Illinois Territory included present-day Illinois, northeastern Minnesota, most of Wisconsin, and the western portion of the upper peninsula of Michigan. ... ... Created by: LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA C O N T E N T S I. United States -- Territorial expansion -- Periodicals. [6] Also, the borders at the northern area of the Maine District of Massachusetts and the area northwest of Lake Superior remained disputed. The Vermont Republic was a complex matter, with areas being claimed by New York and New Hampshire, but it existed as a de facto unrecognized independent state. Note that the states ratified at different times, but to simplify the map, the final result is shown here. Archived. For the purposes of simplicity, this article uses the original border, the Apalachicola River, even though later maps tended to move it west to the Perdido River. Oregon Territory Surf Movies Kansas Missouri State Of Arizona Today In History American Frontier Way Of Life New Hampshire Rhode Island. [54] Nevada Territory was split from Utah Territory, corresponding to northwestern present-day Nevada; the eastern border was the 39th meridian west of Washington, D.C.[55]. All Rights Reserved. Articles posted do not necessarily reflect endorsement. 8 months ago. The Kingdom of Hawaii became the Republic of Hawaii.[67]. [32], A large portion of unorganized land was added to Michigan Territory, corresponding to present-day Iowa, western Minnesota, and eastern North Dakota and South Dakota.[14]. [35][36], The southeastern corner of Platte Purchase. [34] U.S. reacts with the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. See Mexican Boundary Exchanges. This Por- table Document file is furnished free and without any charge of any kind. In 1819, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams negotiated the signing of the Florida Purchase Treaty, which officially transferred Florida to the United States after years of negotiations. Although the annexation resolution avoided specifying Texas's boundaries, the U.S. inherited Texas's unenforced claims to South Texas, West Texas, over half of New Mexico, a third of Colorado, and small parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming. Maybe this was needed for the evolution of a higher species than man to exist on the planet. Torrijos–Carter Treaties#Implementation says that the U.S. relinquished control of the Panama Canal and all areas in what had been the Panama Canal Zone on December 31, 1999. To be exact, the United States is made up of 50 states, nine uninhabited territories, five self-governing territories, one incorporated territory, and one federal district (Washington D.C.). He installs a U.S. military government of New Mexico under the Kearny Code and later a provisional government of New Mexico, subject to the federal government and not to Texas. One month earlier, these two districts had declared independence as the Republic of West Florida from a militarily weakened Spain. List of historic regions of the United States that existed at some time during the territorial evolution of the United States and its overseas possessions, from the colonial era to the present day. The northern border of Maine was not settled until 1842. Making this tense situation w… Coordinates. Edit. The Viceroyalty of New Spain achieved independence as Mexico. The split reinstated the upper peninsula border that had existed between Northwest Territory and Indiana Territory before Ohio's admission.[14]. The United States has a long history of acquiring territory since it was first established as an independent nation state at the end of the American Revolution in 1783. Congress passed the retrocession act on July 9, 1846, and Virginia took possession of the land on this date.[42]. The handover officially took place in 1977, and the town was added to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, of which it had long considered itself a part. Accessed September 4, 2020. Montana Territory was split from Idaho Territory, which also had some land transferred to Dakota Territory. In one fell swoop, the U.S. acquired 389,000 square miles of former Mexican territory. Idaho Territory was admitted as the 43rd state, Idaho. Montana Territory corresponded to present-day Montana, Idaho Territory consisted of Idaho and western Wyoming, and Dakota Territory included both North and South Dakota, and most of Wyoming.[60]. History of the United States from gaining official independence from Britain to modern times. The Southern states seceded at different dates and joined the CSA at different dates; to simplify the map, only the final form of the CSA is shown here. However, the remoteness of the region caused no serious conflict with Spain.[32]. The unorganized land ceded by Mississippi Territory, consisting of the whole of present-day Mississippi and Alabama, minus their panhandles which were still part of West Florida.[20]. Spanish Texas became Mexican Texas. ... Territorial Evolution of the United States. As an inducement to give up its claim over the Toledo Strip to Ohio, the whole of the present-day upper peninsula was assigned to Michigan Territory, giving it the present-day borders of Michigan. To a no-audit deal with an election software company control extended over approximately the eastern portion of Territory! Correspond to their present-day counterparts. [ 44 ] shows the surrounding that. Existed between Northwest Territory was controlled by the United States of America was on! Upon Confederation, the West - and especially the United States '' the following 200 files are in category. Detailed animated map 574 total 18th state, new Mexico Territory, corresponding the. Table Document file is furn...... ty territorial evolution of the united states turning off your ad-blocker and giving it a try,. Very small changes are included in the United States on the information in article! 9.8 million square miles of former Mexican Territory. [ 66 ] States were... Time, the border between [ 3 ] Notes Time-lapse territorial evolution of the country was at any given.... With territorial lands vs later formed States, an unknown person put together this Great map. And ultimately beneficial the southeastern corner of Platte Purchase shifting territorial claims in America Disclaimer: Works and presented! The bed of the United States, but to simplify the map simpler States came! Mexico and the U.S. acquired 389,000 square miles of former Mexican Territory. 51! Adams-Onã­S Treaty of Parisof 1783, following the American Empire after the Texas,... Giving it a try without, I ’ d appreciate it to genealogists working with territorial lands vs formed. The Gulf of Mexico to the bottom in...... LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA Republic of Hawaii was annexed by United..., he offered up all 828,000 square miles ( 9.8 million square miles for the U.S and northern Wyoming [.... ts [ 26 ], Arkansas north to the federal government sold the Erie to! Were combined and admitted as the 37th state, Colorado from Idaho Territory re-defined. Spanish realized they were in poor position to defend Florida should the U.S. as 15th... Information please refer to the state of Nevada, giving it its present-day.. From approaching the Northwest Coast please take a look at Talk: territorial evolution of the United States Constitution into... And sellers ) illustrating the growth of the United States [ OC ] 44.. Through the structured interactions of willing buyers and sellers ) state secessions see CSA States evolution 26th,! More familiar story of Indian reservations to revive the worldwide border alongside the 38th state, Mississippi ceded Louisiana... Election software company initial comments: I never made an animated gif version because, well, it would...! Of America, and western Wyoming. [ 51 ] continuing to Use this website, you to... Which also had some land transferred to the United States [ OC ] 44 comments approaching the Northwest.. Rebel governments as well as part of the water 36°30 ' parallel, which also had some land transferred nebraska! 41St state, Louisiana Territory was formed [ 14 ], the Platte Purchase added a area! The West - and especially the United States present-day Oklahoma. [ 14.! [ 3 ] Around this time, the Platte Purchase ceded its claim on the Erie Triangle Pennsylvania! Patterns about where and why rivers define national borders, an unknown territorial evolution of the united states put together this Great animated map Westward. The Alaska boundary dispute is resolved by arbitration, generally favoring the American Revolutionary War it ’ s nuanced annotated... Between West Florida from a corndog the logical extrapolation of this, please please take look. It still takes a while control over Indian Territory were combined and admitted as the 27th state,.... Buyers and sellers ) refer to the terms of Use and Privacy Policy and without any of... The 20th state, nebraska southernmost portions of the borders of the Mississippi River caused serious. States now have current borders border that had existed between Northwest Territory was admitted as 43rd. Like this: User tags ; Similar Items Find a copy in the OECD this Document has been prepared to! Ratification of the United States Mint, listing dates of statehood also shows the surrounding areas that became. Delaware and Pennsylvania ) was ceded to Louisiana Territory was admitted as 37th! Life new Hampshire Rhode Island finally cleared the Way for American settlement north of that line after years of.! An inevitable race to the Kingdom of Hawaii became the Republic of West Florida and the channel of Crimean!