The test is four hours long and consists of two sections; the job skills test, and the interactive test. Some of the jobs for which the MASS test may be performed are as follows: Some examples of the aptitudes measure by MASS include: The tests take about two and a half hours to complete. If you skip a question, ensure that you also skip the corresponding answer space on your answer sheet. Both these tests are used to assess perceptual accuracy and speed. Assembled in 1933, the Edison Electric Institue is the representational body for privately or investor-owned US electric companies. –Use your nervous energy to help get you motivated. It contains four passages with a total of 32 follow-up questions that are to be completed in 30 minutes of the allotted time. Work as steadily and accurately as you can. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned veteran, companies want to ensure that they are hiring a competent employee. 4 Replies 4363 Views It doesn’t matter if you scored 3 or 20 on your practice test: this course will help you improve your test-taking skills and thus your test results. –Follow the instructions in your test booklet while the test administrator reads the test instructions out aloud. To help you prepare, we have practice tests for the CAST, POSS, MASS, TECH and SO/PD test batteries ... Log In To EEI. Aptitude tests and psychometric assessments are now the order of the day for just about any job you can think of. This battery of tests is used to predict the chances of a candidate’s success in customer service representative jobs. These members include and are not limited to: In addition to their US members, EEI has a presence in over 90 countries with 65 International Members along with other Associate Members. EEI’s members supply more than a third of the US population in all 50 States and oversee more than one million job positions. The EEI tests are administered by the Edison Electric Institue (EEI) for employment in the manufacturing and energy field. The battery includes two aptitude tests: Coding and Using tables. There was a problem sending your message. The MASS exam is an Edison Electric test similar to that of the POSS exam but is used in the screening of candidates for power plant maintenance positions. Our team of industry experts at PrepTerminal has carefully studied the battery of EEI tests, so we understand how best to coach you through your EEI test-taking journey. EEI does not make it clear if one section of this test is weighted more heavily than the other; hence you have to make sure that you do well in all sections. The Construction and Skilled Trade Selection System examination (CAST) is maintained by the Edison Electric Institute, a trade organization founded in 1933 which represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies. *Note: Our website is not associated or affiliated in any way with The Edison Electric Institute (EEI). This article will answer all your questions about the EEI CAST test, and give you some expert tips to help you secure a job in the construction or skilled trade industry. PrepTerminal’s test preps pack offers you timed preparation tests that allow you to see how much time you should spend on each question to ensure that you complete each section on time. [4] Because the CAST is administered by individual utility companies, the EEI does not report the number of people who take the examination each year or how well these test takers perform. The test is comprised of four sections; mathematical usage, analytic thinking skills, reading comprehension, and multitasking simulation. The test consists of four parts; reading for comprehension, mechanical concepts, graphic arithmetic, and mathematical usage. You can take as many tests as you want in the pack to enhance your time management, increasing your chances of completing each section in the EEI CAST exam. The BKSB covers production typing and a data entry test. This exam has four is comprised of four tests that take around two hours to complete. No practice tests are available for the Customer Service Representative (CSR) test or Meter Reader Aptitude Battery (MRAB) test; however, you can access a description of the tests by clicking on the brochures link below. After this, you will enter the prescreening stage which compares the experience and knowledge of a candidate with different EEI employment exams to see which of the above-mentioned test they will need to take. Unselected Tab: FERC Unselected Tab: Unselected Tab: IEI: NARUC Unselected Tab: US DOE Unselected Tab: US EIA Unselected Tab Candidates are allotted 20 minutes to complete this section. How Prepterminal Can Help With Your EEI Test, Turbine operator, plant operator or auxiliary operator, Mechanic, electrician, welder, machinist, pipefitter, rigger, steelworker, Chemistry/Laboratory/Environmental Technician, Communication/Telecommunication Technician, Distribution/Planning Technician/Estimator, Health Physics/Radiation Control Technician, A job skills test (which features three subcomponents), Suitable for all applicants taking the CAST test, as well as other mechanical tests. To increase your chances of getting the best score in your EEI CAST test, take our prep test and find out which questions will be in the real test, as well as the skills that your potential employer will assess through the test. *Note: Our website is not associated or affiliated in any way with The Edison Electric Institute (EEI). EEI tests measure abilities in reading, math, technical and mechanical comprehension, spatial awareness, administrative and problem-solving skills. [2], Construction And Skilled Trades Selection System Online Brochure, Construction and Skilled Trades: Graphic Arithmetic, Construction and Skilled Trades: Mathematical Usage, Construction and Skilled Trades: Mechanical Concepts, Construction and Skilled Trades: Reading for Comprehension, TECH is a battery of aptitude tests created to help with the selection of candidates for electric power industry technical occupations. A candidate is expected to complete all 16 questions in this test within 30 minutes. Feeling confident and ready to take on the EEI tests is just a click away. Prospects in the following jobs such as electrical repair, vehicle repair, and transmission & distribution are very likely to sit for this exam. We are here to help you ace your specific EEI test! There are three possible tests: BCAB, BKSB, and ACAB. We also offer extensive study guides, EEI practice tests, and detailed explanations for each question that you will encounter. Make sure you understand what you are meant to do on the test before you start answering the questions. However, the EEI represents hundreds of companies and organizations across the United States which together employ more than 500,000 people, so the CAST is likely taken by several thousand job applicants per year. Start preparing today for your job assessment with JobTestPrep. In addition, the tests have time restrictions which makes them all the more demanding. –You can not use calculators or dictionaries during the test session. Thus, preparation is key, and that is why PrepTerminal has created a specific EEI test prep course to guide you through your EEI test journey. There is no defined “passing score” since each individual company can set their own score minimums. A recruiter and/or hiring manager will review candidates who are successful on the employment test and will contact candidates selected to move forward in the hiring process. Because of the competitive nature of these tests, successful performance or attaining the minimum score does not guarantee employment. The CAST-style PrepPacks™ provides online practice materials for all sections of EEI's CAST test, with the same concepts and question styles seen on the real test. If you already have a job in these industries, taking this test can help you to prove to your employer that you have what it takes to be promoted to a position with more responsibilities. Your session will expire in {{countBack}} seconds, please select OK to continue your session.