fretboard diagrams, scales and modes, arpeggios and chord charts a resource for bass players by dan hawkins Many bass lines are written using triad patterns. Scroll down to download a printable pdf version of the chart, with no log-in or sign-up required. A triad is the three notes that make a chord. is a platform for academics to share research papers. In this bass pdf we present the 3 ways that exist to touch the major scale. These are movable triad patterns and by just playing the same pattern at other frets you will change keys. Often when playing with a guitar or keyboard player you can follow the chords they play Remember that the white circles are the note fro… The bass scales chart below shows three common bass scales (pentatonic minor, blues and major) as patterns on a fretboard. Perhaps the most common fingering is that of finger 2, which is the easiest to perform because it is on the vertical axis of finger 1, but we should not underestimate the other two fingerings because we will get out of more than a rush when playing songs. In this case we are going to play the LA major scale in the bass. In this lesson you will learn a common major triad pattern. They show the scales as played on a 4 string bass with standard tuning.