Surprisingly, It is easy to get here as the Lodge claims full bragging rights to the safest landing strip (4000 feet) private airstrip in the area. These channel cats are highly regarded as one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish, and its that fight that … The bottom of the river is filled with many snag hazards like boulders. *Shilliday Lake: Rainbow Trout (no motors, except electric motors, are allowed) *Chain Lake: Northern Pike, Perch (no motors, except electric motors, are allowed) *Wellman Lake: Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Bass (Walleye limit is 2, and all Walleye between 18" and 28" must be released) *Verrall Lake: Walleye (all Walleye shorter than 14" must be released) This is the only lodge on Munroe Lake and offers guests wonderful home cooked meals, rooms with carpet, daily maid service, a huge dining room with plenty of atmosphere, a lounge, shore lunch or bag lunch- guest's choice, Internet, and plenty of peace and quiet. He knew right away this was the carp fight he was after. The Lodge sits some 550 miles from Winnipeg along the narrows between the North and South ends of McGavock Lake. The lodge sits along the shores of Little Duck in the wilds and arctic zone of Manitoba. *Protect Manitoba’s water and resources. As the water warms, many species will quickly spawn out and will be ready to get their feed on! In Manitoba, there is no better time than the present to start heading out and capitalizing on the amazing shore fishing opportunities found all across the province. Lockport is off... Falcon Lake – Whiteshell Provincial Park. Paired with our 6’6” medium action spinning set up. This method sounded like his best bet to hook into a carp, however all he was catching with it was small pike. There is a strict 2,400-pound weight limit for all guests and luggage. Yes - Contact. This is no ordinary place. It is these highly aggressive post spawn fish that make The Fairford River and many other Manitoba spring fisheries so famous. They stayed with Fushimi Cabins which is the only outfitter on the lake. However, there will be some days out there where the bite isn’t as insane as we experienced. Being well prepared ensures the best fish handling while unhooking and measuring, when the time comes. My very first cast into the river, my swimbait got slammed, then slammed again, then finally hit a third time and I was able to get a hook into the fish. Best Fishing Spots in Eastern Manitoba Otter Falls. We recently made our way out to the Fairford River system to kick off our Ultimate Manitoba Shore Fishing Tour. The main lodge is where dinning occurs and features a fully stocked bar/lounge. *For More Information on Covid-19 social distancing measures, visit the Manitoba Government Covid-19 website. Not only that, but they also have a legitimate chance at catching Master Angler size fish of each! The Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge sits on a sandy beach on the shores of beautiful Aikens Lake along the inlet where the Gammon River empties into Lake Aikens. (not complaining!) Although the p-rig would have been every bit as successful as the jig. It was only a matter of time until one actually swallows it. It’s very vital to keep fish first practices in your mind at all times no matter the size or species of the fish. Located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, Falcon Lake has become known as the spot to real in Gigantic... Traverse Bay. Expect 110v electricity, furnished decks, and daily maid service. This just a handful of meters from #6 highway. The Elk Island Lodge & Outposts are about 1.5 hours by air from Winnipeg. This sends strong current through the control structure. Despite the high current, the water clarity was actually still pretty good. While on location Marcel and I were able to grab a couple fresh tubs off of Nate, which worked great! You don’t have to travel far out of Winnipeg to hit up a favourite fishing hole. In addition to ease of getting here, this is a 5-star lodge and full of creature comforts. In this situation we got all our photos done with the fish being out of water for a mere 15 seconds. However, if I was specifically heading to Fairford to target carp, I would recommend beefing up that set-up, just in case a 30 or even 40-pound trophy carp takes your lure. It has served Vice Presidents of the US, big name sports stars, and all in a humble but attentive atmosphere. The lodge sits on the shores of beautiful God's Lake in Northern Manitoba. Perhaps most famous of Manitoba’s walleye are the giant greenbacks unique to Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries. Whether it’s the deep, clear lakes and fast-running rivers of the Western region or the quiet wilderness of the East, a fishing trip to Manitoba is not likely to leave you disappointed.See the articles below for more details on what each part of the province has to offer. We continued shore fishing for the rest of the afternoon until our arms were actually sore from fighting so many fish. After finally gaining on the fish I was able to get a few glimpses as to what I had hooked. We ran into a few snag issues with it. Guests are housed in a series of modern and plush cabins. Every cast Marcel could feel that the swimbait was constantly being tugged at by the carp. This unparalleled fishery attracts shore fishing anglers from across the globe. This was more than enough rod to handle each fish we hooked into. This is a fly-in lodge that sits on an island and offers modern accommodations, along the Gammon River. Getting to the lodge is fairly easy as the lodge has a full downloadable brochure that details how to get there. The result, the fishing trip of a lifetime with pictures to prove it! On this trip we chose the centralized location of Lundar Beach Provincial Park. This structure controls the outflow from Lake Manitoba during times of high or low water. For guest's convenience, each cabin has its own coffee maker so early rising becomes a pleasant adventure enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the wildlife…. Nearly every cast yielded a bite, in many cases multiple bites. After a highly entertaining battle I was able to land the drum and send it back on its way. Sign up for our e-newsletters to get fresh articles and videos on fishing and hunting experiences, destinations, and special events delivered straight to your inbox. This is a fly-in lodge that sits on an island and offers modern accommodations, along the Gammon River. The water temperature begins to rise, the frogs start to croak, and many fish species start heading into the shallow waters and streams to begin their yearly spawning routines.