Characters from the Dragonball franchise (Dragonball, DBZ, Super, GT, and any other part of the franchise) may only fight with / against characters that originate in Anime / Manga. Wiz: Our own observable universe is a respectable ninety-three billion light-years across. episode since, After Galaxia matches Beerus' Hakai in power, you can see the constellation from. And someone else is observing the globe. Air date 15/2/2019 Written by Pistashio Directed by Pistashio Previous Next Ganondorf vs Sephiroth Trunks vs Cloud Strife Season 2 Episode 11! She can see two green natives greeting her. The impact of his collison is visible from space. Boomstick: Heh heh, so much for your new sidekick, Wiz. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Wiz: Not to mention her crystal provided unlimited energy, while Beerus had a vast, but still finite pool of ki. (He picks up a container filled with yellow energy) First, there's normal ki. Both embodiments of destruction go for their signature finishers but in a blinding flash, the only things annihilated are the surrounding asteroids of what was once Earth. The hard way it is, then. Intrude. Why is Sakura not planetary? Wiz: (he covers the screen) AH! Like my existence. They can fly, do magic, shapeshift, heal fast, and are basically immortal. But you already said all that, so what's the point? Through her travels, she learned of a looming threat to the universe, a primordial entity and source of all evil. Sailor Galaxia: You're trash! Boomstick: So, into the universe she went in search of a new home fit for a goddess, the soldier of destruction, Sailor Galaxia. Wait... Beer-us, Whis-key, Champa-gne?! Popup: In the same way that Buu's inherited god ki resisted Moro's life draining magic, Beerus' god ki could resist Galaxia's Star Seed removal. Wiz: Neither Galaxia nor the Sapphire Crystal had ever known this feeling. He succeeds and breaks free before dodging a blast and ramming into the golden sailor. Wiz: But to maintain balance, she also sought to destroy the opposite of Chaos, the embodiment of love and goodness, which is apparently Sailor Moon. You may know one of them, Sailor Moon, real name: Usagi Tsukino... or Serena, or Bunny, depending on which dub you watched. Boomstick: Yes. She is able to get behind him while he is still firing ki balls and with an energy-charged finger, she forces it down conjuring her next move. How may I be exploited today? Boomstick: Sorta like takin' out the trash, just with a billion times more murder. Boomstick: Holy crap, this fight was so intense. Wiz: This was a fairly balanced matchup. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? But remember, the Dragon Ball universe is much bigger than our own. Boomstick: Then there's Hell in the middle, Heaven up top, a buncha dinosaurs sprinkled in there somewhere, eh, it's kind of a mess. Boomstick: So, pretty clear cut? Galaxia is struck three times while charging him. Everyone knows cats are all secretly plotting to kill everyone. (throws it over his shoulder) But when you want the good stuff... (Wiz picks up a container of purple Hakai energy and opens it at DUMMI, destroying him). That's his God of Destruction's Wrath technique. Wiki Points. Boomstick: Plus, she's got all sorts of other magic powers. Popup: In the "Battle of Gods" movie, Whis claims Beerus was using 70% of his power. Wiz: With Ultra Instinct, he could even take on multiple other Gods of Destruction at the same time. Wiz: Also, Beerus' skill set countered many of her own attacks. mods need to fix. The camera moves up to show the earth from space. Popup: Goku's Ultra Instinct forms are different manifestations of the technique. And when him and his fat cat brother Champa got into a fight, they almost tore apart the whole universe themselves! Popup: Beerus has not mastered Ultra Instinct, he generally only applies it to defensive techniques. Everything that is created must be destroyed. He's got spheres of destruction, beams of destruction, sneezes of destruction, giant energy yarn balls of destruction, oh, and cat-aclysmic orbs. On the green planet, Galaxia lands harshly in a village setting. So Doomsday having the AP advantage should be able to at some point in time incap Buu especially since Buu doesn't have infinite stam like the Androids Loading editor. Regardless of the swift punishment, Beerus forces himself free and delivers a fast and vicious belly-punch to his adversary. Can I blow him up this time? Sailor Galaxia envelops herself within the Galactica Inflation forcefield and darts off in a blurry streak towards the core of the sun. She charges at her new opponent with two fingers in an attempt to jab the Cat God's eyes, and right as her fingers reach them, he closes them, though ​​​​​​the repelling force of her power sends him flying back. Which, to be blunt, is weaponizable life energy. Since Galaxia could match her in combat, this potentially puts Galaxia's output level much closer to Beerus and Goku's clash. Beerus is much smarter, countless times more experienced and skilled in combat and has access to ranged attacks. And is it still top tier? Edit. 0. Beerus could destroy the entire universe. Despite the colossal stalemate, Lord Beerus is impressed. Whis: Telling Goku that you were using 100% of your power was a very clever tactic to draw out his full strength, even though it wasn't true. Seeing his one chance, the cat god of Universe 7 taps into the power to awaken Ultra Instinct. Isn't that right, DUMMI? watch 02:38. Popup: The Chaos Galaxia form is unique to the anime. Oh yeah, she can totally do that. Boomstick: Wiz, I'm glad to know exactly what kinda guy I'm workin' with. Galaxia matched Endgame Eternal Sailor Moon in battle, who could destroy eight of her Animamate minions at once. Inb4 lock. Beerus should be capable of the same, countering any dimensional ensnarement Galaxia could throw at him. Beerus wins! At that moment Beerus aims and casts a beam, forcing Galaxia into blocking it with her Galactica Bracelets. Boomstick: I think I had a bowl of that this morning. Beerus wins! Your thread almost breaks every rule nice job@jashro44@jedixman. Wiz: He can neutralize energy attacks from others, which is frankly just unfair. DUMMI: Sailor Galaxia may have had a more versatile arsenal, but Lord Beerus had the strength, durability, and technique needed to overpower her. The last godly destroyer standing makes one final remark. Wiz: Both of them used attacks that spanned their whole universe in seconds. Doomsday vs Beerus # Beerus me too. The scene opens out to a sunny day down on the beach and Lord Beerus, the infamous destroyer god of Universe 7, is relaxing in a deck chair with ice cream in paw, calm as can be. Wiz: Long story short, a single Animamate could match a Sailor Guardian equal in power to Sailor Moon when she destroyed that mirror universe. Beerus leaps upwards into a somersault before unleashing God of Destruction's Wrath, showering the scene with hard-hitting balls of ki energy. Wiz: With a simple gesture, Galaxia can wipe anything out of existence, planets, people, other Guardians, you name it. Now talk about a catfight! (he picks up a container of blue energy) Gods have their own ki, of course, which is way more potent, but, like all ki, they have a limited amount. Wiz: Ahem, uh, so Galaxia carved through the universe at an incredible pace, building her own widespread empire. I could be wrong but I don't believe he can fly and neither does he have a way of traveling through space. One. Green Planet Folk: Hello there, stranger. Boomstick: Nah, he's just a sucker for tasty food. Apparently, this caused Galaxia to question her resolve and see Meatball Head here in a new light, like, "Hey, maybe this lovey dovey goodness stuff ain't so bad". But the defiant sailor still speaks harsh words. Doomsday wins! Based on Anexim's reasoning Fat Buu was able to be incapacited after his fight with a suppressed Beerus. Boomstick: This is where different stories get a bit... wonky. Wiz: And Moon is a powerhouse. Galaxia lets out a scream as the beam breaks through her Galactica Bracelets and continues on to destroy her torso and rip her to pieces, leaving her remains to be sucked into the black hole. Beerus: It's unwise to vaporize a god's dessert. DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Intro Beerus Doomsday His sudden action is very shocking to his adversary, who cannot believe what just happened. A cat. This is the 20th Male VS Female themed episode, after, This is the sixth time that the male wins, after, This is the 11th Anime themed episode, after, This is the third Shueisha VS Kodansha themed episode, after.