The price tag is more than accessible, so it can represent a good way to start for those that don’t want to invest too much in instruments. Regardless of what brand you want, if you can hold out until a higher budget (like $200 or $500) you will find a much better and longer lasting ukulele. Continuing our Cordoba tenor ukulele reviews is the higher end Cordoba 30T tenor uke. Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Reviews 2020: Is Oscar Schmidt a Good Ukulele Brand? Made of maple wood design, this Diamond Head Ukulele is built to satisfy customers’ budget without sacrificing toner quality or level of functionality. This type and size of ukulele typically come with frets ranging 15 to 20 in number markings, and due to their longer scale length, the strings tension is more than that of their Soprano counterpart, meaning the user will have to exert a bit of pressure on the strings. A tuner will keep the instrument in shape, extra strings just in case, a set of picks, a shoulder strap, gig case, and even a manual will be available. Don't know whether the 20T was solid or laminate mahogany. From small to large, ukuleles sizes ranges according to their names—concert, soprano, tenor, and baritone. The design of this ukulele is light and portable. my first Uke is a Cordoba 15CM with very similar mahogany laminate - it even has that "orangey glow". It is a very gorgeous instrument and it is made with solid mahogany for the sound board. It features a classic mahogany side, back, and top that enables it to deliver simple playability and build quality to compete with some leading priced instruments. The mahogany design covers not just the body but also the neck, top, the back and sides of the instrument. Note that this product finish that is marvelous with a satin feel that is smooth. The strings of this instruments are soft and smooth when touched, providing a very clear, sweet sound during play. Generally, there are four main sizes of ukuleles in the market, each which its own peculiar characteristics. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This design makes it fantastic for you to hold in your entire hands. Donner DUC-1 also features a smooth and completely patented tuner similar to chrome plated guitar style types, which ensures the instrument is always in perfect tune. The Linaiki LU-21C Concert Ukulele provides great playing experience, including a top class quality bag and tuner. Characterized by a solid mahogany top and mahogany back and sides, the Cordoba 20TM is a tenor size ukulele with a wonderful tone and refined looks. If they fit your budget than pick a size, order it, and get playing! It is not a quality product since it is not likely to serve you for a longer duration. That said, not all cheaply priced ukuleles are inferior or low quality. 15CM Concert Ukulele. It is worth the value because it is practical, as well as a functional product. Went out for a Kala KA-PWC or Snail UKC-480 concert for Mum, and came home with a tenor each...We ended up shortlisting this Cordoba 20TM-CE ($199), A Cordoba 24T ($199), Kala KA-PWT ($149), and Snail UKT528 Zebra (GBP145). The design and features mainly cater to those ukulele players that may be amateurs or play professionally. Learn more >>. The fingerboard and bride of the Sawtooth MS-KIT Ukulele is constructed out of rosewood with charming dot inlays. Thus, the symbols represent the waves, but can also represent the teeth of sharks, which are animals populating the nearby waters. In addition, the ukulele bundle comes with a gig bag, a reliable strap, durable carbon nylon strings, and solid digital clip-on tuners as purchase gift.