Click on the Find and Replace button located in the Editing group. Eyedropper Click any color on your slide to apply that color to a selected cell or cells. I'm on Windows 7 64 bit. Note: I used Excel 2007 to create this tutorial. You can click on "More Colors" underneath it and find out the RGB levels and then manually put that in for other shapes you want. Get Pixie. 5. The Shading menu in PowerPoint offers several additional options:. The Color Fill and Color Font does not seem to work.. Let's start by getting our photo in. Though you can’t actually save the color palette and the history so, it can only be used for basic features. copy/paste whatever you want from Excel into Powerpoint and then ; use the eyedropper in Powerpoint on it to select the color, and then Older versions of Word had this convenient tool. I'm using Excel 2007 and often use filters to find inconsistent data (mis-spellings, etc.) Windows 10 OS . I'm finding that, with a simple filter on, dragging over cells hidden by the filter changes the values in the hidden cells too. 4. This one is a unique color picker that will allow picking … 3. Click on the Home tab located in the Office Ribbon. I did find it under pick up style... as you indicated. Under Theme Colors or Standard Colors, select the shading color you want.Or, for more color options, click More Colors.For more about on the Colors dialog box, see Choosing colors in the Colors dialog box.. 5. When the Find and Replace dialog box opens click on the small arrow next to the first Format button. - [Instructor] With the tool called the eyedropper, you can custom match a color to anything that you see on a slide. Anyway, thanks for your help. In this quick video, I'll show you how you can make a nice ad using a photo, and choosing colors to match. Click on Replace from the menu. I need my word art to match color with text and graphics. Excel usage / MsOffice 16. 2. Please assist. I have Microsoft Office 2010 and I can't find the eye dropper tool. Thanks. Commented: 2010-11-02. Is there a plug-in in adding color picker to Word 2010? Find and Replace Cell Formats. eagle-22. OR, easier still, you can . I highlight a field and fill color say Yellow; the field does not show any effect/no change . But if you want more features than you should look into the previous ones. and then clean up the data using the fill handle to fill in correctly formatted values. Pixeur. 1. ... Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Microsoft Sharepoint Microsoft SQL Server Office 365 Oracle Database Outlook PowerShell Printers & Scanners Security VMware Windows OS Windows 7 Windows 10