We also offer all installation services, maintain, monitor and repair all of your security surveillance equipment. Or, a condo association may want a two-way interactive camera and talk system that notifies the Central Station if someone is in their lobby past midnight for longer than two minutes. * NORMANDY J KINGS POINT * SPENCER LAKES COMMUNITY Our online store serves over 5000 customers per month. These communities have traditionally relied on security guards and analog neighborhood video surveillance to provide a feeling... Security Camera King is a high-quality developer and manufacturer of CCTV surveillance systems for a multitude of specifications. A retirement association might want medical pendants tied into the camera, and or security system for first responders. The future is here and high-tech security cameras are no longer available to only a select few. Expand your gate system to cover all your common areas; clubhouses, pools, mail, docks, boat ramps. Another drawback to these older models was their requirement to remain physically connected to a power source and the rest of the system. HOA Community security cameras and surveillance systems have become extremely affordable in recent years. Many times HOAs are found in gated communities or those with security guards onsite. How often do residents want to live in a community that (especially in large gated community or HOA run complex) does not provide basic security surveillance services. Smart video alarm can help you take the security of your business or home to the next level. Have a question, or want a proposal? Whereas security issues used to be addressed solely through hiring security guards and securing perimeter access, today’s security needs can be met using technology provided by a security camera system. Palos Heights | Orland Park Buffalo Grove | Schaumburg Des Plaines | Oak Park & Surrounding Areas, 55 W. 22nd Street, Suite 310 Lombard, IL 60148. Require a key fob swipe for your spa, showers, restrooms, barbecues, sport courts, clubhouses, and more. Perhaps the most useful feature of these products is their ability to alert a resident of suspicious activity, which can then be shared with the entire community. Techpro Security Products is a major manufacturer and distributor of CCTV Security surveillance and Access Control Equipment. Below are more points about access control which a security conscious HOA should consider. Unfortunately, neighborhood instances of crime have been consistently on the rise in major American cities. * SOUTH HAMPTONS BUILDINGS B, D, E, I We recommend getting guidance on your specific needs from a couple different security system vendors. We have a dedicated department of security technology experts for the provision of state of the... Security Camera King has a department of security surveillance experts specifically dedicated to gated community security systems. Now the most basic surveillance equipment packages come equipped with all of the extra bells and whistles needed to better monitor your community. You may have a description of a vehicle but no tag number. Web DVR servers with wired digital cameras are included with our newest systems. HOA Community security cameras and surveillance systems have become extremely affordable in recent years. The increasing interconnectivity of devices has extended into the security surveillance camera industry. The primary appeal of gated neighborhoods is the safety and peace of mind they bring their residents. They have spent less on their cameras, but are not much better off than if they were without cameras. Over the last few years, security systems for residential use have expanded their capabilities greatly while at the same time becoming even more affordable. info@techprosecurity.com. * HUNTINGTON LAKES These areas are not perfect and sometimes there is a need for home owner associations to invest in surveillance systems to ensure that everyone is kept safe while they live in their gated community. Let’s look at four illustrations. With our system just review the video, print a photo of the tag and give to police. * FOUR SEASONS CONDO Homeowners association communities are typically surrounded by a wall and have a gated front entrance and, in some cases, a rear gated entrance as well. But, it costs more. Fortunately, with new innovations and technology, these limitations of the past are no longer a concern. Armed with high-resolution digital cameras, and two-way audio, our security guards can voice-down to trespassers demanding they leave. Having a neighborhood crime watch plan to work in tandem with your other HOA security solutions is highly effective. * THE ENCLAVE AT INNVERARY Fortunately, with new innovations and technology, these limitations of the past are no longer a concern. Condominiums and HOA communities are often the target of crimes because of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, recreational facilities, playgrounds and parks.