Chun - J.Short easily stuffs dives from any range. If you mess the timing, Claw will probably be received with a DP when he arrives. But honda can defeat forward wall dive very well by jumping and using a normal. He can air throw that way as well. The essence of Zangief strategy consists in hard hitting pokes, small combos that hit hard, and going for the tick -> special grab. I like to be ready to pounce on any kikoken she throws. Against DP? NOTE: In HSF2 N.Vega's Flying Barcelona Attack have a buggy input detection: the kick button is ignored while on prejump frames. Ken - Ken's Fierce DP will hit you even if you're holding back, so limit to ambiguous crossups. He recovers once he touches the ground again, meaning the frames with the * on the hitbox diagram above simply means thats the animation Vega will stay it in case he does nothing, but on the first grounded frame it's perfectly possible to do a move or to block, for example. Claw can use the WD not for offensive, just to fly away from the corner. Neutral is the other technique for "footsie" game vs honda. Often times his moves will push himself past you into the corner. -Bimblis, His normals are overpowering up close and his grab & followups are too good. So by mixing both you can put pressure in him from mid range, and meanwhile charge for flipkicks, rolls, or back wall dives. To help on that front, he replaces the Statue of Liberty with a giant statue of himself. Cannon Spike, known as Gun Spike (ガンスパイク, Gan Supaiku) in Japan, is a shooter developed by Psikyo and published by Capcom for the arcade and Sega Dreamcast console. So don't try fake wall dives on him. Overall, I think it's much preferable to fight against a Vega who sometimes gets an extra hit of low strong, rather than a Vega that traps you in a knockdown loop. Have your eyes ready to try to flip kick any scissor kick or psycho crusher so you can get that all important knockdown.To me, this match goes the first one to get a knockdown wins. Any blocked rolling attack is a free standing fierce for you. Some characters are easier to combo than others. For example, If the opponent claw is ducked in a corner, or if he is low in health, or after a crouched combo. His new cancels aren't that great, and his suck in Wall Dive isn't really beneficial because you normally don't want opponents to be pushed towards you, especially in the corner. This doesn't juggle in the corners. DO NOT walldive when you are behind in life, because Boxer may start turtling with Headbutt and jumpback MP. I don’t think we ever got an explanation for what was up with him, but it’s not like the game had much in terms of lore anyway. -MDV. The more far away Claw is from the back wall he is jumping, the easiest is to evade the fireball. And wake up kicks whiff against c.medium, c.roundhouse, and rolls. Learn the different angles of Yoga Drill and when you can or can't counter/jump away. Chun-Li, Honda, and Balrog are a news crew, Dhalsim is a scientist, Ryu and Ken are swindlers, Dee Jay is an evil tech guy, and Guile is about as American as Haley’s Comet. Turtle doesn't work very well vs Claw, but offensive can be a problem. be done vs Blanka or Guile, since they can charge down their DP during the walldive, and their DP will almost always defeat a Forward WD. It will drive you crazy. Also, the opponent's body is still turned the correct way so you can't create any confusion on what side you hit. Use very sparingly. Wall dive directly on top of him and you can claw stuff him or connect with the grab from behind. 3rd Attack, Upball: This is what makes the walldive loop almost impossible to set up on Blanka. If you jump in, always remember to combo the air attack with,, and then special cancel into short roll or fake wall dive. His ending shows that while rescuing Cammy, he is very aware that she could become a vessel for Bison’s soul (the reason she was created to begin with), but thought that is a possibility too interesting to pass up. Don't go into his meathouse. Vega appeared in there under the name “Fallen Balrog,” and got a total goth makeover, making him look more like Marilyn Manson than anything else. Vega can charge his super meter in a couple seconds with 3K flips. Thinking about it, the dude is essentially Evil Spanish Batman. All these things may seem scary but Claw has powerful weapons, including his great ability to punish: I was not remotely afraid of the fake wall dive. This is good for chipping out the last hit of a nearly dead opponent. He has a unique combination of speed and range, making him best suited for a hit and run playstyle. (CapMaster), Air to air, he has a major advantage, but j.strong hits some of his attacks, and an early neutral jump j.medium hits him out of everything. What about if Claw wants to take the war to T.Hawk? The Roundhouse version hits twice, and another flip kick (of any strength) can be combo'd immediately after to juggle (unless your opponent is in the corner). Overall this is not very useful, unlike Chun, Claw falls much slower when he jumps off the wall, so you stay in the air for quite a while. T.Hawk kicks are a little long range, so if he kicks Claw in the face, that is ok, Claw still has a chance of escape. The "close FD" is the worst. You do not have any control once in the air. Blanka's slide: this damn tool has 11 frames of start up and yours would beat it in terms of hit boxes, but you can't punish it on reaction even if yours is faster to come out (8 frames of start up). Unlike a normal Strong, you can combo after it. Known for climbing walls? Since then, I’ve seen no one able to run away with the fake wall dive, but it can occasional trick the opponent into attacking at the wrong time, so it seems about right. Claw strategy consists in keeping Zangief at medium melee distance. -CapMaster, Don't poke. You need to avoid absolutely getting throw looped. This move has the longest horizontal range of all Vega's jumping moves. The movie was spun off into the Saturday morning cartoon, and while it lasted a whole two seasons, Vega was in it very, very little. can't go directly to the prejump animation), to have a move to startup instantly (normal and special moves) or to block (which is why sweeps can be used as anti airs in this game), but you can do all that on the second landing frame. Mega Man is one of the two hidden playable characters. 1994 saw the release of the live-action Street Fighter film in the US. Some players want to corner the opponent in order to maximice their offensive strategy.