Your plants will need 1 to 2 inches of water a week (supplement natural rainfall). Includes Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, and Mortgage Lifter, three disease resistant, prolific fruiters. Grow unbeatable, vine-ripened taste with this trio of heirloom grafted tomato plants. Now, 100% of our greenhouse tomatoes are grafted plants. Grafting is the process of combining the roots of one variety of tomato … They are … What I didn’t know — because I didn’t ask — is that my tomato seed company does not produce the grafted tomatoes … Learning how to grow tomato plants is simple: Tomatoes like well-drained neutral soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Grafted heirloom tomato … Seeds from this company always give me near-100% germination and yield consistently healthy, productive plants, so I assumed they’d deliver similar quality in their grafted plants. Space plants … Drummers floral offers local and world-wide delivery with expert … The typical picking time from an heirloom plant is six to eight weeks. Drummers Garden Center supplies a full-range of garden products, houseplants, trees and shrubs, gifts and professional landscape design. Typically a tomato grower in NC will plant two tomato crops, one in the spring and a second planting in mid-July, to compensate for tomato plants that have succumbed to disease. In 2016 we started experimenting with grafted tomato plants in our greenhouses. Plant them in full sun in an area that has access to water.