To an established actress like Puff Guo to have such a small role like this was truly disappointing. Chang An is kind however quite bland thus I feel does not paired well with Wan Mei. Cha Luo and Xing Feng were the ultimate obstacle for Wan Mei to become the ruler of Gui Hua City. The story itself has extremely well written characters and a plot that is woven with intricate details. But why is it different in your mind?” Gong Zi. Where was GongZi when this was happening? Plot/Storyline Not only this, but she is starting to understand how hard it is going to be for her to become a killer, as she’s never killed anyone before. Vice • 2005. That is not the case in Bloody Romance. Good story with interesting character growth in the main female lead, Wan Mei. Unfortunately I wasn’t convinced by the main romance at all so I wasn’t at all invested in their relationship. We all need a male shadow, lol, Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2019. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Any suggestions would be great =), I enjoy watching similar cdramas to Bloody Romance, Princess Agents, Legend of Fuyao, and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Also, read the chpt translations and this is basically childs play Still 9/10 maybe 8.5 for me. I think GongZi is a manipulative piece of s that needs a pity party. The Bloody Romance is about Wan Mei’s journey. How hard could it be to see through the beautiful face? The drama is definitely geared towards an older and more mature audience due to its violent content. And there's a magical realism to Bloody Romance The art direction, acting and incredible sets are as breathtaking as the massive scope of the series. So, strong female leads who know good martial arts, interesting story line, hot male leads with morale and martial arts experts OR it can be the other way around where the male lead was weak at the beginning but got stronger with each passing episode due to the help of the female lead’s advanced martial arts and moral guidance. The series was a commercial success and passed 600 million views online by August 2018. Chang An is Wan Mei’s love interest. You can fine more information on this on my First Impression page. Please bring a season 2 coz I want more Gongzhi!!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Your partner’s ability to accept you for who you are and encourage you to pursue your dreams allows you to let go of your fear and become the best versions of yourselves. Entertainment Updates: My Supernatural Power, Twisted Fate Of Love, Haunted House Handbook, Healer of Children, Rebith For You, Winner Is King, The Bond, City of Steamer, Rattan, The Story Of Xing Fu, Being A Hero, Twelve Legends, Onmyouji, etc…, [Review] The Moon Brightens For You (明月曾照江东寒), [Review/Mini Thread] Dating in the Kitchen (我, 喜欢你), [Recap] Princess Agents Episode 56-58 (End), [Recap] Ashes of Love Episode 60-63 (end), [Breaking News] Tong Liya's divorce, Chen Sicheng's girlfriend, and Sandra Ma's boyfriend revealed, Top 10 Dramas With the Highest Douban Score (2019). To her, Chang An was a saint because he was genuine and protected her. I will not go into much detail about the end, but I will say that it was befitting of this drama. LYT did an amazing job portraying Wan Mei. He will do anything he can, even at the cost of his life, for me to achieve my goal. And, due to this, Wan Mei has to suffer the repercussions of it. He surely could’ve done SOMETHING to lessen her pain. The End Just felt like watching a drama. This is why Wan Mei dislikes him. So I’m not complaining there coz if we were still stuck with a naive WanMei then I’d bang my head against the wall… BUT my point is, bluntly said. But he has this annoying uncommunicative tendency). Hence, why he is unwilling to let her go, but eventually does because she doesn’t love him. The more she kills, the more she hurts and suffers. Leave a reply. After a harrowing escape from death, she eventually found herself in a city of female assassins. Tbh I don’t think GongZi would’ve fallen for her if she didn’t fall for ChangAn. The beauty and tragedy make us to watch it again and again. In actuality, love transcends control. A Community Blog for all lovers of C-Entertainment. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. While Wan Mei tends to be Mary Sue-ish, the writing is actually rather feminist. Many of the cdramas have tragic endings and I, for once, want to watch with a happy ending or no cliff hangers. It’s impulsive, it’s unreasonable. Ah actually Going Xi is the one most young girls coming of age / stupid women would fall for because he is handsome and smart and then they would cry and scream later on as to why they got themselves into an abusive relationship. For example, each mission that Wan Mei is given tests her conviction and morals. ( Log Out /  So good that I’m wishing for Season 2. Chemistry between the two lead characters was enchanting. But don’t let that fool you. It also doesn’t feel abrupt and actually has pretty good writing. Anyway, the ending could’ve been more suitable to my liking, but I think it fits the theme.