First we measured the space where the desk needed to fit. Thank you so much Julie! This great shellac-based primer will block any knots or woodgrain from bleeding through the paint. Measure across the width of the desk for each individual component of the desk top, and then cut each one individually. We hope you find inspiration here! You’re welcome to use a few of my photos, but please do not alter them and be sure they link back to my site. Therefore, I mark 3 1/4 inches down from my line on the walls. Plus, it helps that it was really easy to put together! Then we marked and cut the 2x4 boards. These were predrilled using a wood drill that's bigger than the screws. This simple DIY floating desk can be put together in an afternoon and will add a ton of function to a small or awkward corner! home improvement and repair website. After bunk beds, the girls’ top wish for their new shared big girl bedroom makeover was desks. Then we screwed the middle section together. This floating corner desk was a project I recently built for a friend. Easy and great for a small space! Small space decorating can be a big challenge. A DIY Floating Wall-to-Wall Desk made with a butcher block countertop is a sturdy and attractive work/study solution for small spaces. This creates a nice contrast when the door is open. Allie says. In more decorative spaces — such as living rooms, bedrooms and offices — floating shelves keep everyday items within arm's reach in a sleek, light and airy manner. The cups, hooks, and clips are all designed to go with the system. We used the same paint to makeover these inexpensive MARIUS stools from Ikea to go with the desks! Mark the wall stud areas with a pencil or marker. We bought some new materials for this but also reused a lot of materials we had. Using a pilot masonry drill, drill the hole. The one in the video is El’s, and it’s lower than B’s because she’s younger and smaller. We attached the keyboard tray and still needed more support so we added more 2x4s and used the kreg jig system again. The floating desk at the bottom and the adding shelves above, you get a quaint and functional new space at home. Hey, it is a great idea of saving space and utilizing a limited space. Floating. Thanks! I love your pegboard and the hanging containers. We chose to make the girls’ desks 17″ x 36″. Incidentally, this was originally used for a cabin bed so it has the screw holes in it. As more and more professionals work from home, they find it's important to have a designated workspace for working on a laptop, catching up on reading and paying bills. . Whether used for saving space or just a great way to disguise clutter, this hanging, folding desk is a clever work space solution for the bedroom. They would probably look cute left white too. Easy DIY Floating Desk. We had each of the girls sit on their desk stools to determine their ideal desk height. Desk / Storage for a Small Space. Log in, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), « Playroom Makeover with a Fresh Set of Paint Colors. Start by building the supports for the desk. If you missed any of the details of this space, click here to see the full makeover of our game room – you won’t believe the before! It also helps that the pieces can be trimmed individually so that it fits properly in the space as the walls are not square. Take care to consider how the shelf's dimensions will work in the intended space; place a chair to make sure the height of the shelf bottom allows enough clearance to sit comfortably. He is going to i... Hi I am going back and forth between building a deck or a patio. When it's not in use as a workspace, this floating desk can double as a regular shelf. We are so happy we tried this, we learned so much from it, and are excited to share! In homes where space is at a premium, finding room for a workspace can often mean sacrificing one function to support another. We’ll be able to adjust the height of the desks as they grow- and as you’ll see, we mounted B’s desk higher on the wall than E’s. Step 4: Connect Support to Wall. Screw in timber through the middle hole, but not too tight. Mark on the wall the height of the top of the desk. This guide uses some old lumber that's being repurposed. Research on the web showed it was a completely do-able project, so we thought, why not? are all part of the line toom. I’m wondering where you found the pegboard; as well as the cup holders, and how you get them to stick into the pegboard? For now, this space functions really well as a spot for Jackson to play video games and for Corey to get a bit of work done. Now you're ready to put it together! Cut two more pieces of the 1x4 to 24", and add 45-degree mitered edges to each side (learn more about how to use a miter saw here). Join the party! We’re loving this entire set up from The Crafted Life. Sketch Design. Build the rustic farmhouse style corner bench in beefy dimensions and also with artistic legs and also install a floating corner desk that will not take much space of your short spaced home office! You can also ask them to cut your desktop to size at the lumber or hardware store and save yourself a step. Make the most of your small space with these apartment-sized sofas and expert tips. Create an Accent Wall with Easy DIY Faux Wallpaper! We wrapped up our makeover of the upstairs game room a little over a month ago, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve enjoyed that room over the last month more than we ever did before! Sketch the overall shape, scale and style of the intended floating-shelf workstation … To confirm that these are properly placed, close the door and make sure it stays closed tightly.