creeping thyme 'Snowdrift', Family Family Lamiaceae . I think mulch would slide down slope. Fast spreading creeping thyme is one of the best low-growing drought tolerant groundcovers for sunny & dry spots - and these wholesale-priced jumbo landscape plugs will create a fragrant carpet in no time! Attractive to bees, Propagation A layer of gravel on the soil around them will help protect the foliage from wet soils.Spacing: 12-18"Fertilizing: Feed plants lightly in spring with fish fertilizer, or any type of liquid plant food.Winterizing:  In the northern part of its range, cover the plants with pine boughs or some other lightweight mulch to protect the plants over the winter. Poke a small hole into the medium using a Q-tip or pencil. Mine only bloom once a year. It does well in most balanced soil conditions. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected To avoid any competition, put mulch around the base of the thyme plugs, leaving a bare area around the stem, 3 inches in diameter. If these overwintering tactics are not working, you can always consider treating your thyme as an annual plant and replanting each year. 4.2 out of 5 stars 231. Most creeping thyme plants are easily reproduced via division or propagation. Evergreen. It can be used in cuisine. Then move it to its permanent location. These plants will have a lot more details displayed including an image. All Rights Reserved. In my experience, a combination of gently pulling out the clover and a mild "weed and feed" general plant fertilizer should work. Ground covers are low-growing, low-maintenance, and sometimes tolerate being walked on. Select a variety below to get all the details, prices and see more photos. £4.69 £ 4. Do I have to plant new ones? They are also a nice underplanting for rose bushes and small trees such as Japanese maples and serve as a good soil cover in container gardens. Depending on your location, creeping thyme will either remain evergreen or it will lose its leaves and some stems will die over the winter. 'Snowdrift' is an evergreen, mat-forming sub-shrub. Place the cut end of the stem in rooting hormone powder, and then insert it immediately into the growing medium. 020 3176 5800 Has tiny, hair covered oval leaves with similarly-sized flowers that grow in clumps. FREE Delivery. Excellent for use between flagstones in a pathway. I have creeping Thyme in my zone 4 perrenial garden as a ground cover. 69. Other common names creeping thyme 'Snowdrift' . Thyme Creeping Lemon evergreen herb plant aromatic leaves pink flowers summer loved by bees ground cover 9cm pot FREE DELIVERY. I'm willing to add fertilizer, but Im not bringing in truckloads of soil that will wash down our tiny hill in the next flash flood.... Live in southwest Pa zone 5 or 6 I need a ground cover for a slope on our front yard. Ellen Gregory from Connecticut, USA on April 01, 2018: This was very helpful. Creeping Thyme is easily divided in spring or early fall, and even small pieces will take root and grow. RHS members can get exclusive individual advice from the RHS Gardening Advice team. A hedge is made of closely planted shrubs or other plants which, as they grow and are trimmed and shaped or left to grow natural, form a straight or curved solid wall or fence of foliage from 1 to 10 feet in height. It can be used in container gardens where it will eventually spill over the edges of the container. Highly aromatic when crushed underfoot. Gives the other plants in your garden the benefit of those extra bee visitors who will facilitate more pollination. Reapply mulch yearly, as needed. They are: This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. Creeping thyme is available at many garden stores during the planting season. They will eventually spread out and cover the area; it will just take longer. VIDEO-Our JUMBO pot sizes. Elfin Creeping Thyme - Thymus serpyllum Elfin - 3 Pack of Pint Pots, Red Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Coccineus' - 3 Pack of Pint Pots, Archers Gold Lemon Thyme - Thymus citriodorus - 10 Count Flat of Quart Pots, Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum - 3 Pack of Pint Pots, Red Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Coccineus' - Quart Pots, Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum - Quart Pot, Elfin Creeping Thyme - Thymus serpyllum Elfin - Quart Pot, Elfin Creeping Thyme - Thymus serphyllum - 10 Count Flat of Pint Pots, Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum - 10 Count Flat of Pint Pots, Red Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Coccineus' - 10 Count Flat of Pint Pots, White Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Albiflorus' - 3 Pack of Pint Pots, White Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Albiflorus' - 10 Count Flat of Pint Pots, White Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Albiflorus' - Quart Pot. Sorry we missed your earlier question. Dislikes wet conditions, especially in the winter. It is on west side of house & gets a lot of hot afternoon sun. Remove the leaves from the bottom third of the stem. The northern parts are in USDA hardiness zone eight, while the southernmost part is in zone 11. "Purple Carpet" creeping thyme is a beautiful, colorful alternative to grass. In the West, prune plants at any time to keep them dense. At the end of last year, I noticed a couple of the plants suddenly had large dead spots in the center of them. If planting from seeds, scatter evenly over the area and cover with a thin layer of soil. FREE Delivery. Up to 10 cm, Ultimate spread Have a planting tray ready with a growing medium such as seed starting mix or coarse sand. Generally disease free. You can also purchase seeds. Prune away winter-killed stems in spring. Highly aromatic when crushed underfoot. Mix them about 50% with your existing soil. There are quite a few varieties to choose from, but one of the best options is creeping thyme, also called “mother of thyme,” a low-growing relative of the herb. On every plant page in the store you'll find detailed planting and care instructions and other plant details and attributes provided by our staff of horticultural experts. Insert the plug, and gather the soil around it to make sure it is snug. It is characterized by tiny oval shaped leaves and flowers. Rarely gets more than 2″ tall. You don’t need to mow ground covers. Join This is the beauty of using them. Space plants about 18 inches to 2 feet apart in staggered rows. Thymus are evergreen woody-based perennials, shrub or sub-shrubs with small aromatic leaves and terminal whorls of small, 2-lipped, tubular, purple, pink or white flowers in late spring or summer, Details You can do this by passing over the thyme gently with a weed-wacker. Search by plant name, key attributes or both to find plant details and a list of eCommerce Software by 3dcart. Mother of Thyme ( Thymus serpyllum ), also known as Wild Thyme, is a low growing subshrub (4-6") with green oval shaped leaves and lilac to pale pink flowers that stand up on about 4” stems. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. 69. I probably have 20 plants and if I have to replace them every 4 years I will need to plant something else. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. I live in Northwest Florida, and have given up on keeping grass alive in our soil.... Im looking for a ground cover that will handle not only our heat and humidity, but also our sandy soil. Answer: You could try, but creeping thyme is generally hardy between zones 4-9. As I have a lot of it and it is not the tops but the sides that need trimming, this cannot be done with a wacker but is done manually - a rather big job which I do in stages throughout the spring and summer. Description. Popular in the Edwardian era. It will come as plugs or small potted cuttings. Answer: Yes. From personal experience and from hearing from other gardeners, growing ground cover from seed does not often produce the result you are looking for, so you may be better off going with plugs instead. It is sunny and often very dry. This sounds like a perfect candidate for that. We at Wilson Bros Gardens pride ourselves on our knowledge of plants and everything landscaping and gardening. Height: 10cm. There are several types of creeping thyme that come in different colors and characteristics. They appear to still be green around the perimeter but 70% of the plant from the center outward is dead. Creeping thyme is available at many garden stores during the planting season.