Earlier titles used a CAVE-designed board based on a Motorola 68000 CPU,[22] with later releases moving over to the PolyGame Master hardware,[23] and then, starting with Mushihimesama, onto boards based on the Hitachi SH-3 CPU. The game is technically region free, although is perhaps most desirable as one of the console’s rarest titles, rather than as one of its best. The Cave is a platform adventure game that tells the story of seven characters who descend into an ancient, self-aware cave to pursue their deepest desires: the Adventurer, the Time Traveler, the Knight, the Twins, the Hillbilly, the Scientist, and the Monk. You won't enjoy it like you will other games, but you won't forget it. Unfortunately the large cost of both the console and the rare import shmups meant that in order to prevent financial ruin I had to put my quest on a temporary hold. The past 10 days have been very busy for me. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The company would be established on 2005-07-15. You can also upload and share your favorite xbox 360 games wallpapers. Everything in MobyGames is contributable by users. Mixing a wonderful aesthetic with combat... more, Reviewed on: 28 April 2014   Platforms: Xbox 360, The best (console) version of Diablo 3 money can buy. What conclusion can I really come to outside of the obvious – a Japanese Xbox 360 is really great if you want to experience the extensive library of CAVE shmups Of course a selection of these games are still region free, and titles such as Deathsmiles saw international releases. So I prefer to play with the game zoomed in to cover most of my monitor, but quality suffers badly. Torchlight, originally released for PC in 2009, was a successful addition to... more, Reviewed on: 18 March 2011   Platforms: Xbox 360, Dark Souls isn't a game you play for fun. For now I’ve really only just scratched the surface. As a collector it’s also a great area of videogames to venture into, and we’re talking about almost all of the rarest and most desirable Xbox 360 games out there. On March 28, 2013 Cave released a special bundle called Cave Shooting Collection which contained all Xbox 360 titles published by them to that date (Akai Katana, Deathsmiles, Deathsmiles IIX, DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label, DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5, Espgaluda II, Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets, Mushihimesama, Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5, and a download voucher for Guwange on XBLA), a disc containing all DLC for the aforementioned titles, 7 "superplay" DVDs, and a 10-disc soundtrack selection with songs from all of the included games except Guwange. Privacy Policy. Console games. On the surface this looks pretty interesting – it’s double pack and the idea of having two games for the price of one is exciting (although due to rarity it’s technically two games for the price of about two and a half). With so many great RPGs to choose from, how did we narrow down our list and choose the favourites? & Pink Sweets. Up next we have Ketsui, the last title 5pb would release after the DoDonPachi DaiOuJou fiasco. And after a long wait, it's finally here. (株式会社ケイブアセットマネジメント): Stock management and investment division. For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I want to collect CAVE shooters". and Pink Sweets double pack. [2] However, the foreign www.caveinteractive.com domain name had already been established on May 15, 2011.[3]. Raiden Fighters is an anthology containing all three games in the series developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. Change ), I talk about games and I make them too. This article is about the Japanese video game company. Whether you liked the soul-crushingly difficult, the eye-meltingly beautiful or the heart-wrenching narratives, there was something to be played. Terms of Use. Probably because it is a child's account, this returns "Your account is unable to make this type of purchase on Xbox.com. Both titles were programmed by Shinobu Yagawa, who previously developed classic shmups such as Battle Garegga and Armed Police Batrider. [24][25] CAVE dabbled in PC-based hardware for Deathsmiles II,[26] but switched back to SH-3 for later titles. ^c Not released outside Japan and Europe but release is region-free. Cave Shooting Collection will be available on March 28 for 29,176 yen ($312). anyone?) Lionhead's follow-up to the Xbox action... more, Reviewed on: 20 October 2008   Platforms: Xbox 360, Fallout 3 is packed with interesting places, with choices to make, with that nebulous sense of adventure you only find in the best RPGs. Whilst the double pack does include two games, the overall collection still feels a little underwhelming. As soon as the prologue wrapped up... more, Reviewed on: 10 November 2014   Platforms: Xbox 360, The Knights of the Nine is well worth the 800 Microsoft points or bargain price on the PC, and is one of the best examples of downloadable content to date. It ain't so simple... more, Reviewed on: 19 July 2011   Platforms: Xbox 360, Where Crimson Alliance could have joined the white noise of dungeon crawlers, Certain Affinity has managed to design a solid and - more impressively - distinctive game. I had expected them all to be in HD in 2018 but they didn’t seem to. I've broken into countless... more, Reviewed on: 28 October 2008   Platforms: Xbox 360, The Pitt just about makes up for the snore-fest that was Operation Anchorage, and will have Fallout 3 fans dribbling with anticipation for the level-cap raising third add-on Broken Steel. Unfortunately some of the generation’s best offerings suffered on Sony’s console. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But when I search for the game using the xbox 360, it doesn't find it. Cave is releasing all of their Xbox 360 games in one gigantic bundle called Cave Shooting Collection. Sure, it was released three years later, but that hardly matters any more. After the disappointing Operation Anchorage... more, Reviewed on: 31 March 2009   Platforms: Xbox 360, Put simply, if you love Fallout 3, Broken Steel is an essential purchase. "Why, that's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen!". I’ve got some Cave games for the Xbox 360 which I’ve just tried today. I believe the art in the games is somewhat optimised for HD, unfortunately though the Xbox 360 version is as good as it gets. Upgrade to Xbox One and play the same blockbuster titles. As Mass Effect 3's first post-release chunk of single-player downloadable content, Leviathan leaves a bittersweet taste. Skyrim was a notorious mess on PS3, giving players a less-than optimal experience of one of the best games of all time. ^a Not released outside Japan but release is region-free.