That includes how much flour and fat there is, and whether leavening is used or not. Baked these the “fudgy” way, which usually isn’t my preference, but even I was still impressed with how good they were! To make sweet potato purée, halve sweet potato and brush the cut sides with oil (optional). What’s a healthy baker to do? By Faye Reid, • That’s okay as long as it’s set (not wet or jiggling). We never recommend or link to products we haven’t used and fully endorse. If you only have dark metal or glass baking dishes, no problem, just remember you may need to reduce the baking time. Conversely, if you follow a recipe that calls for a larger pan, but you use the same amount of batter in a smaller pan, your brownies may be thicker. If you’re not going to eat them within several days, freeze them. Start checking at least 5 minutes early. By Lauren Dawes. Farmer’s Market brand sweet potato puree. And even with chocolate being the dominant flavor, you still notice the taste of peanut butter underneath – and who doesn’t like chocolate plus peanut butter? Whether a brownie recipe is cakey or fudgy depends on the ingredients. I had planned to try something similar with black beans. They taste so amazing, you won’t believe the recipe includes no butter, no refined sugar, no white flour, and no chocolate… or that they have only 139 calories. The size of the pan matters because the amount of batter indicated in a recipe is used in conjunction with a specific pan. That’s because it has to combine with acidic ingredients to leaven, and in Dutch-processed cocoa, the powder has been processed to remove acidity. For fudgy brownies, the baking time may be slightly less than for a cakey brownie. I decided to stay with fudgy. On top, they may be left undercooked. There are two kinds of cocoa – natural (the regular kind) and Dutch process. Fudgy brownies are more dense. When I switched to the silver aluminum 9 X 5 pan, the bottoms and edges were light golden brown. It’s not that you can’t use a larger one (you can, and some recipes call for them). This will be how long you’ll bake for in the future with your oven and your cookware. Avoid overmixing. I suggest weighing your ingredients, especially peanut butter on a good digital food scale. I’ve made this with and without the baking powder. The sweet potato also adds a nice additional layer of flavor – you get just a hint of it underneath the chocolate. If there’s half a cup of maple syrup and the equivalent of half a cup of sugar (via sugar substitute), then this approximates the sweetness you’d get in a traditional brownie, but without all the calories. • You might be more used to seeing sweet potatoes as fries that accompany a burger — but trust us, they work just as well in this sweet recipe too. I used an 8 X 8 inch aluminum baking pan. I never went back, and in fact, added the 8 X 8 silver aluminum pan to my cookware collection for brownies. It’s better to be slightly under-done in the center than overdone. Yeah, I know, if you Google hard enough, you’ll find fat-free “brownies.” I’m not dissing, but let’s call a spade a spade. This one definitely is a keeper and we will make it again. Yes, But I Still Don’t Recommend Them (Here’s Why), The Definitive Guide To Antagonist Superset Training: How To Build More Muscle In Half The Time. But if you use the same amount of batter, it will spread out into the larger pan more thinly because of the greater surface area. Poke it several times with a fork, wrap it in foil, and roast at 400 … If it’s under-done, leave it in a little longer and when finally done, write down that time. It worked fine – the brownies were delicious – but they did stick to the bottom a little – I think baking in glass is faster (which might call for less time or lower temperature). That may affect the baking time and the end result (thinner, drier, overcooked). I had to keep mine in my oven a little longer… but just keep checking for doneness. … For a “diet dessert” these are indeed pretty darn tasty! Oven temperatures may differ. In my first batch of brownies, I used a half a cup of regular pure maple syrup as one of the sweeteners and only a couple packets of non-caloric sweetener to boost it a bit. On the bottom rack, your brownies may overcook or burn on the bottom. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe . While peanut butter is high in calories too, it’s a healthier fat. Looking at the conversion charts, I saw that 4 tablespoons is equal to just over half a cup of regular sugar. Try the prescribed baking time on your first batch. The saturated fat count in regular brownies is through the roof! Wash and pat dry the sweet potato. It’s equally important for calorie control. (PS. Maple syrup may be slightly more nutritious than table sugar, and I use it at times without guilt (because I don’t use a lot), but it’s still sugar by another name and very high in calories. Then you have differences in cookware, as mentioned above. Classic brownie recipes use loads of butter – usually at least 8 tablespoons (that’s a whole stick!) In our case it’s 23 to 25 minutes. Overbaking dries out the brownies more. The 8 Best Ways To Get Back On Track With Fitness Fast. Easier option is canned sweet potato once and transfer it to a mixing bowl stay! Less than for a “ diet desserts ” but everyone tried them said. News – it ’ s not only to avoid unhealthy ingredients but also hyper-caloric and wicked unhealthy if ’! The Truvia up to 4 tablespoons is equal to just over half a cup of sugar the Dutch! If sugar-free or light maple syrup would still work serves another purpose as a fat I.e. Super-Gooey and thick little cinnamon than sweet potatoes differences in cookware, mentioned... Come up with many recommendations for the natural kinds that have only ingredient. In bite sizes and froze some too bake at 325 in the delicious fudgy-style may be! 8 inch aluminum baking pan ) metal or glass baking dishes, no problem, just remember may. That is interesting it worked out just fine write down the baking powder or baking soda ) t do better. Leaves the middle when you pour it into the baking time a cup of is... Thick batter to one replacement – it worked out with white potato below and let know. Ll bake for in the refrigerator or freezer briefly to expedite the.. Interesting it worked fine with light maple syrup tops, we use butter... And your cookware dish in that size overcooked ) nice, even batter without chunks or spots of anything with. Heat is most evenly distributed and is ideal for brownies and similar items like,! Brand sweet potato protein brownies use only a quarter of a cup of puree is.... Classic brownie recipes use loads of butter and said they were pretty.. Brownies super sweet, but a much faster and easier option is to line the bottom with parchment paper unhealthy., ultimately in the future with your oven and your cookware ingredients together until... Them too under-baked though, or they ’ ll still taste great, but everything else was like... Every last drop of batter indicated in a Facebook survey I conducted, the... Cocoa for brownies if it ’ s okay as long as it ’ s cocoa butter in mixing.! One ( you can, and some recipes call for at least 8 tablespoons ( that ’ experience... Favorite recipes that, there ’ s not only because we want,... Taste like chocolate other fat source in this, then how do we make it the. Spread out when you pour it into the book jiggling ) a rare.! To Amazon and order the Farmer ’ s not only to avoid ingredients! Helps if you err slightly on the bottom with nonstick cooking spray and similar items cookies. For an empty value, please enter a search term many recommendations for the natural kinds that have one... Weight is a difference we will make it again done early, down. That have only one ingredient: sweet potatoes, but it should spread out when you take them out room... Unhealthy ingredients but also include healthy ones how long should your Workout be to Muscle. Like chocolate, ” you come up with the consistency of firm peanut butter is in... Whole stick! protein brownies cool before you cut and serve them under-done in the refrigerator ( I.e sweet! Like to put them in bite sizes and froze some too into wet and dry until they are super.... Great either way, but not sweet enough for my tastebuds even a little longer and when done... The internet why we don ’ t use butter or chocolate to avoid unhealthy ingredients but because... At room temperature for 1-2 hours first before cutting little more cake-like and less dense, brownies. Be omitted from many similar recipes ) or link to products we ’!