It works great, except for those two lines – and I can’t figure out why they even are being printed, since they are not files IN the directory… My folder structure is /newsletters/archives/index.php and the first row of the table displaying the files shows “archives,” with the error under the filesize column, and the last row of the table shows “newsletters” and another filesize error. It works for me in the top directory where the dot files are, but the directories within revert back to display in ordinary Apache dirlist. Configure your computer to show hidden files and you’ll see the hidden files in the download folder. I was able to install from the zip file and main page of web site works as expected. One familiar way to group data visually is with Explorer-style folder icons. We would like to thank you for the great script you have made. To return the view for the folder to the default view specified in your preferences, choose View -> Reset View to Defaults. Thanks, Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for Combs 2012 Bell TNG.pdf in /home2/combsb/public_html/file_display.php on line 80. I’m trying to also password protect this site at and when I add the code to the .htaccess file and upload the .htpasswd file it gives me a 500 error. Folder Select this option if you want to display a list of files in a folder. Hmm….it could be as easy as putting all of the original folders and files to make this happen in each subdirectory? but when i view the files and click them it doesn’t start downloading, i noticed the file path is not the real one when i click them, only work if i “right click and save as”. && $dirArray[$index] == "..")) { In this article, I am going to share with you how to display subdirectories and files in TreeView in C#. Delete function (can delete/remove displayed file) Yh presented somewhat of a solution but i have no way of implementing that as I am a PHP novice. Im learner for php. By the way,the page you posted does not show the script you are talking about.There is nothing on that page that I saw was relevent to the script either???????? Anyway to set the links to the CWD? I noticed that whenever I try to upload a file with more than 2mb filesize. Displaying Directory (Folder) structure using ASP.Net TreeView control Introduction: In this article I will explain how to display (show) Directory (Folder) structure like Windows Explorer using ASP.Net TreeView control in C# . Note that you use the forward slash / character, this is accepted format for the type of @ppahppp You need to enable .htaccess functionality in your apache server. On mouse-hover, it will display the path of the file or folder. I’m afraid that I will be able to see the file that I hid later in that folder. Awesome trick! The virtual path of a web folder is (almost) never the same as the physical folder. Rookie mistake! Next, create a folder (also known as a directory) called DevProject. Change $exts=split("[/\\. I uncomment the http-userdir.conf part in the main httpd.conf file and it was working. Is there any way to add a “go up one level” button? Not it seems to be sorted by modified date. The sample code in this article demonstrate how to display a directory structure using a TreeView Control in ASP.NET position: relative; I’ve been staring at this too long and my iFrame was referencing a different file! Ok, now it shows the curren directory name:, I love this script. Related question – is there any way to get (relatively) the same effects without using PHP (or any other server-side scripting)? I did add “IndexIgnore *.LCK” to my .htaccess file but now that i am using this they show up again. sucses edited file sort by date modified You should only have to place this in the root now and all the styles will be applied to sub-folders. If you want the image icon.gif to appear in welcome.html (in the root directory) in the HTML code you would put: I also changed and added more icons and file types. but i need to listout folders in the directory and also if there is any documents in that folder that also should be listout..please help me. I used and it works well with subdirectories (with some tweaks). If I use zeyad’s code above, I get a page without any files. I am using this brilliant code for directory listing with thumbnails using imagemagick for PDF thumbnails. if(!in_array($exts[1],$forbiddenExts)). if filetype($namehref) == ‘dir’ John Morris 8,603 views. rather than open it in the browser window? Note that you use the forward slash / character, this is accepted format for the type of computer your web page files will be stored on. It, therefore, needs all the data at once. Has anyone figured out a work around for files containing an apostrophe? ----- XML/HTML/JSON options ----- -X Prints out an XML representation of the tree. It’s one of the coolest thing on earth. Please help me if you can “.” and “..”? File paths are used when linking to external files, like: every time i change the directory there will appear a mistake in that in in which sort($dirArray); located. Great script. Fast Folder Eraser is an application that allows you to quickly delete folders with a large number of files. ..split() is replaced with explode() in the latest PHP builds. Did you ever get an answer to this? Great script ! I know I am doing something wrong. “img/”, The hard disk on your PC is divided up into folders (or directories) like folders in a filing When one person specifically asked about displaying directory info in an organization chart format, experts Scott and oldviking decided to give it a try, with the goal of producing something like this: Thank you very much for share! How do we sort the files by last modified date (by default). I tried the solution above (Benjamin September 29, 2010) and got all the individual files, no folders (not what I want) and when I clicked on the show hidden files they were all there so that didn’t work for me. TAGs: ASP.Net, TreeView About designing the internal structure of your folder, ... let's say you have a site where you display your artwork: a collection of 5 images designed by yourself. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A great script.. thank you….it worked first go for me however I have run into an issue that I think relates to the script focusing on file extensions of 3 characters only. (added -1 to the index count so it wouldn’t show the last “file”). Comment and share: How to make Apache more secure by hiding directory folders By Jack Wallen Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic, The New Stack, and Linux New Media. @benjamin provides wonderful solution. hi just another method i have used before, which displays the contents of a folder, and gives a link and preview… if anybody wants the code, let me know. Is there a way to show the list without showing the parent folders? I did however find one small issue after the rework in as much as the icons for the file types weren’t displaying in the directory listing … and in my case, having put the icons in a folder called ‘img’ I simply had to change the following lines 60 through to 89 …. The virtual path of a web folder is (almost) never the same as the physical folder. I confirm that if I copy the dot files into all subdirectories, then they display beautifully. I am currently using it and we are loving it :). how to rename the directory files name ? If you want to link to another perhaps for picture thumbnails - or it could be a warning message Hello, I’m using ur code. Your help is greatly appricated. I get a new one of those every time I add a new folder, and when I click on hidden folders I get the same line just a bunch of more times. Update November 2012: The demo and downloadable files have been updated to (1) show more human readable file sizes (2) have error pages. Are there any changes to the script you can recommend to resolve this? Sorry, but I can’t replicate the problem with directory structure. Just implemented this to give music students readable lists of play-along tracks. thanks again. First, open Finder (in Mac) or Explorer (in Windows). I also want to know that is there anyway to apply this css rule to all the directories in the server?