Can Rosette save her brother? Au depart, en regardant les premiers épisodes on se dit "ouais, un hellsing 2 quoi"...mais en avançant un peu plus on se rend compte que c'est totalement différent ! There are no custom lists yet for this series. It is done rather well so should be commended on that. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. I don't know their names but they have once again proven that Japan has some highly skilled VAs. It was a frequent occurence that I felt I had to wipe my eyes if a scene didn't end soon, but that was just a fact in this series. Unfortunately, it is the only one thing that was done great. There are some elements, as I wrote above, which I found unnecessary and from what I have heard these elements do not exist in the manga which I am currently collecting. 18-10| Bande originale d'animé gratuites (ost), 29-08| Réductions pour le Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2010, Secret Service : Maison de Ayakashi volume 1. Chrno crusade est un anime appartenant au style Shônen des studios d'animation Gonzo. Yeah, taboo romances are the easy way to go. And what was that shot?Although to the shallow minds that will appear like an awesome story, because it keeps changing themes, in reality it is just bad directing with no regard to proper transition from one subject to another. Je l'ai acheté Fast forward, 6 years... See full summary ». They've done the same in the past with animes like Kiddy Grade. PRODUCTION VALUES: 7/10 GONZO is very good at making interesting worlds, with lots of details and vivid colors and this is no exception. The 1920s was a decade of great change and upheaval, with monstrous demons appearing across America. Can Rosette save her brother? and you cant miss Chrno in his demon form! But as far as good storytelling goes, it is very GONZOed. Sadly, they all have to do with aesthetics and not with good storytelling. Chrno Crusade est une série qui étonne par le traitement original qu'elle offre d'un thème récurrent dans l'animation japonaise : un combat presque divin (ou spirituel) contre des démons. I created this review, because unlike the one other CC review, I've seen the whole thing, and I appreciate it. Very crisp animation in general. Now about the main trinity, it is good how they are all colorized and developed thoughtout the show. The music does not take anything away form the show, which is good. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. However, both Rosette and Chrno are driven by their dark pasts. yeah. Je le regarderai prochainement, -- Do you know how weird it looks to have that in a genre where usually the characters never die or are resurrected soon afterwards?2) Sad, weird ending. so that leads to his problem of needing a contractor. Chrono Crusade is more comedic and could probably suit a somewhat younger audience than Hellsing, but Chrono Crusade still seems to hit that certain feeling of Hellsing. The anime goes off in a completely different direction and generally weakens a lot of the character interactions and relationships.) Je l'acheterai prochainement Chrno c'est une série qui vous prend et ne vous lache pas ! De même, si les démons sont à l'origine des anges déchus qui se sont rebellés contre Dieu et sont dans l'esprit collectif des créatures infernales, dans la série, ils ont un aspect humain et tirent leur pouvoir des cornes qu'ils portent à la tête. That being said, Chrno Crusade had fluid animation, nice character designs, vibrant colors and awesome CG integration. Well I’m sorry, I see no good or evil here, just deprived nuns and sissy demons bastardizing the largest religion on Earth. Written by It just didn’t make good use of them. It's free and easy to join.   Aion than takes Joshua away, as one of the 7 apostiles. Regardless, they did a good job at giving these generic characters time to develop, and it's done smoothly. Je l'ai arrêté Was this review helpful to you? Et pour gérer ma collection en ligne c'est dans l'espace membre que ça se passe. The voices are very well done. Commenter cet article, puis connectez-vous en 1 clic pour l'envoyer: anime qui vaut le détour, je le considère plus comme une seinen que shônen. J'attends la suite. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. De plus, lui aussi cache un passé torturé puisqu'il a tué sans le vouloir son amour, Magdalène... Dans ce scénario tragique et épique, gravitent d'autres personnages comme Azmaria, sauvée très tôt par Rosette et qui se révèle être une des sept apôtres (personnages au rôle très important et déterminant du fait de leurs pouvoirs spéciaux), Sœur Kate, mère supérieure du couvent qui reste très méfiante à l'égard de Chrno sans oublier Aion lui-même, qui n'a pas hésité à tuer la reine des démons et qui ambitionne de restructurer le monde à son image... La série Chrno Crusade emprunte la plupart de ses références à la religion et mêle ses personnages dans un univers original. as they try to navigate the hurtles of high school, stubborn classmates, and plain old everyday life. Especially when it concerns blurring the difference between good and evil and having a romance between a human nun and a male archdemon.