I thank the Lord for giving me such a beautiful gift. That's the greatest gift that I've been given. 3. It once expanded deep within his hidden soul, and following the downplay his audience is blown away.”, “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”, “She sang, as requested. Give small things, carefully, and observe the mental processes going along with the act of releasing the little thing you liked. Dear Mum, you are the greatest gift of my life. Be grateful for this wonderful gift.”, “Being gifted doesn’t mean you’ve been given something. So hold on to the peace that's yours in Christ. Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. The greatest gift is the ability to forget - to forget the bad things and focus on the good. Don't let it go. You are the greatest joy of my life, being with you has taught me a lot of things. There was much about love in the ballad: faithful love that refused to abandon its object; love that disaster could not shake; love that, in calamity, waxed fonder, in poverty clung closer. So that was a real equalizer. I'm constantly learning, and that is the greatest gift of life in my opinion - to always be learning and growing. We understand that. You have brought me pure joy. You are the greatest gift of my life. Democracy is an extraordinary adventure. My mom and dad gave their kids the greatest gift of all - the gift of unconditional love. You are the most beautiful gift in my life. Today is a day to celebrate those who are so dear to our lives. I have come to appreciate everything around me. It's just something that works for me. The greatest gift is not being afraid to question. Give thought to giving. I decided to share some part of my story, of what led me here, the part we both have had in common. We also believe He gave us another gift nearly as precious - our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines - to safeguard that gift and guarantee no force on this earth can ever steal it away. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ― Mary Oliver tags: box, darkness, gift, love. I celebrate you my love. It comes from soldiering on for her children, even when she might rather have given up. They cared deeply about who we would be, and much less about what we would do. The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination - what do you dream of wanting to do? We live in a world of appearance, Abigail, where the reality lies beyond the appearances, and this is also only what appears to be such powerful when in actuality it is not. Explore 1000 Gift Quotes by authors including Leo Buscaglia, Steve Prefontaine, and Bil Keane at BrainyQuote. The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. I think that's the greatest gift one can have: point of view. You are my inspiration, you are everything to me. I thought of giving you blessings and wishes for things of great value to happen to you in future; I thought of appreciating you for being the way you are; I thought to give sweet and lovely compliments for everything about you; I thought to write something in praise of your poems and prose; and I thought of extending my gratitude for being one of the very few sincerest friends I have ever had. I always thank god for giving me such an amazing gift, you my love. It helps me get through some of the hardest times of my life. 106. Every day that dawns is a gift to me and I take it in that way. Though I can't match them, I'd like to be that kind of parent. You are the greatest gift of my life. You are such a perfect creation. Treat it as a miracle. I realised that the power of the moment is not in the moment itself.