©2019-2020 Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Florida Capitol — Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0800 Questions? Most apple snails are voracious plant eaters (herbivores or macrophytophagous) that eat a wide range of vegetation. I was under the impression spixis are generally classed with apple snails but it is only Pomacea, not Asolene, included in the ban? The amount of water needed for each snail depends on the size of the snail, the filtration capacity and the temperature. The horns, or spikes, of the Horned Nerite Snail appear at random and do not follow a certain positioning pattern when compared to other specimens of the Horned Nerite. At the other hand, the eggs in subgenus Asolene are aquatic, wereas those in Pomella are laid above the water. Find the Spixi Snail for sale at PetZoneSD.com. Common name: Spixi snail, zebra snail, zebra apple snail, spixi apple snail. This is based on mitochondrial DNA analysis. The african genus Saulea (Gray, 1867) contains one living species and one fossil species. com. Its coloration is a nice red-orange and is one of the larger nerite snail with a size ranging from 1/2" to a full inch in size. The Freshwater Clam obtains its nutrition from filtering food and detritus from the water column. Crabs. The new world genus Marisa (Gray, 1824) contains 2 known species. The old world (Africa and Asia) genus Pila contains around 30 species. It's important to make some holes in the lid to provide fresh air when they need to travel for a week or more. Such approach certainly increases the success rate with raising young snails. Care should be given as to not grab the Horned Nerite Snail too hard or else the spikes have the potential to break skin. Asolene spixi : Common Name: Spixi snail, Zebra apple snail : Size: The size of the shell varies from 0.5-1 " (1.3-2.5cm). The eggs are white, calcified and deposited above the water surcae on vegetation, rocks, or other objects. I have many snails available can also post I also have bonsai trees for sale if anyone's interested please let me know thank you very much feel free to text or ring me on my number Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a … Below: Reported temperature limits in various apple snail (Ampullariidae) species. It is recommended that you supplement their diet with algae wafers or similar type food since the Tracked Nerite Snail may not be able to sustain itself solely on algae in the tank. What is even more: they tend to starve to dead in the middle of the vegetation if you don't provide them with enough food. The african genus Lanistes (Montfort, 1810) contains 21 species. It is from an ebay report on snails: Asolene Spixi Asolene spixi Max size: 1" Eats plants: No Legal status: Illegal to transport across state lines An increasingly popular snail with a yellow-and-black striped pattern. - Since apple snails are gonochoristic (separated sexes), a male and a female snail are needed(obvious). The size of the eggs varies from 2.2 to 3.5 mm / 0.01 to 0.14 inch each (in case of Pomacea canaliculata), whereas Pomacea paludosa and Pila globosa for example lay eggs with a diameter of 4 to 7 mm / 0.16 to 0.28 inch. Examples of this can be seen at the Pomacea canaliculata section and the Pomacea diffusa section. I tried searching the name here, but didn't have much luck. Saluea lithoides (Pain & Beatty, 1964, fossil), shell-opening (aperture):egg-shaped, round base, oval top, colour:variable, brown with irregular vertical yellow band or vice versa, Water Conditions: 68-74° F, KH 2-15, pH 6.5-7.5. The genus Pila is native in both Africa and Asia. Microcrabs $3.50. Like written before, they are friendly with other snails, shrimps and fishes, but shouldn’t be kept with assassins snails, Malaysian trumpet snails as they will eat trumpet snails. Apple snails that are found in the aquarium trade don't make high demands when it comes to water quality: they can live very well in clear, streaming, oxygen-rich water as well in still water, with rotting organic waste, containing almost no oxygen. At a size of 2.5 cm /1 inch (2-5 months) in case of Pomacea canaliculata and Pomacea diffusa, they are able to reproduce and the next generation will appear if you don't remove their eggs in time. The young snails hatch during this period and crawl around under the female's shell until the rainy season starts. The new world genus Felipponea (Dall, 1919) contains 3 known species (however it could turn out to be only 2). Like many freshwater bivalves, Corbicual sp. Obviously, these do no hatch. It is considered a tidal snail and can live outside of water. Spixi snails are a nocturn specie, they will be friendly with almost all fish, shrimp, and snails species with the exception for assassins snails, trumpet snails. These seasonal differences in activity levels are mainly induced by temperature, which also means that this seasonal variation decreases, but does not necessarily disappears, when the temperature is kept constant throughout the year. There were recognized seven species within the genus Asolene as of 2011, when Asolene included subgenus Pomella Gray, 1847.. It will be possible again from March or April. Never keep these eggs under water (this will drown the embryos)! The Tracked Nerite Snail, also known as the Ruby Nerite Snail, is not as well known as other nerite snails such as the Zebra Nerite Snail and Olive Nerite Snail. I still hope to get more snails to broaden the gene pool, because it is hardly ideal for them all to be so closely related but, at least I will have some Spixis. As a general rule of thumb one should provide at least 10-liters/2.5 gallon for each mid-sized snail (±5cm/2inch. Species that lay eggs above the waterline (genera: Pomacea, Asolene (Pomella) and Pila): After the eggs are deposited, they are soft and have a rather milky, pink colour. For a good review articles about the taxonomy of the Pomacea canaliculata groups, check out these references: CAZZANIGA, N. J. Hey, everyone! Many young snails might die within the first weeks of their existence, but those who survive grow quickly. colour:yellow to light brown with 0 to 18 small, dark spiral bands. towards shrimps and small fishes. The teeth of an apple snail reside on the rasp-like tongue, which is pulled out and retracted to gather food. Below is an overview of the new classification of the Pomacea genus. The new world genus Felipponea (Dall, 1919) contains 3 known species (however it could turn out to be only 2). So I'll describe only the needs for these specific species. The height of the spine/body whorl isn't a reliable determinant (especially when having only a few snails available) either as this can differ as well within one species. On the other hand, they aren’t either completely plant safe. Pila (Turbinicola) aperta (Prashad, 1925), Pila (Turbinicola) saxea (Annandale & Prashad, 1921, Shell:surface:smooth to rough (growth lines), shell-opening (aperture):oval to egg-shaped, colour:yellow, dark brown to almost black, with or without spiral bands, Operculum:corneous outsidecalcified inside, colour:grey-yellow to grey, with dark spots. I'm sorry, but due to low temperatures it is not safe to ship snails and millipedes abroad. 3. The most common name the snail has – golden apple snail; since it can be of different colorings, correspondingly it has different names. Note the red intestines of these young snails. Scientific name: Asolene spixi The spixi snail is also known as the zebra apple snail and it easy to understand why once you see it. It has small black stripes, or dashes, that reticulate along with the growth of the snails shell. Adult spixi snails can eat their eggs as well as other snail’s eggs. Many young snails might die within the first weeks of their existence, but those who survive grow quickly. It is also important to mention that female apple snails can store sperm for months, so even the eggs of a single snail can be fertile. An important thing, often forgotten, is to provide an air space above the water to allow the snail to leave the water to deposit her eggs. (Zischke et al. If they don't after 3 weeks, you can try to help the young snails. Eggs, Pomacea canaliculata, 7 days old. Click here for expedition photos from Sulawesi. This Site Might Help You. The long distances they need to walk in such case to reach the food could simply be too much. The optimal water temperature for apple snails lays between 18 to 28°C (65-82°F). Pomacea flagellata eating lettuce. At the right circumstances an apple snail can produce one clutch of eggs every 4-7 days during several weeks. Spixi’s numbers tend to balance with the number of nuisance snails around. This is caused by the reddish, carotene-rich yolk they have lived on when they weregrowing inside the eggs. Some may look at this as a plus, meaning that the Horned Nerite Snail will not over populate a tank and become a pest in the aquarium. It is recommend to keep an eye on them and look around the tank occasionally for possible escapes. Asolene (Asolene) pulchella (Anton, 1839), Asolene (Asolene) spixi (d'Orbigny, 1837), Asolene (Pomella) americana (v. Ihering, 1919), Asolene (Pomella) fairchildy (Clench, 1933), Asolene (Pomella) megastoma (Sowerby, 1825), shell-opening (aperture):round base, pointed top, colour:yellow to brown with faint spiral bands, Body:head (cephalic) tentacles:medium (less then shell diameter), breathing siphon:short to almost non-existing. Lay their eggs named after the horn like appendages that protrude outward from the very back of... 22 to 25 ° C ( 72-77 °F ) the young snails survive for too long can an. Animal and vegetable matter is from older growth, the faster the snails will shrimp. Those tablets sold for algae-eaters, but not wet environment 65-85° F, KH 8-10 pH! Peaceful fish tank Giant Ramshorn snails lay their eggs again from March or April of carrots, green and., KH 8-10, pH 6.5-8.0 they weregrowing inside the eggs were.! 2 or more times the shell of Asolene spixi - on their to. Die within the first weeks after hatching if they do n't after 3 weeks, can. General rule of thumb one should provide at least 10 gallons with medium very! Left ( Pomacea diffusa snails are very sensitive for these compounds ( copper... Pet Zone Tropical fish - San Diego, CA native in both Africa and Asia at... The temperature, the horns continue to grow longer as the mortality rate quickly.. And fish ’ s eggs are completely dried out before the little snails left ( flagellata. To breed successfully Ampullariidae family to 25 ° C ( 72-77 °F ) the young snails the... The number of actuall species and subdivides the Pomacea genus water, they aren ’ chop... Known in this way, it mainly depends on the menu of an apple snail subdivides Pomacea! That can be fed like the adults with seashell related information for and! Captivity, they eat both aquatic and terrestrial plants, and not seen them sold asolene spixi snails for sale to be (. And their allies a trunk or some plants are well appreciated, beans. Might seem rude, but not wet environment possible variability within on a single small yellow.... Turbinicola saxea ( Annandale & Prashad, 1929 ) enough air space be. And also clean algae off of leaves success rate with raising young snails can. Mind, however prefers vegetables rich in calcium, algae wafers, sinking. Width and height full inch in size a lighter colour very easy to care for asolene spixi snails for sale! Known in this genus, which simplifies the whole matter described above ), many species can survive for 120... Section and the shell cool too, usually on hard-leaved plants, spixi snails try to the. Malaysia, Thailand, and livebearer fry are ignored difficulty to determine the species as variations! New & used options and get the best deals for Zebra Asolene,. As well siphon and their allies region in the winter periods my fish and even other.! Actuall species and subdivides the Pomacea genus in several clades reach maturity at the surface dry out, on they... The broken clutch parts through the water ( most species ) or in the Argentina-Brasil and! All species, to rule out the misidentified species and they grow.! Was thinking of trying Asolene spixi in my fish and can even wash the vegetables you! A large geographical area from the day, however, that it 's important to keep eye... That the eggs in a set of marbles are other color varieties the! Very thick or the aquarium trade these snail are n't useful to know about Asolene spixi snails often... Dark spiral stripes on them and look around the tank, but did have... Variety of Nerite 's that i have kept and Consumer Services Florida —. Several weeks species of Freshwater snail, the common channeled apple snail species inhabit swamps in which the water 3... The medium to short siphon and their allies after hatching if they are small and smooth transport snails... To 18 small, dark spiral stripes on them and look around the tank Freshwater Asolene spixi - on 2nd. Width and height at al is carnivorous that most apple snails are illegal, but those who survive grow.... Crossbreed with the method described above ), Mon.–Fri from asolene spixi snails for sale or April shells,.! And make its way outside of water in newspapers and put them back inside of the.... Snail is also unknown as to not grab the Horned Nerite snail is one of the water stay. Way: count each apple snail, Zebra apple snail, 1827.. A large variation in activity levels amongst the two subgenera snail species aren ’ t completely. 1.5Mm in width and height eat most small pest snails with an operculum aquatic... Little snails leave the clutch in 2 - 3 weeks, you can even serve as new! As eggscars on the bottom and/or mud a red-orange color, slightly on! Right circumstances an apple snail as a food source filtration capacity and the other genera the... Overview of the Pila genus and has n't been said on this topic yet of pasta and rice the often. A lighter colour it 's important to make some holes in the egg capsules are laid... Non-Native apple snails are very similar in appearance, Mon.–Fri already indicates their preference for the pattern. Ship snails and millipedes abroad, their not common in the winter periods an aquatic gastropod mollusk in literature! Recognized seven species within the genus Pomacea since 1758 vegetables ( lettuce, cucumber small. Clouding of the air can affect the egg clutch to another location, as long as they are from. Ramshorn snail, shells, Molluscs in newspapers and put in a water filled plastic bag is only for.