Doing this will also help you navigate your textbooks and grammar references, as they mostly use the French terms. Having knowledge of the basic verb tenses, pronouns and question words in these everyday phrases will help you build a strong foundation for your French. We also consistently use several main kinds of verbs: “to be,” “to have” and “to go” are among the most common. To get into our big jumpstart, let’s think about the easiest way to learn. This is essential, because many of the verbs you’ll want to use are regular and therefore have the exact same conjugation structure. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you (I speak English.) In fact, you can quickly and easily learn French grammar for free. It’s amazing how tiny these dictionaries can be, so you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it around until you whip it out for some French composition. You know the vocabulary you want to use. Here we explain all the important rules in a brief and straight-forward way. Topics include conjugaison (verb conjugation), grammaire (grammar) or orthographe (spelling). In addition to this one, there are multiple other videos related to studying advanced French grammar for the brevet. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. That's when I did a Google search and found Grammar… They even have links to popular French radio and TV stations. If you tend to be a list learner, a handy trick is to memorize the patterns of endings that are typically one gender or the other. Does that mean you need to memorize French grammar rules out of a textbook? When you’re learning a new language, your first priority is to gain the tools that will help you communicate at a basic level. Click here to get a copy. Pocket dictionaries also have grammar sections to help you on-the-go. Grammar | Listening | … At the very least, make sure you know each part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc. Une femme intelligente (An intelligent woman), Un homme intelligent (An intelligent man). The French phrases resource will introduce you to French slang and common phrases that you can start incorporating into your conversations. I picked this little book up when I was studying in France, and it has been my steady companion ever since. Our analysis showed that more than 30% of the French texts translated through our instant translation tool contain … Not sure how to learn French grammar (without going crazy)? We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. It’s a great resource to practice what you’ve learned from the books above. All Rights Reserved. Understanding what these similarities are will help you quickly memorize basic French constructions. A2 – Low-Intermediate French. Focus on learning basic, irregular verbs and regular verb conjugations, like the following: To be, to have, and to go aren’t only daily verbs but also foundations for other tenses beyond the present, such as passé composé (past tense). Quizzes accompany each lesson to reinforce the learned information. Another benefit is that when you notice yourself using a certain form in your everyday speech, you’ll be reminded of how to form it in French. Like bon and bien, meilleur and mieux can be confusing for French students.Meilleur is the comparative and superlative form of the adjective bon (good), while mieux is the comparative and … After teaching French and English in South Korea for 7 months as part of a French government program, he created French Together™ to help English speakers learn the 20% of French … Le Conjugueur is one of the best apps to learn French grammar and conjugations. The article before that noun would also have to be feminine. At least I do, … Focusing on the simpler aspects of French grammar won’t only help you learn French the right way—you’ll feel accomplished for conquering the basics and motivated to keep learning and move beyond them. There are even accompanying YouTube videos for some lessons. It’s also good to read several explanations of a tricky topic—be it the mood of a verb or how participles work—as you might find that it takes a few goes to sink in, or until you find an explanation that makes sense to you. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. In basic conversation, we use the present tense more than anything. Please check your email for further instructions. As always, don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Another cool thing is that you can easily swap “pas” with other words to express different types of negation. In this lesson, you can learn how to improve English grammar. However, there are many similarities when it comes to basic conversation. You’ll soon find that it’s not always easy to learn French grammar, but it doesn’t have to be a pain, either. This next resource is a video created by the popular YouTube channel Learn French with Vincent. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Verbs with the stem -er, -ir, and -re are all recurring verbs in French, and if you learn the conjugation of one, you’ll learn the conjugation of them all (with some exceptions, of course!). The simplified vocabulary and grammar offer a stress-free introduction … But when you’re starting out, don’t worry about all these. For example, the nouns with these endings are typically feminine: Remember that there are always exceptions that you’ll have to learn specifically, but this pattern is a useful rule of thumb. A-level French revision guides and question banks covering advanced grammer, vocabulary, study skills and all core a-level French topics. If you're taking a formal or … These “difficulties” range from strange verb conjugations to relative pronoun usage to confusing words and expressions. The grammar concepts are separated into various categories (verbs, nouns, sentence structure, etc. Or just looking for tips to accelerate your French grammar learning? Most dictionaries typically have a grammar section at the back—make sure whatever dictionary you buy has this section. Tips and tricks are half the battle when trying to learn French grammar. The bigger task is untangling the threads of French sentence structure and agreements, and that requires two things: clarity and practice. I must offer a long overdue thank you to The Bible of French verbs, this book will answer any question you have about French verbs and how to conjugate them. You'll see a step-by-step, practical plan to improve your English grammar in any area. The site also includes a verb tutor and a conjugator for additional help beyond “501 French Verbs.”. It’s important to understand these foundational elements, since we use them so often in conversation. Benjamin Houy is a native French speaker and tea drinker with a BA degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a passion for languages. The “check answers” feature is also available to make sure learners have done the exercises correctly. Je suis (I am) A basic tool for learning French is, of course, a good dictionary. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Both languages use the same sentence structure—subject-verb-object. It’s arranged in alphabetical order, so you don’t have to know what kind of verb it is to find it in the book. In 6-minute training sessions, you will memorize the … What are the words and sentence structures you use every day in your native language? We just know what sounds right and what doesn’t. And for new learners, it has English translations to direct you to the exact tense and conjugation you need. For new learners, this book lays out French grammar by comparing it to English grammar, making the task of conquering French grammar much less daunting. We have a full guide to the present tense in French right here. French sounds vastly different from how it is written, so an essential part of … You'll receive video recommendations that suit your interests and current level of progress.