From there, your child will learn that solids, liquids, and gases have different properties. *, It's our 30th Anniversary Sale-A-Bration! Learn more on our Science Curriculum for First Graders page. Log in. )*, FINAL HOURS TO SAVE: Prices increase tomorrow! A first grade homeschool curriculum for language arts should continue to expand on a child’s reading and writing skills, develop an understanding of spelling rules, build comprehension skills, and more. Other areas of study include learning about the scientific process, such as making and recording observations that include pictures, numbers, or written statements. We've updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the European Union's GDPR mandate. students with different learning capabilities, Everything you need to know about getting started, Trusted homeschool solution for over 1 million families, Help your children master difficult concepts and improve their grades, Become an independent reader, improve their phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension, Grammar skills including capitalization and punctuation, Handwriting skills, writing their name as well as simple words and sentences, Math skills such as adding and subtracting single digit or small numbers, greater than and less than concepts, identifying patterns and shapes. Please note: Spelling and Vocabulary is already built in to your lesson plans at this level. The first grade curriculum is designed to meet and advance the skills that are expected of a child this age. Click Accept to let us know you accept these terms and policies. This is more than a calendar. Spelling and vocabulary words are from the reading you share with your students. Your cart will then be sent to a Sonlight Curriculum Advisor for a free review. Even if they are not reading yet, your child likely has a good grasp of concepts about print. Easy to follow format promotes independence and responsibility. The 1st grade math curriculum covers various basic mathematical operations and concepts that they will need to know in order to learn more advanced concepts later. The transition to a more formal education doesn't have to be overwhelming. The three units of science study covered are: Your child will spend time learning about plants, insects, and their common characteristics and may even follow the life cycle of a butterfly. To learn more about how Time4Learning can help your first grader, visit our Language Arts Curriculum for 1st Graders page. We love the wide variety of literature selections Sonlight includes in each Core. Our online first grade curriculum teaches students through fun, interactive lessons and activities, printable worksheets, and more. The curriculum for 1st graders should be designed keeping in mind the developmental characteristics of 6 to 7 year olds. Common Core State Standards Initiative. Call 888-771-0914, Copyright © 2020 Time4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. First grade curricula must cover the basics of math, reading, science, social studies and arts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. You will get a reply in 1 business day. All subjects. Reading lists, spellings lists, and science supply lists help parents enhance the online material. Use #sonlightstories on social media to share your thoughts and photos. *, LAST CALL: 30% off electives & FREE Standard Shipping. Behind each week's lesson plan you will find a wealth of notes, maps, activity sheets, and teaching tips to accompany your studies. More Grade 1 Teachers Guides will be uploaded soon. Free First Grade Curriculum. Expect your child to begin exploring the concept of community beyond just your family. payment plan + FREE 2019 Summer Readers. Celebrate with 30% off electives! Browse all the products we offer, including our customer-renowned Instructor's Guides (IGs). Your Instructor's Guide takes the stack of books and materials in each subject and make it a curriculum. Why Choose Time4Learning 1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum? 2018. Sean is a fact checker and researcher with experience in sociology and field research. Please contact us with any questions you may have. To make learning more fun for the little ones, you can also use our 1st grade lesson plans. "The kids always look forward to Box Day, but as a Sonlight mom, I'm most excited for Catalog Day!" Enter any questions or comments in the message field below and click "Submit". What people mean when they say they are "doing Sonlight.". What Do Kids Actually Learn in 4th Grade? Build your own (with guidance), or go with our picks. For many students, first grade brings a number of field trips to neighborhood businesses and local government and public institutions, like the library. This page contains information that can help you give your child the best first grade education, including what to teach, how to homeschool a first grader, how Time4Learning’s online first grade curriculum can help your child succeed, and more. Thank you! Many states, districts, and schools help teachers pace their lessons with a curriculum guide. Going from kindergarten to first grade is a big transition for students and their parents. You choose if, when and how you utilize your 1st Grade Instructor's Guide. Last year, your child may have learned to count with one-to-one correspondence, recognize numerals, and sort into groups. It is therefore important to ensure that the curriculum covers a wide array of topics that are developmentally appropriate for them. And learning is fantastic when done with exciting stories, clear illustrations and books that capture the imagination. In first grade, your child will continue to build phonemic awareness with more complicated sounds like blends and digraphs. We have a wide array of printable 1st grade worksheets and activities that cover a wide range of topics covered in this year. Some teachers will focus on inventive spelling, allowing children to write the sounds they hear in words, while also instructing students using weekly spelling words. Order by Tuesday (June 30)! Many homeschooling families will choose to add a number of other subjects to their child’s 1st grade curriculum like social studies, art, and physical education, and even extracurricular activities such as sports and music. And learning is fantastic when done with exciting stories, clear … Learn more about your other 1st Grade Math options here. 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