pages should be integrated in order to provide easy navigation to its users. Two computer scientists at Stanford University founded Cisco Systems Inc. in 1984 and in the year 1990, the company went public. It has been reviewed & published by the MBA Skool Team. Alternatively, different pricing strategies can be adopted to attract customers and create new market segments (Tutor2u 2009). media pages. Below are the Strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Cisco Systems: 2. suits them. Marketing Mix of Cisco analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Cisco marketing strategy. Details on this model will be described in the next section “At the Operating Level”. Following are the Opportunities in Cisco Systems SWOT Analysis: 1.Expansion through Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions, 2. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (An official Cisco VNI fixed IP traffic forecast through 2017 will not be released until June 2013.). are as follows: Our writers are all set to help you with Essay Homework. Globally, business mobile traffic will grow 10-fold from 2012 to 2017, a compound annual growth rate of 59%. located all over the country. They can access and self-manage their own set of phone services while maintaining one phone number. An analysis of the 7 elements of the marketing mix and recommended strategies among each for Because the IP phone registers itself whenever it is moved, users can now take their phones with them, creating a virtual office by plugging into spare data wall jacks and receiving calls regardless of their current location. Cisco uses multiple methods to promote their product such as e-marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, telephone, and other tools to directly communicate with the customers. savings would eventually lead to lower prices for its products. Product development can be defined as a strategy where a business seeks to introduce new products into current markets. Globally, the average tablet generated 821 megabytes of mobile data traffic per month in 2012, up from 416 megabytes per month in 2011. to pay a higher price for these. In this cooperative program, more than 20 global service providers share anonymous, aggregate data with Cisco to analyze current network usage trends and gauge future infrastructure requirements. ( Log Out /  It currently uses product bundle pricing as well, where products are bundled together and sold at prices lower As described by Ginter and Duncan (1990), Companies has to use a number of information sources inside and outside the organization. Global mobile data traffic will grow 2.8 times faster than Global fixed IP traffic from 2012 to 2017. It is primarily the responsibility of the corporate and SBU-level managers. At the BU level, each business unit has some individuals called TMEs “Technical Marketing Engineer”, these employees are responsible for the marketing activities in this level, starting from understanding the market trends in the technology they are responsible for, and address the common challenges, limitations and needs, and also study the competition very well, then it propose the final solution and/or product. Cisco reaches its customers directly through an online portal called Cisco Consumer Online (CCO). Cisco VNI Usage research provides quantitative insights into current activity on service provider networks and qualitative samples of consumers’ online behavior. exposed to frequent content uploaded by. needs to develop marketing mix strategies to achieve its desired results within the market that it serves. Marketing Mix Strategy 7Ps Analysis. Weak presence in BPO technologies/markets compared to global leaders. From reviewing the text and in reading the Cisco case study, it seems that business-to-business marketing consists of a more direct approach through very specific channels of distribution. Economies of scale lower cost and increases margin, 3. should make social media posts that are more relevant to its target audience. operations, has partnered with numerous delivery service providers in order to provide timely deliveries. Awareness phase is done by the advertisements using the above listed channels, then Consideration phase comes when sending more third part reports and the customers show some interest, then the Preference phase comes by choosing selected customers and doing some kind of lunch and learn activities for example. to make sure that its products are always available at retail stores has systems installed where retailers can The second is where it sells to wholesalers who then sell to different retailers (An official Cisco VNI fixed IP traffic forecast through 2017 will not be released until June 2013. Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies similar to Cisco Systems. uses multiple media channels to promote its products. which have helped the brand grow. Cisco model was praised as a … Each level of strategy, and each dimension of marketing, must be developed in the context of the preceding level. It also uses an optional product pricing strategy for certain products, where it offers a price for the base The brand names and other brand information used in the BrandGuide section are properties of their respective companies. It analyzes Cisco’s view about marketing and how the global marketing organization interferes and collaborates with the other business functions. At the operating level, marketing managers must focus on marketing tactics, the “4Ps” ofproduct, price, promotion, and place/distribution, and the elements of the marketing mix.