I recently tried HOI 3 for the sake of comparing the two of them cause i've seen plenty of people still playing it and preferring it over hoi4. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. For example, USA starts the game with the Undisturbed Isolation law which is very restrictive. Hoi4 Türkçe Rehber Tadındaki Serimizde , Hoi4 Multiplayer Türkçe Oynanış Bölümüz İle Karşınızdayım. I would be happy if we had more resources in Hoi 4 it would make the strategic game more fun, more it would give more strategic objectives to fight or trade. I find this to be the weakest part of Hearts of Iron 3. Nelfe is entirely possible those numbers have changed and may change in the future since the game is still in alpha. So to be fair, I have used the latest version of the mod for both games. Even when I conduct my own trade without the AI, the system leaves much to be desired. Anyway i liked how the economy works in Hoi 3 and to be honest i realised how much more simple it is in hoi 4. New player trying to decide. I prefer to get down and dirty with the DETAILS! They cant justify wars either if i recall correctly so they cant attack you directly. Provinces were not easily gained or lost unlike in Heart of Iron 4, where either one of you could steamroll the other without before knowing what hit them. Something I wish existed in the already splendid wargame that is Hearts of Iron 3. Oct 7, 2016 454 2. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive, Hearts of Iron 4 - After Action Reports (AAR). In the third installment you had that number called IC that you needed to produce and supply divisions. They don’t easily falter, even when surrounded and cut off from friendly supply lines. Its a question of taste. Playing as Hungary in Heart of Iron 3. It depends of the law you have too. 1) AI got worse. I really wish paradox has plans for an economy overhaul in this game, I really wish paradox has plans for an economy overhaul in this game, I play hoi 3 for the immersion hoi 4 desperately lacks. When I started sorting out division, corps, army and theatre army. If you need something uplifting in these covid times, visit, “You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Free Tibet. Since each army in full supply would have 14 days of supply to last them. Some people prefer a game more like HoI4 some a game like HoI3 I would like to see more socio-economic feautures but I don't want complexity for the sake of complexity. Older equipment taken from defeated nations is used by your army, instead of being discarded. Crossposted by. Black Ice 10.33 for Heart of Iron 3 and Black Ice for 1.8.2 for Hearts of Iron 4. This simplifies the whole process of manufacturing and training the regiments for your army. You didn't have specific production lines nor there was a choice between civilian and military build-up since here was only IC. Infact, if you play smart enough the allies can never delcare war on you if you keep world tension low. (Steam 2020), Panzer Corps 2 – Spanish Civil War Review. It is a modifier which have faster civilian factory build time and slower military factories build time. Ah, I have both games and haven’t played either much. Instead, you have to grab inactive units and tasked them to charge the lines. Axis and comintern arent really affected by World tension that much while allies are extremely limited by it. I always had to adjust the sliders to its “Needed” settings. All these add up to your victory points. I guess your assessment is the right one. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Close. And most of the time quite poorly. The small coloured indicator that appears on top of every battle is also less accurate in Hearts of iron 4. On the other hand, Hearts of Iron 3 had already incorporated this into the fabric of the game mechanic. Hi Cedric, I was playing both Haerts of Iron III and IV with their respective black ice mods as mentioned in my article. When a country is puppeted, its government is replaced by one installed by the puppet master, matching the puppet master's ideology. I could see why my units were staunch defenders, holding out, right to the last men until reinforcements arrived. Before long, I had to do it all over again. The beating of the war drums calls for the clash of titans, THE BATTLE OF THE IRON HEARTS! 36 Badges ... Yeah, but you're missing what an unstreamlined unsimplified ultra-historical hyper-realistic masterpiece HOI3 was and how terrible HOI4 will be in comparison . Battle of the Iron Hearts: Hearts of Iron 3 vs Hearts of... Command: Modern Operations Review – Commanding from a Dark Room, Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 Review – A Major Victory! I also liked the arrow indicators on the unit’s movements across the map. By 1939 I had taken control of the middle east, most of Europe including Spain and turkey and blah, and I was about to cross the suez into British Egypt. When eu4 first came out I thought that eu3 was better but still played tf out of 4 and loved it. Hey guys, I know we have had that topic many times but time progresses and HoI4 gets updates and a new DLC in 2020. Hearts of Iron 3 does a great job in making me feel like a general of the nation’s army. It improved upon it greatly by introducing nation focus trees that are unique to most major nations, including Hungary. Historically, many civilian factories were converted to manufacturing military equipment during World War 2. Now, let’s look at the industry. OP you conquered Europe fast not because you had a big and shiny army but because the dumb AI failed to respond adequately to your aggressive movements in the first place. I don't agree at all that the economic system in Hoi3 was more complex than in Hoi4. I strongly doubt you will be able to keep WT under the limit indefinetely if you keep grabbing territory. Most wargamers share the sentiment that Hearts of Iron 3 is the superior game when it comes to simulating warfare. A puppet is a country that is de jure independent but is more or less controlled by another, often stronger nation, through an installed government that is loyal to the controlling nation.. After all these, I am still torn between deciding which is the better of the two. HOI3 has energy and money, but I have to disagree about HOI4 having a simpler economy. HoI4, otoh, Ive played like 3-4 games and am just sick of it. It gives you a direction on your war goals from the start of the game. I noticed how every battle fought gave a sense of military triumph over my enemies. I am talking about the cursed sliders. In Hearts of Iron 3, supplies are inclusive of weapons, armoured vehicles or just about anything needed in war. The whole system has a more in-depth feel to it, you produce weapons and stuff and stockpile it and when you want to train a division you combine that stuff with manpower. As long as you build your equipment fast enough, or decide to deploy your troops before they are fully equipped and trained this shouldnt be a problem. Not necessarily a bad thing but more monotonous and methodical. Free Hong Kong. I think what is missing in the HoI4 economy is some basic resources to put a stop to Industry spiraling out of control. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I recently had a game in HOI3 as Germany where I invaded the USSR in late 1936 after taking the polish head on straight away.