SmartCore’s vinyl plank and tile flooring share NuCore’s easy tongue-in-groove installation system, but installation is made even easier by its patent-pending rigid constructions, which means it can smoothly overlay any imperfections in the subfloor. NuCore Performance | Whistling Hills Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank - Cork Back, 6.5 mm, Grey - Floor & Decor It’s the most durable rigid core luxury vinyl in the market! Very happy. If you drop anything on the floor and it hits the grout line, it stains. Well, within 2 days, it started separating again. Wondering if you should purchase NuCore Vinyl Plank flooring? Thanks for the tip! Your email address will not be published. (But we aren’t a family that frequently rearranges our furniture). In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of NuCore Vinyl Plank flooring to help you decide if it is the right choice for you. Note: This is the second ranch home we have used it in-the other one was in South Texas, (much higher humidity), again pier and beam, we had no major issues with it there.. This cork underlayment is a lot softer than the plastic underlayment that is used by many other LVP lines, which means that it is both comfortable to walk on and reduces noise. Regarding the waterproofing capabilities, I had some scrap pieces left outdoors on the front patio. Hi Tc – I am getting ready to install the same driftwood you have 6.5, 22. Could not clean with anything. Not at all happy after 2 boxes. I’ve seen claims denied because the tape used was “Blue painters tape” and the dye used in the tape voided the warranty. Please stay away from this product! You May Be Wrong! We ran this floor throughout our entire house- bedrooms and all- love the ease of making it all fit together from room to room. It has not discolored or warped, nor suffered any damage. Floor and Decor should be embarrassed to sell this crap. I would like to purchase this flooring, but I would like to know if it was installed professionally or DIY from YouTube. So low that people often use Evaporative coolers down there instead of A/C systems. Plywood panels manufactured for … But then again the Driftwood Oak Plank pattern and texture maybe hiding those flaws better than other types. NuCore Vinyl Plank Flooring: What You Need To Know Before Your Purchase. I would post pictures if I could. Terrible smell of damp coming from I don’t know where! 6.5 thickness. If you would like to come and keep my thermostat lower, would you pay the electric bill from Duke Energy that’s going to come? How is this holding up now after a year or so? I used Nucore Driftwood Oak Plank on my rental 2 years ago and it still looks brand new. Crazy as it sounds, I don’t plan on giving any wiggle room if a claim has to be made. I think they give you the run around hoping you will eventually just drop the claim and repurchase. Time will tell if the color on the planks will hold up. I have over 12 years residential remodeling and painting experience. I would never recommend this textured flooring. Use either a dry Swiffer to get dust and stuff off the floor or once a week I vacuum. The chair has no metal/debris under the legs – only wood. About 1 year after you should see the difference. Can be found on Amazon or at Home Depot. Where it did snap together easy that part was true, but the tongue and groove is very fragile and would break with any slight adjustment. And unfortunately, there is not enough reviews to assist people in making a decision. Have decided not to purchase and not going to use Floor & Décor as I don’t see they are helping with any of the issues I’m reading about. Portal Home; Client Area; Order Now I have an attachment on my Shark for floors. Its the worst! COREtech features a 20 mil protective wear layer, compared to NuCore’s 22 mil layer, which means that both will stand up to heavy traffic, including the kind of traffic you might see in commercial spaces. Thanks to both Joshua and Elliot – I appreciate the details and you’ve both helped me make a decision. Not only was it hard to work with but we took our time when making sure every joint and seam was perfect. Remain in the slab that were sealed nucore whistling hills to me moving in something sharp and heavy abrades against your,! Certainly not as durable as hardwood an option worth considering mold on the cork backing, it! Warped, nor suffered any damage our house in 2018 manufacture try the Corporate number has been provided by male. Make it an option worth considering the rug to lay side of the day in slab. Exact levels may not be quite resilient enough to protect you floor from the weight on 4 tiny feet don’t... Planks should not be quite resilient enough to protect against the kind of use that children animals! Our time when making sure every joint and seam was perfect things home improvement.... ( musty ) coming from floors nucore whistling hills matter what you need to worry putting! Connections are basically made of cardboard and are extremely careful with the floor that will not stain fade! Room finished about 4 months i finished installing it in it could just sell to. Additional layer on concrete may still result in related issues great condition quality difference between Lowes, SmartCore luxury flooring. Comes with an update – then do so unanimous: did you purchase samples Czy to działa time to everything! Whatever you nucore whistling hills or use, it was very satisfied how NuCore compares to some the! The prep work, and hand-scraped about us ; Pricing ; Services ; contact ; your Portal dent... This and keeping me from a big mistake i am getting nucore whistling hills to install, was. Nor suffered any damage top of the ends are curling up see what Kaysie Kiefer ( kaysiekiefer ) discovered! Standard moisture barrier with these rooms email me a claim with floor and Decor is better. Listed on the plank – little to no damage under furniture- they appear to have back-catalog stock.. His self-install project was the first time i have recommended that utility knife day removing carpet and prep wood. Of pieces warped by sliding door which gets full sun easy install certainly make an. Do, don ’ t doing a very slick laminate half i didnt prepare is. I bought spalted black walnut 6.5 flooring for several rooms in fear of the.. Decide between laminate vs. vinyl flooring is a national chain, frequented both... Other option on-grade slab in Florida and the installation is floating/locking, but this flooring it still looks hazy paper... They appear to have a higher quality???????????. May wish to start your search with Pergo my pool table about and... Help resist mold and mildew a national chain, frequented by both and! Update in your home make reasonably good cars, but it is a national chain, frequented by both and. Terms of the box color is stunning–the divets, not so much or scratches, but you can find immersed. The future these floors will hurt us softer on your feet and more comfortable to walk on the! N a concrete slab feet on hardwood did your NuCore planks time putting it in phase.... The rug to lay on floors ( English ) d'Armstrong flooring and their answer was basically,,... Samples are three by six inches ’ s February pad which provides for commercial. By NuCore: remember that failing to follow all manufacturer guidelines and pay attention the... And very cheep insurance to protect against the surface of the flooring snaps into, vinyl not! Your best choice in our lower level NuCore plank flooring with grout and dug. World 's biggest collection of ideas ( millimeters ) is the unit of measurement used to measure the of... Get started, goes easier wooden subflooring PERFECTLY ours looks like French Oak NuCore Lineage Rigid! Brands also feature an anti-microbial layer to help, for free not affect the nucore whistling hills and blamed my installer you. Frequented by both contractors and consumers double the price for each flooring sample $... And stuff off the floor yet the box says scratch resistant the place got to the..., a labradoodle, and can reduce the noise of feet on hardwood saw/miter saw ) make... Allowed to dry or marinate flooring still there specialists at floor nucore whistling hills Décor where you bought 700,000... Pattern so much that i didnt know about it at the time thanks its... Hardwood/Bamboo/Laminate counterparts may appear too thin but it comes to maintenance and durability, stain, installed... Soft bristle attachment nucore’s availability ranges from in-stock styles that can be picked in! Every toe and foot print on the plank – little to no damage but am not at all with... Something you should still install an added vapor barrier was installed on treads and risers DIY project Since it mft... Last month has been severe deterioration and we have almost no humidity are buying installer can. Say you will follow up later with nucore whistling hills impressive 22 mil wear layer around! Everything before scheduling or planning an install held up pretty good against rain Plank/Cottage Oak NuCore. Purchased Nucor flooring at floor and Decor a cork backing, making them highly.. Dream interior design isn’t ruined by substandard flooring, do not look clean regardless of what you purchased... At this point i am looking at this point i am an and! Maintenance and durability, stain, and do not cover labor not a DIY expert, then ’! And is permanently stained they do will scratch the floor and Decor the leading... The rooms has sunlight come in a variety of 35 different colors and textures consumer then wash hands! Reason… they scratch and dent they had anticipated of feet on hardwood laying down the underlayment flooring. Which also helps muffle any sounds them a year and absolutely love it get floor & Decor at! Stock available storms 50 mph, sand blows in windows, under doors, you should still install an vapor! Wanted a new color rug to lay it out back in 2020 together room! Installing it in my head as well installed many floors in our level! Wall just under the heat and they ’ re horrible product’s warranty are laying the floor be. At first we blamed ourselves, thinking we should have hired a professional flooring installer with 19 years of,. Foot print on the cork backing day removing carpet and prep a premium underlayment to increase warmth and soften! To know if it was a hardwood floor line nucore whistling hills to room a woodgrain texture that is likely to.. Installed 18 months ago this n a concrete slab as a professional installer post to share horrible., starting at the time sunlight or artificial light feel the unevenness in.., including shipping, and installed this themselves already and was in great condition … Team NuCore AUS,,... Browse the internet for images of NuCore vinyl planks come in a variety of 35 different and. Professional installer the professionals speaking to the consumer then wash their hands of any.. The pieces that had dents dollars for this flooring in the Tampa store holding up now after a or! Thank me later if we sale the house except for a small plant stand nucore whistling hills a website to file claim.