The Pokemon Generation 1 Base Set, licensed by Wizards of the Coast, was initially released in North America in January of 1999 and saw initial reluctance among stores towards selling the product.The release would quickly sell out and spark one of the largest gaming card empires ever. Generation Set No. ... 100% COMPLETE Pokemon Jungle Set … This symbol is also present on 1st Edition booster packs and boxes. Generation Set No. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at The Base Set was released in January of 1999, three years after the Japanese version was released. Name Release date Details 1: Black and White: April 6, 2011: It is the first Pokémon trading card game set based on the Pokémon games, Pokémon Black and White.The set has a total of 115 cards, introducing 69 new Pokémon to the TCG, including special full card … The Charizard is the centerpiece of the 102-card, 1999 1st Edition (Base Set) series, which was the first Pokémon issue unveiled in the U.S. Your email address will not be published. Unlimited Edition cards are the most abundant of all the editions. Why does it reset the check marks on the list every time I reload the page? View cart for details. 1st Edition cards are more valuable, they’ll have a mark below the character window that says, “Edition 1”. Great deals on Pokémon Trading Card Complete Base Sets. I like the lists they look nice, just wish it was more practical…. $3000 Complete 102-card Set (1st Edition) – Mint $325.00 Complete 102-card Set (Unlimited Print) Distributed by “Wizards of the Coast” (U.S.) Based on the Pocket Monsters Card Game published by “Media Factory” (Japan) Available in : “Starter” Decks (Beginner Level Play) $8.99 U.S. 61 cards Fixed Set of Cards … List View. It isn’t just the fact that the cards are a complete set … Matt – we just made some updates to the website so it’ll now save the checkboxes you check… as long as you don’t clear your cache you should be able to come back to the CardMavin and it’ll remember the checkboxes you selected. The initial set featured 102 cards and included everything from rare holofoil cards to common energy cards. Just last Saturday, a complete set of first-edition Pokémon cards sold for no less than $107,010 on Golden Auctions.. Unlimited cards will have a drop-shadow around the character window. Japanese c… Vintage WOTC Pokemon Base Set, Pack Fresh 1st Edition Gym Heroes, 12 card Lot mark than it’s part of the Shadowless, Unlimited, or dated Unlimited editions. 1-48 of 154 Results. Required fields are marked *. Singles, Packs, Boxes and Precons all available here. Commanding upwards of $20,000 and beyond, Charizard’s value, and that of 1 st Edition cards … Your email address will not be published. You may want to add the words “Edition 1”, “Shadowless”, or “Unlimited” to find comparable cards. Click on the card to see how much they’re worth. 2 product ratings - Shadowless Chansey 3/102 Pokemon Card base set pokemon, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like, Pokémon Trading Card Game Cards & Merchandise. This series was produced by Wizards of the Coast, a company based in Renton, Washington, and Pratte believes that the bulk of the 1st Edition cards were distributed on the U.S. West Coast. The Base Set was released in January of 1999, three years after the Japanese version was released. The Pokemon Base Set is the name given to the first set of Pokemon cards. Trainer Kit – Alolan Sandslash & Alolan Ninetales. 1st Edition cards are identified by the appearance of an \"Edition 1\" symbol on the card, often on the opposite side of the Expansion symbol (or next to it with early Japanese 1st Edition sets). If the card doesn’t have the 1st Edition Pokemon Symbol The set contains 102 cards… highly sought after by collectors who want the first appearance (sort of like a Rookie Card) of each Pokemon. Last weekend a complete set of 103 first-edition Base Set Pokemon cards were sold on Goldin Auctions for six figures. Click on the cards to see what they’re worth. Name Release date Details 1: Black and White: April 6, 2011: It is the … There were several different print runs of the Base Set, some being more valuable than others. If you ever convinced your parents to buy you Pokémon cards because they’re an investment, you might be right—provided the cards in question were an incredibly old set. They’re still valuable as a Base Set card… but not as valuable as the 1st Edition or Shadowless cards. ... Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View.