They fall to naturally mulch the tree, allowing you to provide minimal … Fast Growing Shade Trees: 1. That means they can provide shade, privacy, or a windbreak to your yard more quickly than other shade trees … Plus, Hybrid Poplars have a pleasing oval shape that complements any property. A lot of the best fast-growing shade trees can grow 50 feet tall or more, and reach maturity in 20 or 30 years. Hybrid Poplar. This fast growing shade tree will win you over with its looks alone. Growing up, I’d see a lot of these in subdivisions. Another fast-growing shade tree, the eastern pine offers soft needles that won’t shed until after it reaches seven years old. Plus, these trees really add a lot of color to … 26 Hybrid Willow Trees - Quick to Plant - Fast Growing Shade Tree - 26 Indoor/Outdoor Live Tree Plant Superior Hybrid Poplar Trees quickly become established and can add thousands of dollars to a home's value. It's one of the fastest-growing and most attractive shade trees you can find. Classic Shade Grows Up to 8 Feet Per Year Why Superior Hybrid Poplar Trees? The Golden Raintree is a small tree … They are quite beautiful to look at and provide lots of nice shade. Golden Raintree (Koelreuteria Paniculata) (spring75/ If you’re fond of colorful trees that offer ample shade, the Golden Raintree might be your speed.