©2017 The Eastwood Company. Read the instructions and complete the Practice Steps below to perfect your technique, before proceeding with your project. Once clear of the contacts, tip one end of the element up to clear the top edge of the unit then remove the element from the housing. Post your own question ... about 300watts per pair off lamps. Free shipping. These are the items the light was designed for. or Best Offer. Position the light at one end of the piece at the distance you have previously determined. Be sure to use the correct chart for the powder you’re using. new LazyLoad(); window.cookieconsent.initialise({ "background": "#fff", Best Regards, or benefit from 30 years of feedback on 60,000 finishing topics. At this distance you will notice the temperature will level out. 7. We often get asked if our Infrared Curing Lamps actually work or are they the snake oil of paint products. I found the best way is too use the linear 500watt garden light. - Do not operate this unit at voltage higher than specified. NOTE: It is best to select a cure temperature in the middle of therange indicated on the cure charts. Support the piece properly. How many, that depends on the mass of your part, air currents, wattage of the lamp, distance from the part and insulation of the box. We suggest pairing these lamps with a good forced air heater to get your paint area warm enough to spray as these aren’t the only solution for paint curing. these lamps must be around some where. How Google uses data when you visit this site. This means one lamp placed closely to the part can cure it as you move it around. Proceed to the troubleshooting chart below for proper curing. This is where a closed oven comes into play; but what if you don’t have an oven or one big enough? NOTE: Do not operate the light closer than 3". When curing tubular objects such as motorcycle frames or driveshafts, even though all sides may melt and flow out at the same time, you should still cure both sides. & Install'nChemicals & Consumables C $128.70. One note; make sure you have an infrared thermometer handy so you can monitor the surface temperature to assure you’re curing the powder at the correctly. The difference in cure time is due to the chemical make up of the powders. can help insure that you receive the maximum possible life from your infrared I hope someone can help, Curing Powder Coating with an Infrared Heat Lamp Powder coating needs to be heated to 350F degrees and above most times to properly cure. Remember both the air temp and object need to be within the application and curing temperature window or you may experienced issues with your coatings. "button": { We decided to give you some answers on why they work well and are superior in some cases. For any queries kindly contact us at: Phone : 0086-20-87460378 and 0086-13922179158; Email: anona@anonaauto.com; Download. New Listing Portable Car Body Painting Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Spray Heating Light . FREE Shipping. If you have problems or questions, please call customer service for complete technical assistance By following these simple instructions you Therefore, the temperature must be constantly monitored and the light distance adjusted to stay below 400° F. For large parts, the piece will heat up slowly and maintain a fairly constant temperature due to heat absorption. From China. Thin gauge metal and small pieces are easily cured with your light but must be constantly monitored for temperature and light distance in order to prevent the powder from burning or discoloring. window.addEventListener("load", function(){ 5. Is so, how many would I need to achieve up to 400 degrees F? Curing at higher temperatures on the charts is acceptable as long as the temperature is held for the specified time. ©1995-2020 finishing.com, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About finishing.com   -  Privacy Policy FORUMcurrent topics, I want to do some small scale powder coating and would like to use infrared heat lamps for the curing. 1. 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A brake drum will require about 8 minutes to reach 370° F. After you reach a temperature in the middle range of the cure chart, for your color choice, you will find the light may not need to be moved further from the piece but only into the next area. With proper care, the heater elements are designed to provide long-term, dependable To see our full line of paint and powder ovens and curing lamps visit our site HERE. This means that you need to REALLY get the surface temperature of the part hot. Eastwood Technical Assistance Service Department1-800-343-9353 Will these be suitable at all for powder coat curing? Before powder is applied, position the light 4" from the piece and note the temperature on the part after 3-5 minutes. - Element mounting points should be checked for tightness frequently. Wayne. A cooking timer is recommended to monitor curing times. Our larger 6000 watt infrared heat lamp works well for curing powder on large objects like motorcycle chassis, car frames, and more! Get a Quotation . Strip an old brake drum, wheel or piece of shop equipment such as a bench vise. The HotCoat powders have some resistance to over bake as long as you do not exceed the 400 degree mark for extended periods of time. "popup": { This will cause the temperature to rise quickly and burn the powder. Solary Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Heating Light 110V Short Wave Infrared Heater Car Body Paint Car Bodywork Repair Paint 2KW Dryer/Stand. Take another reading 3 minutes later and repeat your temperature readings every 3 minutes. So there you have it, infrared heat curing lamps DO work, but they have their limitations. IMPORTANT: Use caution not to break the quartz glass, which could create a sharp edge that could cut you. Hi I have built several infrared powdercoat plants. Follow the charts below for accurate curing of the HotCoatTM powders. 2. This test is done by taking a clean, soft rag with a little MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) on it and lightly rubbing an inconspicuous spot 2 or 3 times. This means that even if the air temp in your garage isn’t as warm as you’d like; you can still paint and let it dry effectively. The key to successful curing is close monitoring of the temperature. Also, some colors such as the solid reds and whites are prone to burn at temperatures over 400° F. Once you have more experience with the system you can work closer to the upper range of cure temperatures to speed your work. NOTE: The mount may be slightly spring loaded. Bestauto Paint Booth Heater 3000W Paint Spray Booth Automotive Heater Lamp 2 x 3KW 110 V Infrared Paint Curing Light 2 Set . After you have successfully held 380° F. for 15 minutes move the light to the next section (the width of the light casing) and adjust the light distance to hold 380° F. for an additional 15 minutes. Brand New. Infrared Cure Lamps Instructions and Manual page 2 Getting Familiar With The Infrared Cure Lamp System. about 300watts per pair off lamps. NOTE: You will notice the powder melting, or flowing out, outside the lights focused area. Hi I have built several infrared powdercoat plants. If it falls below your starting temperature refer to the correct chart below for the time at this new temperature and set your timer.