By Because you’re bringing your pet to veterinary students instead of to licensed vets (although the students are always supervised by a veterinary instructor) they often give discounted rates. Odds are the emergency vet’s original plan will have been to simply stabilize your pet and request you schedule procedures for later. Here are some options you can consider. Zodiac Spot On Plus - Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Large Dog Collar, Chat: Live Chat You can also ask your vet to refer you to another vet, who may be able to administer the treatment at a lower cost or who may suggest other treatment options more in line with what you feel is necessary. M-F: 9-6, Sat: 9-5, Sun: 9-3 (EST) 1. Laurie has been featured in publications such as The Philidelphia Inquirer, The Seattle Times and Bankrate. Pets can be expensive. Find the best Veterinarians on Yelp: search reviews of 195 San Diego businesses by price, type, or location. It’s important when searching for ways to get cheap vet care that you weigh the monetary savings with safety and wisdom as well. Here are some of the preventative care tasks to help your pets stay healthy and potentially avoid unnecessary vet care bills. Here are 8 ways to find cheaper vet care that might help you take care of your beloved pet for less without compromising their safety and well-being. code for your first purchase: Get exclusive offers to your inbox. She’s been throwing up almost every day, not hairballs. Before you make a choice, get a written diagnosis and cost estimate of the treatment plan. compare it to costs via an online pharmacy. comments (She’d only eaten two grapes. However, it turns out that a nice office and a large staff gives relatively little indication of a vet clinic staff’s skill level. The extra effort it takes to shop around may cost you some personal time, but the savings could be, well, life-saving. Pet stores and vet clinics usually sell special toothbrushes and toothpastes made especially for your pet to help them enjoy tooth brushing time more. Just like with humans, preventative care goes a long way in helping pet owners cut down on vet care costs. Could New Legislation Mean More Affordable Pet Prescriptions? Ask questions during the emergency visit. In some instances you may be able to request them yourself, or the new veterinarian can call and request the records from the former office on your behalf. I don’t know because he drew me a picture, closed my dog back up, and had me come get him, telling me he did not have the experience to complete the surgery or the materials. This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. How do you save money on vet bills? Do an Internet search for “veterinary schools near me”. Find out if they provide 24-hour service or are affiliated with an emergency care center. But, it turns out I was totally wrong in my assumptions. And if needed, ask your vet if you can go on a payment plan program. I’m sure you will be sad if something happens to your cat. and shipping policy. Comparison shopping can save you big money in the world of pet ownership. You can also ask what the immediate and long-term costs of each treatment is, the prognosis for recovery, and what post-treatment will include. Spay/Neuter costs can start at $300, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Check out local emergency care centers. Helpful tips on money matters, healthy living and more. I asked her to go over each test with us and why she thought it was necessary. For instance, we forego rabies shots for our indoor cats now that they’ve had their initial rounds. A 22-pound bag of Purina One Complete cat food will cost around … The suburbia vet had a big, new, fancy office, a large staff and all of the bells and whistles. Retrieved from: This will help them (and you) get regular exercise. Costs will range from regular office fees to diagnostic tests. We save roughly 30% on annual dewormer and tick and flea meds (the name brand stuff) for our pets by shopping online. Keep the emergency care number on hand. Okay so my dog is pregnant and all of the pets clinics that I called are expensive, Stay in the know with our newsletter or join our Facebook community. In fact, we just got a letter from our vet stating that if we schedule annual check-ups during their Spring Routine Care Days we’ll get half off of the regular price. We had a similar situation when we were working with our family physician to diagnose our son’s food intolerances. You could try some of the options in this post or see if you can find a vet who will take payments if she is really sick. Be sure to get a written diagnosis and cost estimate before you leave; this way you can use it to compare prices before the needed procedure. When our dog ate some grapes recently, we were presented with two options when we went to the vet emergency room. Many local vet clinics also have some type of financial assistance program. Call your vet to ask about discounted days or specials such as dental cleanings they might run throughout the year. Try to avoid feeding your pets people food. There are companies that offer pet prescriptions at a lower cost than what your vet might offer them for. Still, certain breeds are prone to certain health issues — check your breed’s probable needs and research the costs of those services. Here are some options you can consider. Ask about insurance coverage. Vet care can really take a bite out of your wallet, however you may be able to find cheap vet care alternatives if you do some research. If you have a dog, walk him or her and play with them on a regular basis. Learn how CareCredit can help your organization. When we first moved to our hobby farm five years ago, we started seeing a vet about twenty minutes away in a bigger suburb. Ask for a written diagnosis. In addition, I would ask other people I know who are pet owners to see who they go to. But, even if they’re out of the baby stage, you may be able to convince them to let you brush their teeth if you combine teeth brushing with cuddle time. We are certified via, 5“The Costs of Responsible Cat Ownership,” Franny Syufy, 7/24/19. Price isn’t the determining factor in quality, make sure to do your research on what best fits your budget and pet’s needs.