Beedle [8], Beedle first appears in Hyrule Town during the Picori Festival in The Minish Cap, selling fruits.[15]. [41], Beedle is a Master Spirit who owns and operates Beedle's Tent in Super Smash Bros. During daytime, he flies around Skyloft, stopping only if Link hits a bell hanging from the bottom of shop with a ranged weapon. Beedle will excitedly greet anyone who enters his Tent,[42] praising anyone who purchases from him. The Shop Ship can also be stopped from afar using the cannon. I pedal this bike to generate enough electricity to keep this place in the air! He's marked on your map. During this time, Beedle also reveals his most prized possession, a rare Horned Colossus Beetle, to Link. A bit lacking in creature comforts, to be sure, but I can relax in peace. Beedle always sells Arrows, along with an assortment of materials - usually potion ingredients such as bugs, frogs, lizards, and monster parts, though he may sell vegetables and herbs. (The Wind Waker)Great Sea(The Minish Cap)Hyrule(Phantom Hourglass)World of the Ocean King(Spirit Tracks)New Hyrule(Skyward Sword)The Sky(Breath of the Wild)Hyrule These newer Picolyte are sold for more than the regular Picolyte. ". Shulk's appearance in Beedle's Spirit Battle is a reference to Beedle's attire, whereas Toon Link's appearance is an allusion to the Hero's Clothes worn by Link in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, as well as the Recruit Uniform in Spirit Tracks. Both sell Potions, Ship Parts, and Treasure. after Link buys his items and gives a farewell of "Byyee!" Beedle will even tell Link how to make the dish or elixir he offers to trade. He sells a wide range of products, from Arrows and Bombs to Bait for Fish and Hyoi Pears. Hylian So, what's it going to be? Ultimate. The mellifluous timbre of my voice sounds different to you? It is implied he does business with Tetra's Pirates, as they apparently begin supplying him with Bombs after stealing them from Cannon. Beedle's Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.It is a small island in the northeast region of The Sky.As its name implies, Beedle's Island is the home of Beedle, who can be found there at night.The only way the island can be accessed during night-time is by sleeping in the bed in Beedle's Air Shop until nightfall, at which time Beedle parks his shop on the island. Unlike other traveling merchants, Beedle doesn't go very far and always returns to a safe place at night and can always be found in or near Stables, as he doesn't get very far due to his backpack, though ironically he is able to appear in these places whenever Link is in the area and has a mysterious ability to always be around these areas if Link needs his services. [13] He refuses to buy Spoils and denies being Beedle,[14] despite the fact that he appears on Beedle's Chart. Beedle uses a points system, giving Link points for every purchase he makes. [2] He is a small-time businessman, seen working operating his various Shops. Hit his bell with the Beetle or the Slingshot and he'll drop a line.. However, in Breath of the Wild, Beedle carries a limited stock of dispensable items at any given time. Sho at Tabantha Bridge Stable is somewhat of a fan of Beedle due his rhino beetle-shaped backpack and tendency to sell insects which Sho is fascinated with. If Link leaves his shop after perusing his merchandise but not having made a purchase, Beedle will berate him for the extra physical effort he must exert while Link is aboard his shop, and promptly drop him down a trap door. Interestingly, Beedle has voice acting; he clearly cries out a welcoming "Ooooooooo" when Link arrives inside his store, says "Thank you!" Link can also trade the beetle for a food dish or elixir, then sell the item back to Beedle for Rupees. [19] Beedle sells a Bomb Bag and a Wisdom Gem. He sends Link a letter when the shop first opens, instructing him on how to use the Spirit Train's whistle to get his attention and have him come down to earth, allowing Link to shop there. [46] The location of his shops are random, but there will always be two hidden throughout the land either in the Grassland, Cliffs, or Desert biomes. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Beedle owns an airshop in Skyloft during the day, where Link can purchase the Bug Net. His backpack is shaped like a Beetle, which customers can remember him by. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Affiliation(s) Artwork of Beedle from Beedle wanders the sea in his shop boat and sells treasures, including Ship Parts, potions, and rarer items such as Heart Containers. Beedle appears again in Skyward Sword, this time selling wares in a flying house, Beedle's Airshop. Interestingly, Beedle is called "Terry" in the English instruction manual. This desk also has two flyers nailed onto it which say ‘Best value’ and ‘Great deals’ in the Hylian Language. Note:  After completing Beedle's Missing Beetle side quest, Beedle will allow you to buy one item in his shop for half price. [8] When used, Beedle merely compliments Link, although most of his other rewards are useful. Appears in Like in Skyward Sword, Beedle is shown to have a fondness for beetles. [note 1] Once his goods are bought, they will never restock. He is a traveling merchant who sells various goods. Beedle is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. [26] Should Link look at something of Beedle's and attempt to leave without purchasing anything, Beedle will rant at Link about how much effort he needs to exert to hold Link's weight and decides to punish him by activating a trap door under his feet. [11] Beedle's favorite things are bugs, especially beetles. Ah, I don't suppose you'd be willing to go look for my precious, Well... Let's just say I managed to land a legendary. He sells all kinds of Picolyte, and his available selection will expand as Link brings different substances to the Mi… Heh heh heh... Who would have thought it would be so easy for you to break the record time! Items sold The Wind WakerThe Minish CapPhantom HourglassSpirit TracksSkyward SwordBreath of the Wild Beedle has a shop boat and travels all around the Great Sea. Learn more here. Beedle can be found in or near every Stable in Hyrule, though he may appear in other places such as Kara Kara Bazaar due to the lack stables in the Gerudo Desert as horses refuse to enter the desert. In this game, Beedle does not keep up with his original point system. He also has a special ship where Link can buy rare items. He travels Hyrule on foot instead of by boat or airship like in previous titles. Beedle, also known as Terry, is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series.