We're a group of people extremely passionate about Rosin. But, the difference isn’t enormous and it’s certainly possible to make high quality dry sift hash that’s perfect for making into solventless rosin. Bubble hash and dry sift are easy to make , and unlike extracts, they contain the whole spectrum of cannabinoids. What’s the Deal with Rosin Lipids? When talking about quality, most growers agree water hash is better. Remember that although the way you make your hash can affect the quality of the product, it mostly depends on the quality of the flower that goes in. Kief can be turned into hash by applying heat and pressure with your hands. Gorilla Cookies Auto Genes Sativa / Indica Genetics Gorilla Cookies Auto Flowering 10 weeks Harvest 500-600gr/m2 Height 90-100cm THC Up to 27% CBD Very Low Autoflowering Yes 1 fem 13,00 € 2 fem 24,00 € 3 fem 36,00 € 5 fem 55,00 € 10 fem 99,00 € 25 fem 215,00 € 50 fem 365,00 € 100 fem 590,00 € 500 fem 1 950,00 € 1000 fem 3 400,00 € Pack 3 fem Add to Cart 36,00 €. Water isn’t exactly the best solvent for extracting the good stuff in cannabis. You can easily look up this information on the internet, so it's just a matter of preference when talking about the level of difficulty. Breaking up the Bubble: The Underappreciated Key to Bub... Cannabis Cultivation Tips for Making Rosin, Harvest Right: Our Absolute Favorite Freeze-Dryers, How to Keep Your Dab Rig Clean and Sterile. Often, they’re best dabbed just the way they are. Materials needed for dry sifting cannabis plant material. : Instead of the extraction machine you can use several buckets and a long spoon to stir but it is not ideal if you want to produce the best quality possible. As an added bonus we'll give you 10% off your first order. One big advantage with dry sift is that it’s straightforward and doesn’t involve any expensive equipment. Additionally, you will need copious quantities of both water and ice. Furthermore, when it comes to producing solventless rosin, five and six star hashes aren’t even necessary. So you can actually get more hash but you cannot separate it by quality. There’s a big difference between them when it comes to cost. There are plenty of articles explaining how to make dry sift and bubble hash, but I couldn’t find much on what role the water is playing or the science behind it all. This is where the dry sifting method really comes into its own. If you are looking for a good strain to make hash, we recommend our new Gorilla Cookies Auto. Either way, the only way to guarantee a good quality is growing buds full of trichomes. And I’m not alone here. If you’re making hash for your own consumption at home, this won’t be a huge deal, but commercial growers who need to produce the best hash they can always opt for bubble hash because it is better for producing 5 or 6-star full melt hash. Dry sift and bubble hash produce kief, the main difference being the process they go through. They are not legal to germinate in most countries. The difference really is the addition of water. As they sink, trichomes are collected in fine mesh filter bags, and then dried. Again bubble hash can produce more rosin thanks to its use of multiple filter bags. Posted by Michelle Janikian | Jan 23, 2020 | Live Rosin vs. Live Resin | 0 |. Both methods have their pros and cons, however, and there’s more to consider than simply comparing the end results of each method. In the early 2000's I became an OMMP patient/grower. The dry, trichome-packed powder that results is known as kif or kief; it is then compressed to form hash. In 2015 some friends and myself created a non profit OMMP collective named Locally Baked. The process and equipment are so simple and inexpensive that dry sift hash can’t be overlooked. The method can be performed by anyone, anywhere, and with very little equipment, so requires no special knowledge or skill to achieve. When dry sifting buds, you need to know the amount of pressure so you don’t disintegrate the buds, and with bubble hash you need to know for how long you can run the machine and at what strength. In addition to writing for #teamSHO, she is a regular contributor to Playboy, High Times, Big Bugs Mag, and the Green Market Report. Although the several bubble bags can be an advantage if you want to separate your hash by quality because the micron size of the filter separates the trichomes by size (and consequently, quality). After researching, I found that most terpenes are not water soluble, which means they will not dissolve in water, but some flavonoids and terpenoids are, which might be the reason for the difference in taste loss? I guess the best place to start is by asking the question, which makes the better hash? However, if you are looking to make five or six star full melt hash, then ice water extraction is the way to go. In the episode, he stated, “The only true evolution since we invented sieving, is the use of water.” For this reason, I want to focus on creating a conversation in what role the water is playing in the process, and what differences it causes between the two finished products. Related story Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts: All You Need To Know. of cannabis in as little as 20 minutes. Under the guidance of my mentor Shaggy, I soon became knowledgeable in the cultivation of medical cannabis as well as extractions such as dry sift and bubble hash. Bubble hash (or water hash) is another way of making hash, it uses water as a way to separate the trichomes from the plant material and the result is fairly similar to dry sifting, although it can reduce the amount of impurity, resulting in a higher quality hash. What To Do With Cannabis Trim And Fan Leaves. All seeds are strictly sold as souvenirs or collectables. SAFE Banking Act Passes The House: What Does it Mean fo... Meet the Former Athletes Who are Now Cannabis Activists, Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma: 2019 Year in Review. Our most powerful strain yet. Concentrates contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Being too abrasive will result in excess plant material finding its way into our stash. We are committed to bringing innovation to the industry and providing a reliable source for all your Rosin Tech needs. Dry sift hash is also known as kief. By signing up for FastBuds emails, you'll be the first to know about exclusive deals, new product & more! Bubble hash, on the other hand, utilizes Ice Water Extraction to perform the same task. Furthermore, it’s a very quick process, dry sift tumblers, like these Pollen Masters for example, can … There’s a big difference between them when it comes to cost. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. They both have their strengths and weaknesses to consider. From my personal experience with dry sift and bubble hash I have always noticed a difference in taste. Dry sifting only requires a sift screen and a flat surface while for bubble hash you will need bubble bags, ice, cold water, and a water hash machine. Another burning question is which method produces the highest yield? A platinum strain, with more than a million sold all over the world! Good-quality, pressed dry-sift ranges in appearance from light blondish-brown, soft, crumbly (almost “sandy”) in texture (for lightly-pressed hash), to dark-brown, shiny and hard (for heavily-pressed types). What’s apparent to me after writing this article, is that I am familiar with the process of how to make both but the science behind the process is a bit hard for me to describe. Furthermore, it’s a very quick process, dry sift tumblers, like these Pollen Masters for example, can process up to 10 lbs.