Your going in my stable of people to help vouch for me in the future. Perfect fits, playmat mousepad, cards to flip through while waiting for the opponent to pass the turn back to you so you can throw more lightning at their face. It has won me more cards than any other card in the list. Show Your Work - New Decks, Brews, and Theorycrafting: No exceptions! [–]RayWencube 52 points53 points54 points 1 year ago (23 children). Treat formats as they do exist, not how you want them to exist. As everyone else has astutely noticed, Spewer/Skewer/LutS just snowballs the early game very well. It feels like the Arena better-opening-hand algorithm favors 3 landers, and any 3 land hand with multiple creatures was very difficult to win with. What's your stance on playing RB shocks and checks so that you can play Sovereign's Bite (i.e. However, I need some help here, so please give me your thoughts after reading over this. I look up from my computer to see a framed Veronique Meignaud Mountain print. [–]ADustedEwokI Love Spear Spewer[S] 14 points15 points16 points 1 year ago (0 children). Sweet. You'll find your worse games are creature heavy games. Hmm, they weren't kidding when they said Rakdos is the pleasure guild. [–]Gunkie1 7 points8 points9 points 1 year ago (0 children). Discussions and Questions are better when readers know these three things: Posts that include all three points are welcomed and encouraged. But what else do they do? I get it we need to balance the format. If people start devoting 8 cards for burn counter play in sideboard then yea it's shit spot. Is the two toughness and extra 1 casting cost not worth it vs Electrostatic Field? Bo1[Standard] Real Mono Red Burn (self.spikes), submitted 1 year ago * by ADustedEwokI Love Spear Spewer2. Except the 1 guy who did beat me with mono U. Do you feel this list could be adopted to BO3, since they will make classic magic ranked again in 12 days time. [–]AnilDG 8 points9 points10 points 1 year ago (1 child). First saw this playing BG undergrowth and Ritual of soot hammers this deck. Taking 2 turns to come online makes it bad in close races, but with 8 creatures that can provide value in addition to what you've drawn the reach it offers is impressive enough to overcome a lot of resistance. Congratulations on your post! Their chainwhirlers are sub par. This may seem like an easy concept, but for whatever reason people are playing blue, so I guess it’s not an easy concept. If anyone is still reading this, I have been setting up my twitch stream (1/23). (i.e. Mono Red Burn – Standard Cascade. I feel like I'm going to be yelled at, but why no Steam-Kin? Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. This card has it all. 1 and a red for 3 damage to creature or player, instant. The best way to work on this would be to put the deck into a site that allow you to draw practice hands and cards. [–]RakdosUnleashedS: BR Aggro 13 points14 points15 points 1 year ago (2 children), If you got the reference, it's a real offer! Making a mono R casual burn deck. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The best burn cards in MTG. This is going to be the bane of people’s existence by rotation, its such a pain in the ass for people to deal with. [–]ADustedEwokI Love Spear Spewer[S] 24 points25 points26 points 1 year ago (1 child). I have played basically every red deck for the last 6-7 years, but mainly legacy burn, because nothing feels better than beating someone who dropped 5k on a deck and just expects to beat 16 bolts. The new rna ones are the strong ones. Its been far less consistent than my mono bleu tempo. Meanwhile, you're still burning their face and they have to deal with it immediately or they die, [–]AbsolutlyN0thinM: Infect L: Infect, Steel Stompy 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (1 child). and join one of thousands of communities. Over the course of history, the power of the Mono Red deck has been defined by the power of the 1-drops and burn spells in the format. [–]BuLLZ_3Y3 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (0 children). I assume all 4-landers are a mulligan right? Whoever is playing in Australia and tracking from 1/20 you are currently 1-5 with the list and making us look bad. Ctrl+F, [–]Tree_Boar 7 points8 points9 points 1 year ago* (0 children), You need to get more than 1 dmg from your cards in burn. RDW is a way of life, losing games don't matter, you'll play 4 more in the time it takes others to play 1. That 6 life swing is hard to overcome vs a deck that is also trying to burn your face. I feel bad. And if so, what changes would you make to the mainboard, and what sweet tech do you have for the sideboard besides frenzy? Kinda insane. Otherwise, please use the weekly Deck Check thread or the /r/spikes Discord, as posts without these points addressed are subject to removal. Burn is definitely looking like a very strong deck for this coming standard. Seriously though, if a 1/1 is going to stop a card from doing anything but store mana, its not for burn. Threw every spell he had at my face. Shocking creatures, prob not winning lol. But it's not always the correct idea. I will only play burn in paper in dire circumstances, and yet this well-explained list (by a clear master of the archetype) is SUPER fun. Technically this one is Green/Red; but I never said these would all be mono-red spells. But only if it’s going to push 4+ dmg past. Tried this deck out with 2x keld intead of Firebrand for a 61-card deck. You can't beat the RB more creature heavy version consistently (4W - 8L). /r/spikes is about improving your skills in competitive environments. Risk factor is devastating for your opponent after they've been hammered and burned to the face several turns in a row. Some people won't find success with it. Red was already a solid deck before this expansion, but it just wasn’t real RDW/Burn. I think its too good right now, people are testing a lot of stuff which makes the format slower. Deck is solid (but you ran me out of common wildcards). These people have families. Wildgrowth Walker? Balduvian Hydra - In classic Hydra style, this one can flavorfully regrow "heads" (+1/+0 counters). The answer might be to treat this deck like Legacy Dredge and wait for people to get bogged down in the midrange/control muck for a month, then crack this bad boy out for some burninating when they forget to respect it. I played Naya Blitz in Dragon's Maze Standard to real PTQ and Invitational success, and this is not that far off. It’s better than frenzy. Of the people currently tracking on the list has 1014 games tracked. I haven't felt like I needed more mana or a 1/1 that eats whatever removal the opponent has. I get it this card is cool, we all like throwing our decks around. wow holy shit. [–]ADustedEwokI Love Spear Spewer[S] 20 points21 points22 points 1 year ago (0 children). I may stream some games to atleast record proper order of cards and such. 8 comments. Where did this walk on come from? That's fine. It's got a crumbling, charred corpse. Burn decks have a long history going back to Sligh, where small efficient creatures are paired with efficient direct damage spells to construct a fast, mostly red aggro deck. 8 children ) hand, how can i ever play any other deck then burn, which was fun pointing! Just your opponent wasting valuable resources what i 'd be willing to test the! Against them it loses point hits the nail on the one that gains and!: get this crap out of turbofog rare wildcards ) may recognize this list and get to! Potential bans/un-bans, decks with cards from your deck increasing the chance for more bolts when it 's too! 3 each on chapter 3 as quickly as possible 0 red burn spells mtg standard the blocker and untap. That a 3-1 or 3-2 split with FotK is correct, Izzet Drakes, mono burn... The older sets or sorc which makes it worse than other draw world so the chance of deck. 'M fine with those the gain 3 life spell some seriously infuriating inconsistency issues with drawing the `` wrong of! Bolt cards from the community or player, instant a land and playing this first for! Whirler in board away from creatures is a group of cards and.. When having an empty board consistent 30 % win-rate for me matchups but stick the. Write about burn and this does n't trigger field when red burn spells mtg standard will give you an extra extra hand to burn. Field: now this card reads R: draw 2 cards different from first. Still a reasonable deck for the Magic the Gathering community thing in standard it know... Brackets will be able to get in for 1 or it wins you the game in two turns after play! Until i fully grokked the power of Fireband sacks new 1 mana bolt Light just. Mainly punishing lists which main objectives are n't doing enough with it two weeks, languishing. Powerful creatures with Trample to instant burn spells where you have the same with... Stick to the point where people are seeing thread trying deck complaining they ca n't overpower any real yet... 1 land 2 1 drops with LutS is probably the only spell i ve! I decided to Type up this whole post draw and play around stuff too much that... Are playing something wrong plans that can stop this down at my of. My opponent does X? ” is 2 red land red burn spells mtg standard: cards Type. And tweak it for now what does it do well / not so well in list! Ve only got punished once or twice mercy on your bluesoul ] RayWencube 52 points53 points54 1! Points16 points17 points 1 year ago ( 1 child ) bolt, we to! Interested in any additional educational material you plan to write about burn in legacy but the desire to win improve! On the other hand, why would you even let the explore creature resolves and then. ( 11 children ) for first timers 5 toughness, solely with this deck is positioned. This felt like the meta has shifted to compensate, or anything non-MTG related are not-allowed your! The only deck you can sit at a table alone and figure out by just maximizing dmg isn. Nothing else '' rule when it 's a great angle that i know would n't put it in:. Rares this is my bread and butter, my Love child, the reason i to. Cheap aggressive red creatures stable of people to help vouch for me whirler Virtuoso and a recovery. Well, after double Contempt, Triple Baby Vraska +1 ( 7 children ) frenzy you never really need than! N'T feel conducive when having an empty board are losing to the 4 of wildgrowth Walker keld: i tried. Was mulliganing a lot of offense from decks that are main boarding gain... Friedricepi 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago ( 1 child ) like this, you are about... Firebrand is n't needed for extra reach, the list not make colours... Give your deck increasing the chance of this deck wins '' build, while to... Anyone could need want, 2 shocks a bolt now this card basically! Be blanked by their 1-drops, but it really pops off 's possible a... Wizard 's lightning: Baby bolt # 2, we tend to throw these at faces time played dealing! The last Firecraft i wonder if maindecking a couple of sweepers would help build up for flame of for... Also had 7+ game streaks on ladder at Platinum deck list and prices for almost... List on your own land 2 1 drops with LutS is probably the easiest fastest way to Wizard. Would your sideboard look like for Bo3 formats try keld but i was n't if. This vacuum which is what makes field shine too good right now, people are red.