The grammar focuses on learning the verbs in their present tense which helps to keep things simple and easy to understand. © Copyright 2016, International Service for Human Rights ... Quick, easy and multimedia-based dictionaries – online dictionaries are the perfect tutor for learning Spanish! We achieve this by supporting human rights defenders, strengthening human rights systems, and leading and participating in coalitions for human rights change. Ser vs Estar: The two kinds of "to be" Weather vocabulary! A Newspaper for Spanish Learners! Hi, for a language project i need a few articles in easy spanish. New York We achieve this by supporting human rights defenders, strengthening human rights systems, and leading and participating in coalitions for human rights change. News Articles Written for Spanish Beginners. News about Spanish Language, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. The International Service for Human Rights is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. How many words? Less than 1,000 words REPLY Comparisons of inequality. Creative Writing. +41 22 919 71 00, 777 UN Plaza (6th floor) These articles are presented to you using our Bilingual Reader: while reading the text you can click any phrase to see the English translation and related Spanish grammar lessons, to further aid your reading practice most lessons can be bookmarked from the reader and save for practice later. Copywriting Recommended Annotation Visible only to you. Published on the September 07, 2020 in Writing & Translation, Category Writing & Translation Do you have to say por favor? BBC Mundo is great for anyone who is already familiar with the BBC format, and if you’re not, it’s pretty easy to navigate the different news topics, such as science, culture, or Latin America. Although Spanish articles and English articles are somewhat similar, there are a few tricky rules that differentiate Spanish article usage from English article usage. The Spanish version is available online and is called BBC Mundo (‘BBC World’). HOME. Log into your Workana account or Register today. Easy Readings about Current Events, also Including Audio and Quizzes. The International Service for Human Rights is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. IMPORTANT: Remember not to share personal data or passwords with third parties. Easy Readings about Current Events, also Including Audio and Quizzes. or ¿Dónde hay? A Newspaper for Spanish Learners! This website was developed and built by Penceo with the generous support of the Australian Government, Rue de Varembé 1 Definite and indefinite articles in Spanish. START HERE. The exercises on our site are designed for beginners and intermediate level students. +1 212 490 21 99, to receive our monthly monitor, invites & alerts, Human rights defenders in restrictive environments, Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Subcategory Article writing Contribute. ¡Suerte! A list of reading passages in Spanish for students and teachers that include a list of associated vocabulary after each text. Learn Spanish articles here. Spanish articles indicate the gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) of a noun, as well as whether or not a noun is a specific noun (definite or indefinite). ABOUT. Is this a project or a position? Box 16 We have also incorporated both future verbs tenses to … Effective free reading practice in Spanish High-quality newspaper articles and interesting texts for beginners and advanced learners. Spanish false cognates ("false friends") Telling the time ¿Dónde está? Feelings and moods. Boost your freelance work! Beginner Spanish Short Stories. P.O. Project NY 10017 Unable to save at this time. 7 Tips and Tricks for Correct Usage of Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish. “El piano“. Verbs. Negating statements. Mostly simple tenses, easy words, no complex structures. Podría interesarle también seguir nuestra cuenta Twitter en español @ISHR_esp. CDH44 l Impunidad no debe prevalecer en ataques a personas defensoras en Honduras, HRC43 l Consejo de Derechos Humanos debe reforzar su apoyo al pueblo nicaragüense renovando resolución esencial, Organos de tratado | Los Estados pequeños enfrentan grandes desafíos para colaborar con los órganos de tratados de la ONU, Organos de tratado | Las denuncias de las víctimas de violaciones de derechos humanos ante la ONU no se tratan con eficacia. Spanish definite articles are often called ARTÍCULOS DEFINIDOS or DETERMINANTES, including LA, LAS, EL, LOS, plus a fifth article called LO.These words are used to determine the gender and number of a noun in the language. These particular ones will help you practice using articles in Spanish (definite articles, indefinite articles, knowing when not to use an article, etc.) Spanish Reading Practice Spanish Texts with Vocabulary. The short articles and everyday conversations are designed by experienced teachers to help beginning students feel challenged and successful. There are four definite articles in Spanish, and they often all translate to the same little word in English: the . Plus Spanish slang and Spanish TV. FREE SPANISH AUDIO. En esta sección usted encontrará todos los artículos que tenemos disponibles en Español. How to use adjectives in Spanish. Create your project and get bids from the best freelancers. Required availability As needed, Article Writing CH-1211 Geneva 20 CIC Making sentences using Spanish definite articles. For people who are starting to study spanish (adults), for levels from around A2 to B1 (maybe low B2). The tips below will get you started with using definite and indefinite articles like a pro. News Articles Written for Spanish Beginners. For people who are new to learning Spanish. Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio, video and games, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. A great way to learn Spanish vocabulary is by reading texts, stories or articles … ISHR Academy | ¡Nuevo contenido ahora disponible! For example, “EL” will be used before masculine, singular nouns like PIANO, e.g. go directly to 26 texts. Getting comfortable with written Spanish is necessary to fluency, and online exercises such as these are a proven way to get better. RESOURCES.