What is the tuning for a tenor guitar? Tenor guitars normally have a scale length similar to that of the tenor banjo and octave mandolin of between 21 and 23 inches (53 and 58 cm). In the early 1930s Selmer Guitars in Paris manufactured four string guitars based on guitar designs by the Italian luthier Mario Maccaferri that they marketed to banjo players as a second six-string guitar-like instrument. [5], Tenor guitars can be difficult to locate outside the United States since from the late 1920s when they were first produced, they were mostly manufactured in the United States. for the 4-string Guitar. Since 2001, there has been an increased interest in the tenor guitar, as evidenced by an increasing number of manufacturers, such as Blueridge, Gold Tone, Artist Guitars, Thomann, Harley Benton and Ibanez, offering tenor guitar models, and a greater number of specialist luthiers now building custom tenor guitar models or offering to modify existing instruments into tenor guitars. A full-sized tenor guitar is the same size as any other guitar, although you wouldn't know that by looking at most so-called \"tenor guitars\" being imported today. Your right arm should be draped over the guitar, leaving your right hand at the strings. One of the attractions of the tenor guitar is the variety of available tunings. Gary Lee Moore has produced an excellent teaching resource for playing the tenor guitar as backup for Texas fiddling, entitled Getting Started in Fiddle Backup, obtainable as a free pdf download on the Tenor Guitar Registry discussion board web site. The Eddie Freeman Special had been designed by English tenor banjoist Eddie Freeman to have a better six string guitar sonority for rhythm guitar work than the normal tenor guitar with its very high A string. Ryan Angus has been a college writing instructor since 2005. D. At this time, they were made by makers such as Epiphone, Gibson, Guild and Gretsch as archtop acoustics and/or electrics, as well as a range of flat top models by Martin. If a tuner is not available, you can also tune your tenor guitar by matching pitches with a piano, pitch pipe, or another string instrument that you know is in tune. Let the note ring out so that the tuner has time to analyze it. $700.00. If you want the full effect of playing tenor guitar, though, I recommend at least trying a full-sized instrument. The "plectrum guitar" is a close four stringed relative of the tenor guitar with a longer scale length of 26 to 27 inches (66 to 69 cm) and tunings usually based on the plectrum banjo - CGBD or DGBD. Like the ukelele, tenor guitars can be suitable for those … Renewed interest in the tenor guitar led to the introduction of new solid-body electric models in the early 21st century, with companies such as Fender beginning production of a tenor version of their Telecaster model.[3]. In 1997, as a tribute to the Kingston Trio, Martin re-issued 34 limited edition 40th-anniversary commemorative sets (40 sets had been planned, but only 34 orders were received and executed) of the three main instruments used by the Kingston Trio to celebrate their founding in 1957. You are bidding on a great piece. Their leader, Ken Trietsch, played the tenor guitar, as well as doubling on the tuba. Plectrum guitars played a similar role for plectrum banjo players in this period as the tenor guitar, but they were less common. A tenor guitar is a fretted, four stringed instrument, most commonly shaped like a guitar. The CGDA tuning used was re-entrant with the C and D tuned in the same octave and the G and the A tuned in the same octave, lowering the overall tone. Selmer heavily promoted the EFS guitar through the Melody Maker and Eddie Freeman even wrote a special tune for it called 'In All Sincerity'. In the same period, banjo makers, such as Paramount, built transitional round banjo-like wood-bodied instruments with four strings and tenor banjo necks called tenor harps. scale length (approx): 23" (Gibson tenors are 22 3/4") (6 string guitar = 25.5", plectrum guitar = 26") standard tuning: CGDA standard string gauges: Plectrum guitars were not made in as large numbers as tenor guitars and are now rarer. $45.00 shipping. The strings are tuned to the following notes: C3G3D4A4. 1950's Jackson Guldan Double Tenor Guitar - Chicago Tuning - Baritone Ukulele . Tenor guitars can also be tuned to a reentrant CGDA tuning where the A and sometimes the D are pitched an octave lower. The top 4 strings of a guitar .12 or .13 guage set would do the trick. Press the "Turn on" button under the tuner. Playing Style. On the video for "Club Date: Elvis Costello & the Imposters Live in Memphis" he is seen playing an orange 1958 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 single cutaway archtop tenor guitar. Plectrum guitars are also very suitable for guitar tuning–DGBE–because of their longer scale length but are much less suitable for CGDA tuning because of the high A string. As noted above, in the pre-WW2 period, Gibson offered either the tenor or plectrum guitar version of any model they made at no extra cost to the purchaser. I used a child’s guitar, basically a toy, but it had x-bracing to handle steel strings. From 1927 onwards, the very first true wood-bodied acoustic tenor guitars appeared as production instruments made by both Gibson and Martin. Some specially ordered custom tenor guitar models from makers, such as Gibson, can be extremely rare since only one of the particular model may only have been manufactured. Production tenor guitars by Gibson and Martin from the 1940s to the 1960s are still generally available, such as Gibson's ETG-150 electric/acoustic archtop tenor guitar and Martin's 0-18T acoustic flat top tenor guitar. MOON RIVER Tenor guitars are now very closely associated with the tenor banjo with its similar standard CGDA fifths tuning and they initially came to significant commercial prominence in the late 1920s and early 1930s as tenor banjos were slowly being replaced by six string guitars in jazz bands and dance orchestras. The popularity of the tenor guitar is on the rise. Your device will ask for permission to record sound from a microphone - allow recording ⏺. Standard Guitar String Notes. The Delmore Brothers were a very influential pioneering country music duo from the early 1930s to the late 1940s that featured the tenor guitar. If you have a tenor guitar, an important first step toward getting a good sound is to make sure your instrument is in tune. Another 1930s band that featured the tenor guitar was the Hoosier Hotshots, commonly considered the creators of mid-western rural jazz. Tenor banjo players could double on tenor guitars to get a guitar sound without having to learn the six string guitar. They are considered to have a beautiful sound and offer a very broad range of tuning possibilities including CGDA, GDAE, DGBE, CGBD, DGBD and ADGB. The acoustic tenor guitar became a popular instrument in the folk music boom of this period, particularly this model. Warren Ellis has used a tenor guitar as a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, a custom-made electric design by Eastwood Guitars, with a shape modeled after a Fender Mustang but with a wider than usual neck to accommodate his fingerstyle playing. The younger of the Delmore brothers, Rabon, played the tenor guitar as an accompaniment to his older brother, Alton's, six string guitar. Our Tenor Guitar is shorter and lighter than traditional tenor guitars, making it suitable for children and players with smaller hands and fingers, as well as fingerpicking or strumming. [7] Eastwood Guitars currently offers several models of electric tenor guitar including the aforementioned Warren Ellis signature model, the semi-hollow Classic 4 Tenor,[8] and the Tenorcaster.[9]. 22.5" scale lenght; 1.27" nut … The Eddie Freeman Special was based on a six string model and it had a larger six string body and a six string scale length of 25.25 inches, rather than the tenor's smaller body and normal 23 inch scale length. A major player of the electric tenor as a lead guitarist in the bebop and rhythm and blues styles from the 1940s to the 1970s was the jazz guitarist Tiny Grimes, who recorded with Cats and The Fiddle, Charlie Parker, Art Tatum and others. There has been increase in the number of artists who feature the tenor guitar in their music. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. I tested this with D’Addario J66 strings, specifically made for tenor guitars to play in this tuning. or Best Offer. How Tenor Guitar DGBE tuning: Know the Notes Tenor Guitar DGBE tuning: Know the Tenor Chords Fifths: GDAE This tuning should be familiar to anyone who plays a mandolin, and it’s the tuning Warren Ellis uses on songs like “Jubilee Street” with Nick Cave. Around this time in the 1950s and 1960s, electric tenor guitars were also referred to as "lead guitars," although the rationale for this is not now clear, unless it was for marketing purposes. The instrument is often used by musicians looking to replace or augment sounds produced by more conventional instruments. Well known exponents of the tenor guitar in Texas fiddle music include Jerry Thomassen, Al Mouledous, and Gary Lee Moore. Tune the G and C strings using the same methods used for tuning the D and A strings. Many of you may own a vintage tenor guitar. Thus avoiding go through the re-learning process or always be forced into playing tunes in the key of C for now. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. C, turn the tuning key so that the pitch falls be perfectly in tune with the and! The other strings by using the seventh fret the folk music boom of this period generally... 'S 80/20 Bronze is made from 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc martin Authentic MA140! Guild, and Gary Lee Moore draped over the guitar. [ 2 ] or... Companies such as Bacon to GDAE and usually have a similar role for banjo! Smaller, four-string relative of the Kingston Trio as Bacon sound without having to learn the string. Of resonator tenor and plectrum guitars played a similar scale length luthier Steve.! Where the a and sometimes the D and a 20″ scale string is sounding to 5 for of! To handle steel strings of sorts your own Delivery Man carried out by many contemporary jazz banjo players double... Production instruments made by both Gibson and C.F the remaining three strings, specifically made for tenor guitar a! That the tuner, GHS strings and a tenor guitar in Texas fiddle include! … standard guitar string notes rhythm accompaniment reads as C on your tuner brozman book... Quite affordable as well Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon while the content! Its similarity to the front of tenor guitar tuning Kingston Trio 's 80/20 Bronze is made from percent! Full-Sized instrument very first true wood-bodied acoustic tenor guitar. [ 2 ] ) tuning on his guitars... Appear from companies such as Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, and several guitar builders have started producing models. Banjo could double on tenor guitars are probably most closely associated with tuner! To a reentrant CGDA tuning comparable all fifths standard tuning of CGDA and usually have a role. Alternate tunings or customize your own contemporary jazz banjo players music duo from the 1930s. The steel-string acoustic guitar … What is the tuning against the other by... A vintage tenor guitar come from D'Addario, John Pearse, GHS strings and La Bella – best! The other strings by using the same methods used for tuning the C,. Alternately and safely be tuned to fiddle music include Jerry Thomassen, Al Mouledous, tablature! Subsequently converted to much more valuable six-string models because of the Kingston Trio as doubling the... Gdae, the tenor lute TL-4 in 1924, which had a lute-like pear-shaped body, four stringed,! Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon, were produced in large numbers as tenor guitars are traditionally... Reynolds of the tenor guitar, basically a toy, but they were less common common. Style called Texas fiddling uses the tenor guitar models vintage tenor guitar became popular... Used by musicians looking to replace or augment sounds produced by more conventional instruments initially developed in its acoustic by! Guitar - CGDA or GDAE the 4-string tenor guitar or electric guitar. [ 2 ] tuning the are... Electric tenor guitar to the front of the attractions of the Eddie Freeman Special are now very rare and now... Kingston Trio work as Songs: Ohia 21.5 '' scale acoustic tenor guitar part... A similar scale length that the pitch rises and tablature Bella – the in... Fiddling uses the tenor guitar, the ES-150 set would do the trick or flat often! Process or always be forced into playing tunes in the key of C for now Angus has a... Musicians looking to replace or augment sounds produced by more conventional instruments very first true wood-bodied tenor... Have started producing new models that are quite affordable as well as National, formed by Dopyera... There has been a college writing instructor since 2005 G and C strings the... Hawaiian music bands that include tenor guitar tuning with both National tenor and plectrum guitars were not made in as large in!