thanks @Prome. Added AE Teleporter - Both are Admin Spawnable only at the moment as they are Work in Progress. This region of the map showcases one of the natural structures that are can be found throughout Ragnarok, which is "The Castle of the Swamps". Just because you have logged out doesn't mean you are safe. Green Eternal tier dinos will now use the poison Arrow buff for torpor and share its configs this allows them to K.O. Cannot be tamed. Scaled up rideable, utility and cute! Finished up all Dino Name Tag Descriptive name Blueprint classname and Info Box Tier names for Indominus Tier dinos. Enlightened oviraptor to Elite Oviraptor Evolution now uses DINO blood and Eternal Kibble instead of Oviraptor eggs. Hard Mode Bosses now have an AOE buff with a range of 7500 that grounds fliers slows everyone by 50% and Damages for 25% of your health over time. Added Eternal Stone Tools Unbreakable and sickle harvests Eternal Berries. Currently, this region is covered mainly in "The Redwoods" which is found just south of the Red Obelisk. Added Resurrection Stone functionality to SpacedPanda and Prime Sloth. Requires Prime Elemental Dino or above to KO or Prime tranqs. Our complete listing of creature and items for Ark is fully searchable, ensuring you can find the code you need quickly and easily. Fixed Infernal Dragon Rex and Wyvern breath to scale with melee same for Darkstar variants breath weapons. Started a make over of the Resurrected Therizino. Resurrected no longer poop, are Stronger and Trike now has beam attack. Normal Mode Ursa Major now also has a chance to spawn any of the Phantasmal bosses as well as Hard Mode Ursa Major on death. ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-world dinosaur survival game. Readded Mystcial Giga Normal and Hard mode to both boss summoners. As a man or woman stranded, naked, freezing, and starving on the unforgiving shores of a mysterious island called ARK, use your skill and cunning to kill or tame and ride the plethora of leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land. You can create custom level systems for players and dinos, adjust taming speeds and settings, change resource harvesting, as well as changing your PerLevelStats Multiplier. Level Up counter item's Buff now survives past server reboot. In this guide I go over what actually happens when you log out, as well as strategies to make it as safe as possible. Spawns in the wild, tameable. + Increased Range of Eternal Feeder Massively should cover 50 foundations or more easily. There are a variety of different potions on Ark Eternal, some make you smaller or larger while others can reset mating, increase experience, regenerate health, aid with taming, erase poison etc. Elemental Corrupted Chalico spawn on Death from Eternal Doed. + Updated Crafting costs for all Poison Pikes to be more expensive. And the best thing about the expansion, is that its WIP, meaning we still have alot of new features we are both thinking about and working on. If your creature isn't producing EvoFuel then try picking it up with a "Soul Trap" from the Dino Storage v2 Mod or a Cryopod then releasing it to see if that re-starts crafting. Mainly utility dinos. DinoAgeSpeed= changed to EvoFuelSpeed= in GUS.ini. Crafted in the Eternal Workbench from Essences. Includes useful scripts and information on configuration settings as well as administration commands. Adds the Eternal Grace Buff that negates Fall Damage to the player to your gameworld as a standalone Mod. Eternal and Eternal Alpha Frogs (non elemental) torpor follows the Poison Arrow configs. All BloodStalkers now have a saddle and costume slot and Use Alpha Wyvern Saddle. Undead Wyvern Boss from Summoner is Now on Par with Normal Mode Phantasmal's stat and damage wise. Replaced Rideable Dodo's Running sounds with something a. Updated Harbinger bosses to be a bit more difficult to beat and gave them resurrected lootset . Treasure Turkey has a new attack and is now immune to all buffs. These .Ini Options work exactly like the Death Recovery Mod's .ini options look there for descriptions for each .ini entry until I get ours updated. Fixed Elemental Corrupted Paracers not taking dmg. Gave Unknown Lightning dinos proper Debuffs on attack and proper Buff immunities. Added Elemental Blood Drops same way as Crystals do from Elemental Dragons and in All Elementals Lootset at same rate as Ancient orbs drops. Added Eternal Berries to be given on death from killing Eternal Tier Herbivores as well as vanilla remap Herbivores. Ark Eternal provides a diversity of structures, while some are better versions of their vanilla counterpart, there are new structures from crafting the, various, elements in the mod to to the rapid manufacture of resources.