of Digital Brand and Product Development at GHS, in his opinion, what makes GHS Strings a better choice for players. All That Shreds Exclusive: Conman TTM Guitars Lance Benedict Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. -- Deeper gold Review: Impellitteri Unleashes The Beast On Their New Album, Former Banshee Vocalist Tommy Lee Flood Discusses The Bands Legacy, Mike Tramp Discusses His New Solo Album, Vito Bratta & White Lion, Vito Bratta – White Lion’s Ultimate Roaring Sensation, Richie Kotzen Discusses The Creative Direction With His Latest Album 50 For 50, Evan Rubinson, Is He Tanking Dean Guitars? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read about your favorite productand leave a review. All That Shreds Magazines Hall Of Fame Inductee – Tony MacAlpine, All That Shreds Magazines Hall Of Fame Inductee – Jason Becker, All That Shreds Magazines Hall Of Fame Inductee – Steve Stevens, All That Shreds Magazine Hall Of Fame Inductee – Chris Broderick, All That Shreds Magazines Hall Of Fame Inductee – Shawn Lane. Then a buddy convinced me to try D'Addarios, which are better IMHO, last longer. I've started playing and i wanted to change the strings the guitar came with. Brazilian American duo, Complicated Animals, cover the Foo Fighters classic. Stormy Daniels Gives Full Disclosure On Her First Concert & Pantera, The Price Of Admission: A Female’s Guide To Navigating The Man’s Music World. One is the core diameter. Truthfully, that’s such a loaded question. I like that guage set up but went to the DA's out of convenience. Jayme Lewis - How to get YOUR KIDS to practice!! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All That Shreds List of the Top Ten Female Shredders! Support Our Site! I have been using GHS Boomers and Nickel Rockers for 10 years plus. We mean it when we refer to our "Artist Family," because they are! Then a buddy convinced me to try D'Addarios, which are better IMHO, last longer. Learn how your comment data is processed. WHAT MAKES GHS STRINGS A BETTER CHOICE FOR PLAYERS? I used GHS boomers for years exclusively.