So don't buy an iPhone in August, unless you want to be kicking yourself a month later. An A-whatever chip is nothing new for Apple, of course. Don’t fret. JavaScript is disabled. Apr 6, 2012 53 1. See our round up of the best iPhone deals here. Knowing when the latest iPhones came out should help when making a judgement on whether there will be an update soon. We also write about why you shouldn't buy an iPhone right now. So why not buy now? So the question that most people should be asking is “Should I buy the iPhone 11 or wait for the iPhone 12?”. Now, it’s important to explain that this doesn’t mean you can play with your iPhone 11 literally all day and it won’t run out of battery. Don’t fret. This means its “all-day battery”. That’s what people care about when they’re buying a new phone. In this article, we answer all of your questions about when you should and shouldn't buy a new iPhone - including advice on when Apple is likely to discount the price of older iPhone handsets. Between Black Friday and Christmas many resellers will cut their prices, so you will be able to pick up a great deal on a new iPhone if you can wait a month or two. Apple is expected to unveil a series of iPhone 12 models and even an iPhone 12 mini on 13 October, although these models are likely to ship at different times, with two of the new models not expected to be available until November. These are bigger devices. And you’re going to love the benefits that come with the added mass. Apple itself won't give discounts, but will offer an additional gift card. Wondering how long Apple supports iPhones for? Ever asked yourself whether you should upgrade to a new mobile right now, or wait a little bit? The one that will grab most of the headlines is its performance in ultra low-light settings. And if you're really not bothered about specs, you might be able to pick up an even older iPhone that Apple has discontinued, as mobile phone companies discount those models to clear stock. Apple has also worked to ensure that the A13 is able to perform well right up until the of the iPhone 11’s lifespan – after several iOS updates. The iPhone 11 has unique rules for each attribute. What’s interesting about the A13 is that its a noticeable improvement on its predecessor. I know that reading about processors and chipsets is impressively boring. Then again, we may see Apple discontinue those iPhones. The one problem is 5W charges that comes in the box. Finally, for similar advice that applies to your tablet purchases, see When is the best time to buy an iPad? You may also be wondering whether when a new iPhone comes out the prices will drop on the other iPhones - and the answer to that question is that they will (usually). It’s been designing and manufacturing its mobile computing chips for years. We also look at whether you should buy an iPhone 7 or 8 here. Performance, battery life and camera. Her focus is Mac, but she lives and breathes Apple. What it is, is a slightly fatter phone that delivers a few hardware-led boosts that make the sacrifice well worthwhile. By Apple has also developed some great new camera features too. We are also approaching the time of year when we see the best discounts. If it's not November, December or January we'd suggest it isn't the best time to buy a new iPhone. I was lucky enough to attend the iPhone 11 launch in Cupertino last year as a guest of Apple. Other Buy phone now or wait for 12 launch? You have entered an incorrect email address! GAH! To give you a bit of real-world insight: I’ve been using the phone for 10-months, and I consider myself a heavy smartphone user. We also anticipate that the iPhone XR could be discontinued when the iPhone 12 launches. The iPhone isn’t a slim device anymore. The iPhone 11 excels in each of these pillars. How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad (November 2020), Ivacy review: The BEST low-cost VPN for streaming, M1 MacBook Air review (Late 2020): The M1 chip is AMAZING, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: A cheaper flagship that’s more than good enough, iPhone 12 mini review: Punching well above its weight. However, with less than two months to go until Apple updates its iPhone range – the new iPhone release date is always the second week of September – I’d suggest holding out to see what Apple does with the iPhone 12. why you shouldn't buy an iPhone right now, whether you should buy an iPhone 7 or 8 here, Best iPhone XR deals: top Black Friday offers, Best iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max deals: Black Friday offers. Fear not, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Well, three if you count the selfie camera. The short answer is that right now is a bad time to buy an iPhone: new iPhone 12 handsets will be announced on 13 October 2020, and at that point you'll have the option to either get the new (and upgraded) phones, or to buy the older models for less (since they are likely to see a price cut). The iPhone 11 is an incredible device that won’t disappoint. The iPhone 11 phone(s) represents a line in the sand for Apple. You should wait until the arrival of a newer model of that phone before purchasing the older model. Remember that good prices can be found all year round, if a retailer is feeling generous and you know where to look: read our guide to the best iPhone deals for more on that. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Since then, I’ve used the iPhone 11 as my main phone day-in-day-out. Apple is currently selling five new iPhones right now, and each of those devices is targeted at a slightly different price point. Are prices likely to go up or down? Since new iPhones are expected soon you should definitely avoid buying an iPhone if you can possibly wait. In short, the iPhone 11’s battery is really good. In cold numbers, the iPhone 11’s new 3,046 mAh represents (roughly) a 5 per cent jump from its predecessor. It's easier to say when the worst time to buy a new iPhone is. On an average day, my Screen On time will be around 3.5 hours, which results in the iPhone using between 40-50 per cent of its capacity. This can be a great way to save some money because the arrival of new technology often does not make the older model impractical. Forget about the Pro. The iPhone SE can be bought from Apple starting at £419/$399. If you do not want the latest and greatest, you will get a deal with the iPhone 11 very soon. 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