Secondly, it has many heat levels, which gives you a great deal of freedom on adjusting the level of warmth. A. Some people worry about their safety. This might result in burns and bruises on their skins. The blanket comes with 3 different heating modes, switches for which are present on the remote added to the blanket itself. With proper washing (on the delicate cycle) you can maintain its beauty and softness for years. You cannot trade the comfort this Sunbeam heated blanket offers for anything. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. To assist you in purchasing an electric blanket that is capable of comfortably keeping you warm through the night, there are several qualities you need to observe at the point of purchase. Additionally, the product is constructed using 100 percent polyester enhancing both its performance and durability.Pros. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of an electric blanket, including your own body. This will protect chances of power overload at higher settings. Talking about build and comfort quality of the blanket, its pretty nice. Required fields are marked *. Can I use an electric blanket on my memory foam mattress? You can sleep without a worry since the blanket shuts itself after 3 hours, thus preventing overheating. Electric over-blankets help maintains a constant temperature throughout the night, ensuring you don’t have to toss and turn to adjust your body to temperature fluctuations. If you discover that your heated cover is wet, or even has slight traces of water, spread it out and ensure it is completely dry before using. Now getting into the actual review of the electric blanket, everything is almost perfect on it. If you must buy a blanket with thick wires, make sure it has a sufficient amount of filler material, which serves as a cushion. Leaving the sheet on for long hours is not an ideal thing to do as an electrical fault could quickly arise. Engineered to maximize safety with the lowest electromagnetic radiation possible. The wires in the heating grid are flexible and insulated, but they aren’t designed to resist heavy pressure or weight. Here, the best electric blankets on the market now: Excessive weight or pressure on the blanket could result in broken wiring, which poses both shock and fire hazards. Cotton allows seamless airflow through it and is suitable for dealing with the build-up of sweat in the blanket. Check out the features below to decide whether it is the kind you are looking for. The blanket is also made using polyester making it machine washable.Pros. If you can spend a couple of dollars extra as compared to the other premium blankets then you would get some really advanced features for that price. UL is a company specializing in safety regulations for electrical bedding as well as ETL. No votes so far! Also, if you notice irregularities in the heat supply from your cover, it might be due to a disconnection somewhere, and you might have no other option than to replace the entire blanket. The Full and the Twin size variant comes with one controller while the kind and the Queen size come with two controllers. The blanket do not get hot on the high level which is a good thing. Sounds cool, yeah? In this Winter season, considering getting one of these might be a good idea. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Please read on to learn more about electric blanket safety. So tell me why you wouldn`t like to opt-in for one of these? Nobody wants to be a victim of tragedy as a result of an accident with one electric blanket and that is why it is crucial to check whether a blanket has the UL MARK OR THE ETL mark on it. With this extra-soft heated blanket, you can always look forward to a great sleep experience even during the coldest of nights. Some people have complained that the King and the Queen size blankets have too many cords since they come with two controllers. We were impressed how well it came out of the washing machine too. Most heated throw blankets are made of polyester microfiber. The detachable controller, power cord and washable fabric material can be washed directly into water to keep the blanket clean and soft which makes it more conducive to human health. Available in single to king. Most electric blankets come with a remote control that serves this purpose. All of which you can regulate even in the dead of night thanks to the illuminated controller. Entire blanket can be machine washed once it's disconnected.