We can’t know that for sure because of how crazy the power levels got. Factually speaking, Goku is NOT the strongest character in Dragon Ball. It varies on the series of course, but whether it be ki, stamina, energy, chakra, or something else, it does hamper the individual. Agreed, Goku really wipes the floor with the Beyonder. When was the latter? Beyonder fan, yeah right. Where as a regular body is made of bone, tissue, blood, and organs, the Beyonder’s body is a cosmic energy construct made to LOOK like a person. I think you’re falling for the hype again. It doesn’t really matter how powerful Goku is in his reality. With that He needs to conserve that energy when it is needed most so he doesn’t burn out too quickly in the midst of the excitement. Therefore, unless the initial story-line has retconned these instances, we must reference them if they pertain to a characters various traits. You have to look at the context and Goku’s feat was just a whole lot more impressive. it requires a lot less power. You can’t turn invincible either, stuff like that just doesn’t happen even if the characters wish for it. How is he going to use any of his abilties when it won’t even take the beyonder 1/10 of a micro second to remove goku’s ability to control or manipulate ki IN ANY FORM? Akira’s not so tough. I’d say that they’re definitely universe busters, Based on some information gathered from a guy with free time and math skills, an attacks power level has to be at least 14,500,000,000,000,000. The Beyonder can try to emulate Goku all day but it simply won’t do him a lick of good. He can crush the Beyonder with a single hit and that’ll be the end of that. Therefore, a more accurate measure can be found there. Beyonder tanked an attack that would have destroyed billions of dimensions/Universes, Beyonder has durability feats to prove he won’t be phased by the Kamehameha wave. None of the regenerative characters I have listed have never needed to spend all of their energy focusing on healing themselves. Then you include the zenkai boosts and go through them all again til you get to Kaio Ken Blue and then finally you get into Ultra Instinct. If you have seen an episode of the anime, then you’ll see how obviously faster he is when compared to his western counterpart. No complete universal feats= no truthful way of saying Goku can beat the Beyonder. You’re heavily underestimating what Goku is capable of and overestimating the cosmic dudes. Since when does the Beyonder or anyone need stamina in order to regenerate? What I do want to say is that omnipresence works in the same way it does in the real world. In summary, the Beyonder’s “body” is made of vast cosmic energy instead of biomass. Those same Cosmic Entities would Obliterate the DB franchise like it’s a chore. No, I know you can;t be serious about this. He still beats them 1v1 though. Exactly. You can’t just warp something into Goku’s bloodstream or make him die with a snap of the fingers. This includes harm from any possible direction or from any possible attack. Even if we multiply Goku’s god level ki x50 and multiply that by 10 with the inclusion of the Kaio-ken, it still doesn’t offer Goku the the power necessary to match the Beyonder’s cosmic power, Regardless of whether or not we include the energy depletion as a result, Goku is still not on the Beyonder’s multiversal destructive capacity. You could make everyone in the DBZ Multiverse as powerful as Zeno, and have them all speedblitz and spam kamehamehas and spirit bombs, and the Beyonder would just be annoyed and think for them to be erased from existence, which will then happen, as that is how powerful he is. It doesn’t matter. Whether it be 2D galaxies or 3D ones, Superman can take them all. He imploded suns, caused entire planets to collid, and destroyed parallel dimensions with far less effort than Goku put into his transformation. With the new upgrades he’s developed to this point, he must be even faster (though. I agree that SS Blue would be enough here and he may not even need that. It’s basically ki on a far greater scale. That’s not hype. There is no limit to his power. That’s why he was bested by Doctor Doom. . Not only that, but this two-dimensional creature would also be unable to perceive a being with more that two dimensions. You really overestimate his actual abilities and I’m here to tell you that they really aren’t that impressive. Because Goku has never shown any feats that put him above the Beyonder, he can’t be classified as the superior entity based on your own rules. 2. They believe that they are invincible, but that’s only because they have yet to fight a supreme being who completely outclasses them the way that Goku does. If that is the case, then why did he not feel pain in the midst of the turbulence occurring in the universe he possessed. It took down Buu and is said to even be able to destroy a solar system. Same with regeneration, it’s never infinite. Goku can’t destroy a several billion dimensions. That means Goku can hurt him from anywhere. After the first 8, I start to realize that this isn’t the case. Marvel likes to talk tough in the narraration bubbles during a fight, but it’s all hyperbole, that’s all it is. He’s the very reason why Goku decided to reach a new level of strength in the fist place, and it still wasn’t enough to push him into using his full power. Beyonder can try to keep on regenerating after the Kamehameha, but he’ll run out of stamina after one shot and then it’s eradication time. Keep in mind that he does not have to be in the same planet or universe in order to interact or see his foes. As for the Dr. Doom thing, you should be very skeptical. Copies will never beat the original. Y’know I’ve done some more research and apparently all of the “harm” that was done to the Beyonder was due to him taking on a physical form after meeting the Molecule Man. Whatever… Also, before you spout more vague nonsense about Goku’s Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb, think about all the FACTS established about the Beyonder’s powers on a multiversal scale in comparison to Goku’s universal power. It adds meta physical attacks, but those aren’t too handy in a fight anyway <_<. I think Beyonder is probably Top 10 in Marvel, but once again…you just can’t bring him into anime world and hope to get too far. 4. You lost me. And yet, in midst of their battles, the most their attacks did in terms of destruction were planet scale at the most. I’m talking about Akira from the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku, need food, sleep, stamina–basically all the things that make him mortal. So the attack could have destroyed billions of dimensions meaning he can take the Kamehameha wave. You’d go for greater function instead of heavy, over the top flair. Instead of creating your own facts, you should try using the ones in the show for ACTUAL information. By knowing these two facts, I can decipher what Goku’s maximum destructive capacity. Beyonder wiped out planets with a single gesture. 1. We have to show people that the Z fighters are highly underrated. Couple that with an anime scene where they say that the armor is fairly standard, but you see it fighting at super speed. ssj2 = 150,000,000 x 3 = 450,000,000 Goku’s done all of the leg work in the series with Whis and Beerus just stealing the credit. Goku’s faster and stronger than the Beyonder, not to mention more versatile. They provide explanations for everything and expect them to be taken seriously. Humiliated and desperate, Frieza destroys Earth and everything on it; including Vegeta even at the stage of Super Saiyan Blue. 3. If I had any hope for you, it’s gone now. True, but the “to some degree” is the key part there. So, how could he beat Goku? 3. I’m glad you brought up Lord of the Rings because that is one of the most overhyped franchises out there. Show me and everyone else here a feat of Goku or anybody performing an attack that is multi-universal at the absolute least. When you consider all of this, it shows that Goku really might just be the strongest character alive, not counting Bass of course. I think you’re misinterpreting the SSG is base form now comment. It’s one of the reasons why his books and movies are cherished so fondly. That could be one of the reasons why we had to wait so long for Goku’s story to continue after GT. Goku may have snapped at Krillin, but he wasn’t very mean about it and was just startled that Krillin would even think to do such a thing to him. As for Goku, I agree with the 50 and then the 10, but keep in mind that Goku’s been training. With Goku whailing away at him the Beyonder would turn tail and run. Doctor Strange said he could beat him if he wanted to, but chose not to, it’s actually in the comics. The gap in their abilities is simply too great and the cosmic being will be taking a Kamehameha to the face. The who routine of Dragon Ball is to reveal a character that Goku has to beat by training harder and harder each time. Oh no this isn't right. From what I recall, the Beyonder came from a realm beyond the dimensional limitations pf the Multiverse.