k���k�o�4[����@��c d�����sUH�C�_���Y�5�R��jj埵�[�j=���p���|-�E��uq�p�^`z�R�����%����9���ُ���폾2%k� ��� SPECIAL FIRST –AID REQUIREMENTS 7.1 Provision For Mass Casualties 7 7.2 Special Instructions 7 7.3 Protective Clothing And Equipment 7 7.4 Cleaning Up 7 8. Gauze tubular bandage is used to secure dressings on toes and fingers and is applied to the injury with a special applicator. Are you a National or Key Account customer? Remove foreign objects lodged in the skin like splinters. Even if the pain is persistent and needs to be checked by a doctor, you can still pop a painkiller to help you bear with the trip down to the clinic and the long wait before you get the turn to meet with your doctor. �q�e�����6,��PΜ3"%�;3wŸ�I�Cظ��(Auu��q�"���0'l�(����a�,����'ET��E� Find out which kit is right for your workplace and what to put in it. Types of adhesive dressings or plasters include: These are used to support injured joints, limit swelling, maintain pressure on wounds and secure dressings in place. No longer do doctors recommend a mercury thermometer. To ensure that your aching muscles get instant relief, do stock up on muscle creams and gels. Essential content of the first aid box and their uses A box of adhesive dressing (Plasters) of different sizes for covering small wounds. So go ahead and buy a few adhesive bandages since they come in all colours, sizes and shapes. Maintaining or replacing contents of a first aid kit. Your first-aid box must have the ultimate solution for common ailments. x��W]O7}�_��VZ�3��) ��ˢ�j���J4"�Կ�c���d)�ʕ�|��y|fl���ʔ�a���{����]�ݫ�����Kږ�*�����ì�4������E*�b���NM]����d��B�|���}G�l,_�x�E����÷�BVA�� ����6>%㋂'�9�8� Closing in ${ countDownSeconds } seconds. Home kit contents: A household first aid kit should include these 16 items. And make sure you buy the right kind. 6.3 Items In First-Aid Room 7 7. Tweet First Aid Essentials: 1 First Aid Manual. Satish Chahar. So buy Dettol or Savlon to kill all germs and bacteria that can thrive in an open wound. These are made of cloth and can be folded to make bandages or slings. For more information about what should be in your workplace first aid kit, please read our Workplace first aid kit … Create padding with sterile gauze, apply a little antiseptic cream, and cover the wound. Please use the same email address you used previously. New customers: by creating an account with us, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, view your orders, and more. If you had an account on our previous website, you will need to register your details again. Replace expired items, disposing of them safely. Also, find colourful ones that your kid will want to wear proudly instead of ripping off. While soap and water work fine, it is advisable to use a good antiseptic lotion to thoroughly rinse out any debris or particles in the wound that could infect it. 6. If you work with food, you’ll be required to use blue plasters. Discover what your workplace first aid room should include. The contents of your first aid kit should be based on your first aid needs assessment. Sterilized Gauge or Lint 5. You might not realise this but dirty nails are the biggest cause for fungal infections, bacterial growths and warts. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. You can get these in the form of gels, creams, powders and even pills. From your genitals to your feet, your face and hands, these fungal infections can be itchy and embarrassing. Browse from our range of workplace, catering, home and sport first aid kits and accessories. 5 0 obj %�쏢 Please use the same email address you used previously. With all the changing weather and increased pollution, which household doesn’t have people who develop allergic reactions easily? Supplies & Products First Aid Supplies First Aid Supplies Stay prepared for emergencies. Every home and car should have a basic first aid kit that is easily accessible in times of crisis. Sterilized Burn Dressing (Small & Large) 3. Adhesive Dressing(Band-Aid) 4. <> A plastic face shield or pocket mask can help protect you from cross infection with the casualty when giving rescue breaths. Having a few pain relievers like Crocin and Combiflam in your first-aid box is a must. <> He may further recommend antibiotics or other medication, but popping an antipyretic will help you while you wait for the diagnosis. Blunt-ended scissors for cutting bandage of plaster. Regardless, there are basic items any first aid kit should include. Go ahead and pick a good-sized box to create your very own first-aid kit or buy a ready made one and start storing away these things for uncalled emergencies. Gel plasters can be used to protect blisters. Check your kit regularly. Continued Must-Have First Aid Kit Essentials. Your basic first aid kit. endobj In an emergency, it is the contents of this box that will come to your aid while you suffer through a long drive to the hospital or wait for the ambulance to come to your front door. You may think that cutting your nails and shaping them can pose no emergency, but what about a painful ingrown toenail? First Aid Kit Purchasing Considerations There are four important factors to consider when purchasing a first aid kit: the intended use of the first aid kit, the quantity and type of supplies within the first aid kit, type of first aid kit container, and the necessary information in each first aid kit. stream f�4��Y��m��J���+S�w��޸u�&%i�J%�ji1�M�S L��*=��s��1�4q����L���+I��)��eà�+z}2pY6�g�(y�*8�:��o35�e1�tVI�����lr�=����g������t)��G���ry�3�����`(�B����lӊ��Np���������Z�ZA0���b�>�od����#�>kn1� &����dS����7��y銋������>˹Z� �mf(��v����q,�F� �!DS ��!洹Xغ�C���w�[��,���s�R�&E59�Ja)�L�v�d��0ϔ��� Y�?����T^Q�L�Me|v$^��@2ɪ+�y�8k�?���FIx�fQO�oけ��(J{X_w�b=�j�t>/�m('�KÜ�5R�Y/wy�0�L~��}�Ȣ��dI�� ��r��J*�2�X7��� Registered charity no. You can buy all items for your first aid kits at a well-stocked drug store. For non-sterile items without dates, you should check that they are still fit for purpose. There is an error with your details. Every first aid kit should contain a first aid manual.