Black Copper Marans have an aesthetically appealing appearance. I have no idea. They have lightly feathered legs, and the hens lay the darkest eggs of any breed we offer. $50 Negotiable. All black, no copper in sight, but she does have the lightly feathered legs, with the feathers on outer toes as well. They’re my pets. Our eggs yolks were huge and orange, the land was fertilized every day, and our girls were happy. Alton, Hampshire. It’s really NOT that much work, and if you have the correct tools (ie: sharp knife and cone) it’s quick, humane, and clean. They’re rustic and traditional. They also make great dual-purpose birds as the roosters reach lovely large sizes and the hens lay lots of gorgeous eggs! French Black Copper Marans. I’d love to think that the second to last one is a hen, but (and I’m not sure this shows up well in the photo) the tail feathers are pointed at the ends, not rounded, there’s very long pointed neck feathers and long saddle feathers. Black Copper Marans. This is turning into a Jeff love-fest, lol. Lucy F. bizzybuzzy. Well, on the upside I have a fantastic recipe for chicken and dumplings …. Although the hen is a nice layer of eggs, you won’t get the worst color. Oh and they violently rape the girls all day. ), and don’t get all that excited about worms any more. The roosters are excellent at protecting the flock and making sure the hens fall back to the coop if a predator enters the barnyard from the land or sky. Watch Queue Queue. Report. Well I’m just dying to know what that caterpillar is going to turn into! Many strains of Copper Black Marans (non standard in the UK) still have reasonable amounts of feathering on the legs and are often referred to as ‘French Copper Black Marans’ because of this. But it is way better than having randy teenagers running amock in your flock. The Black Copper Hen lays fewer eggs that are darker in color. Murray McMurray Hatchery sent me 6 roo’s with my order. Sep 5, 2017 - Explore Fred Riley's board "Black Copper Marans" on Pinterest. Ship me a rooster to Minnesota, we don’t eat many eggs anyways. We also have been obsessed with getting chocolate eggs. Origin: Marans, France. I find it completely charming. Karen Bertelsen. I feel your pain. Blue is a dilution gene it dilutes out the black to a gray. Hi, Karen! Copyright © 2020 The Art of Doing Stuff. i gave a thought to raising chickens until i did a ton of research and decided that taking care of them in the winter would just be too hard for me… cat update please forgive me if they way i said i nudged wilbur made you grimace i didn’t poke him i just put the flower stem next to him and just touch his hair… i have been so gentle to him like a mama to her baby… he still is fuzzy so that’s why i don’t think it’s a monarch and he is still little.. he eats about a half of a leaf a day xx. I am worried I will never find another really great rooster to take Hamlet’s place tho. Marans birds lay dark brown egg; however, the Black Copper is known especially because their egg color is ‘chocolaty’. A Black Copper Marans at three weeks old... By four weeks old, blue Ameraucana Kate has turned a gorgeous slate blue color. My post wasn’t clear. We grew our 2019 Bielefelder and Marans girls out together before separating them for breeding season! If we had to describe our flock of French Black Copper Marans, the first thing that comes to mind is stately. And that’s the one that is indeed a hen. First 2 tho are def roosters. Different countries have different standards when it comes to Marans. Most breeds that lay a dark egg are not economical due to low egg numbers and high appetite, the Rustic Rambler gives an excellent balance of beautiful dark eggs with profitability. They are such beautiful birds…. So glad I did. Any chance of keeping one to make the other hens broody? The eggs are wonderful. (Although I understand if dinner isnt exactly where you want your babies to end up!) I was pretty sure you had three and one. 5 days ago . When I was eight my parents moved from a farm into town. They’re likely in thousands of flocks across the country and sold through nearly every hatchery these days. Although the hen is a nice layer of eggs, you won’t get the worst color. Anywho, he never caused any problems with the hens, very gentle with them, and if they ever DID get it on (though I never witnessed it), we never had any chicks because I was vigilant in collecting eggs every day. I explained that I thought it would be nice to have some eggs. Beautiful plumage dark green tail feathers, gold and bronze feathers on body. Yeah, that’s a whole pack of Roosters and one lone gal at the end. The longer time between when a hen lays an egg, the pigmentation of the egg has more time to build up to be darker and darker. I don’t even want to wake up to crowing that close to the house! Hen Smaller than the cock, with a large, strong and more rounded body, a straighter back line, a well developed abdomen , and a fine comb, straight or inclined only in the rear part. I hope you find homes for them. The recognized colors in the French Standard are Black, Black Copper, Birchen, Black-tailed Buff, Columbian, Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Wheaten and White. Marans make wonderful pets, too - they are hardy, calm and quiet, and bear confinement well. The Black Copper Marans (“BCM”) is not a “rare” breed these days. Roosters aren’t always easy to get rid of because most people either don’t have a rooster or they only need one to guard their flock of 20 or so chickens. They’re gorgeous birds. But in general, they are classified as a large type fowl and of Continental breed. ;D. matter what they are they are just beautiful Karen.. On the bright side…my prediction from the older post was right. They are hardy birds with a calm and quiet personality. Curious — was the one you were pretty sure was female back when we all made our guesses the one that actually is? I sent him a link to your blog so he can read about your dilemma so you may hear from him. They lay extra large dark brown eggs but gradually get lighter as the hen's age increases. I had a Barnvelder chick who developed those same curled tail feathers at about the same age. (The books say 14 days but chickens don’t read them books. My legs are covered with spur scars. All have excellent conformation and good leg feathering. Next time try Wheaten Marans. There are also bantam Black Copper Marans although they are quite difficult to find. They look so nice together :) We have raised a few different varieties of Marans over the years but the Black Copper Marans is by far our favourite! French Blue Copper Marans are a striking bird with all the traits of the French Black Copper Maran, They also lay a beautiful chocolate brown egg. Gee thanks. Marans will lay around 150 eggs per year per hen. Breeder wasn’t sure so I kept her because she was sweet. It’s nice having some young, enthusiastic hens again. I also get 5 double yolks from 3 hens each month by my best evaluation. Yes, they would probably end up on the dinner plate but that is the way of the world and we do it as kindly as possible. Here in NYC chickens are legal but Roosters are not allowed. Share. I don’t know if it will help at all, but I have two Black Copper Marans hens, and they are so cute. One of them has learned that there are worms under the water dishes. I really thought you had two and two. They look so nice together :). This could turn out fantastic, lol! So … yes … it’s definitely best for me to get rid of the roosters as soon as possible before a neighbour decides to do it for me. The Brown-Red Variety (Also called Black-Copper neck, Black Copper, Copper Black & Red Birchen.) When I moved away from there, I would have traded the traffic noises of the next place I lived, for those roosters. Waiting patiently to know the outcome. ~ karen! These are those DARK CHOCOLATE COLORED EGG layers. Thankfully, it’s a co-op coop with our next-door-neighbours, and they did the roosters in while we were away. Lap chickens are hard to come by. Yesterday. Sometimes they’ll pick out one hen in particular that they like to have their way with and bang her all day long.