While most herbal remedies may seem a bit far-fetched to work, milk thistle is certainly a unique plant! It should only be used to help treat the above ailments after a proper diagnosis has been made by a vet, and it should only be used on a short term basis. Top Choice. with the liver to clean out harsh toxins from the body. Many have said it has helped their dog’s liver and overall health conditions. Pros: It’s glycerin based and contains bacon flavor which will keep those fussy pets happy. Similar to humans, milk thistle for dogs can help with kidney disease in your pup as well. Milk thistle, in theory, can treat various kinds of conditions in human beings. Talk to your vet for the dosage. This product lasts nearly 3-months if given 2 times a day. Others have said this product is a great detox. Nevertheless, it is plausible to state that although minimal, milk thistle extract does contribute to healthy liver function in dogs and cats. 3. Milk thistle can be very healthy for dogs. As your dog gets more used to this substance, the least likely it is that they will experience any of these side effects. GREAT TASTE & EASY TO EAT: Great-tasting, 100 bite-sized chews, effective, hypoallergenic & no liquid or powder mess. If your dog has a weak liver for any reason, they might have a histamine buildup and may experience allergies. Best Milk Thistle for Dogs Supplements. The best versions of the product for your dog’s health are the ones containing 70-80% silymarin. You can give your dog milk thistle a couple of times a day if your veterinarian okays it. [2] Some of the reasons milk thistle is used for dogs and conditions it may help with include: Research shows that milk thistle may help not just prevent liver damage in dogs but repair it. If your dog is consistently taking medication to manage another condition, then, Karen Becker says, “that therapy can become less effective.” Still, VCA Hospitals says, “Side effects are usually mild and often involve the gastrointestinal tract, such as loose stools or mild digestive upsets.” Milk thistle is not recommended for use in pregnant or nursing dogs. It can give excellent liver support for your dog. You can buy milk thistle for dogs online. Unlike many other “natural” remedies, milk thistle actually has quite a bit of science behind its benefits with humans, but not yet enough with dogs for vets to confidently recommend it (1). Studies found that one of the main chemicals in milk thistle, silibinin, is effective at treating mushroom poisoning (14, 15). Illustrations inspired by our furry-angel, Princess! Some veterinarians that are open to the use of natural supplements suggest using milk thistle along with (not instead of) medicinal treatment to help dogs with cancer, and there's some research behind its uses in such cases. The active ingredient of the derived chemical is silymarin which is the primary interest of research amongst experts. Maybe one of these DIY dog food storage ideas will work in your home. And when they’re... A shiny black coat, whether short or fluffy, is an eye-catching trait for dogs. Most dogs do not experience these side effects when recommended dosage is followed, and if they do the side effects do not last very long. These tablets can help your dog’s control their bladder much better than before. Features . In humans, the most common method of treatment would involve brain surgery. Free from chemical additives, bulking agents, other by-products or any artificial substances - Sourced directly from nature's pharmacy. It is important to note that milk thistle is not suggested to be a replacement for radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Selecting Milk Thistle Supplements for Your Dog. I have a few Denamarin left and then plan to give the individual supplements, Also, I changed my dog’s diet from all kibble (Orijen) to am kibble and pm a mixture of meat: chicken, chicken hearts and liver, and eggs. Cancer. Milk thistle for dogs can help their liver more effectively filter toxins, and strengthen their immune system. What’s so special about it? This product also comes with a full money back guarantee. Maybe there’s a brand of cat food... Buying dog food in bulk saves money, and it's a necessity if you have multiple pets. Milk thistle extract is derived from the milk thistle plant. Kidney Disease. Perhaps you’re unsure as to what kind of milk thistle products are out there on the market?