Visit this post to learn how to stock a first aid kit for household pets. * Shop Now >, Holiday Special: 10% Off ALL Books & DVDs, including Responding to Emergencies and Emergency Medical Response! This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission from the brand. * Shop Now >, The latest emergency science behind Red Cross programs: The American Red Cross Focused Updates and Guidelines 2020 READ NOW >. A home first aid kit can equip you to provide care for your family and loved ones. Meets standards concerning basic office or home first aid kits. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home and one in your car. Now that you’ve gotten your own first aid kit stocked and placed in a central location of your home, and you know what to do when an emergency happens, it’s time to take the next step to get your pets a first aid kit, too. A commercial first aid kit is larger than an at-home kit. A small pair of scissors is handy to help cut gauze, tape, clothing, bandages and more. We set about the criteria for inspecting, testing and assessing each kit … I was slicing carrots on a mandoline and said to my husband “one day I’m going to cut myself with this thing.” Not even thirty seconds later, a huge chunk of my thumb went right through the blade. Visit this post to learn how to stock a first aid kit for household pets. It is a mask-like face shield with a one-way breathing valve that prevents the spread of disease by preventing direct contact between each person’s mouth. A breathing barrier is a tool used to help administer CPR. By agreeing to the terms, you will guarantee the return of our manikins.By agreeing to the terms, you will … The top-selling first aid kits product is the 3M 118-Piece Industrial Construction First Aid Kit. Aspirin is one of them because it can be life-saving for an adult with chest pain or who may be having a heart attack, according to the Mayo Clinic. We scoured the market looking for the best selling first aid kits and picked out 20 that we thought fit the grade. How To Keep Your Important Home Info Organized, Copyright © 2020 Organized-ish LLC by Lela Burris. Antibiotic ointment helps protect against infection while promoting fast healing of cuts, scrapes, scratches and burns. Because you deserve to be Organized*ish. You should also keep a small, waterproof flashlight or headlamp as well as some extra batteries in your first-aid kit. Sure, there were bandaids and gauze, and some random things I have idea what they even do, but I was definitely not prepared for an instance like this. Beyond the tools that could be helpful during an emergency situation, you should also include a list of emergency phone numbers for family members, your family doctor and pediatrician, local emergency services, emergency road service providers and the poison help line. Used by many as a grooming tool, tweezers are also a first-aid staple that can be used to pick out small particles or foreign objects from the skin. Holiday Special: Purchase ANY Instructor Starter Kit, get a Deluxe Instructor Starter Kit with Backpack FREE! I'm Lela. Compress dressings are highly absorbent, sterile pads that help minimize blood loss and keep wounds clean. Once a month, check your stock levels on often-used things like medicines and bandaids. It can secure bandages, make a tourniquet, set a splint and more. The Red Cross recommends two packets of aspirin with 81 mg each. Small handheld first aid guidebook for wound care and CPR; Where To Store Your First Aid Kit. Gauze pads are non-stick sterile, all-purpose bandages to help stop bleeding and keep wounds clean. Duct tape is something most DIY homeowners have on hand, and its versatility is why it is great to have during emergencies. She opened up my first aid kit container I had bought from Walmart years ago and pushed around it looking for something we could actually use. What are the shipping options for first aid kits? All first aid kits can be shipped to you at home. I also suggest keeping one main first aid kit with everything listed above on the main level of your house, and keeping smaller condensed kits with only the basics on the other levels of your home and in each of your cars. They may be able to use them faster and you don’t have to feel bad about throwing them away. Seniors On Medicare Are Getting a Big Pay Day in 2020, Expert: “This credit card is so good I signed up personally”, ways to make sure your family stays safe in a natural disaster. Most first aid kits range from $10 to $250 in price. These disposable gloves can protect your hands from exposure to germs and bodily fluids and won’t trigger a reaction in people with a latex allergy. Whether you need in-home organizing, a DIY Plan, or just some advice in a video chat, I got you, Girl. Home First Aid Kits. What is the top-selling first aid kits product? You can simply use this at home, at work or as a travel first aid kit. Everyone should have a well-stocked first-aid kit at home and in their car. We're unable to add this class to your cart. For treating a variety of other pain, it’s smart to have a variety of your preferred pain relievers in your kit, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The purpose of having a basic first aid kit in the home or office is to treat minor injuries until professional help is sought. I never share anything I haven't personally tried and love, so you can feel good about shopping from my partners. Include either a tube or a few individual packets in your first-aid kit. The Medique 40061 kit contains the essential items many people seek out first when the need arises. Hydrocortisone comes in the form of ointments, creams, lotions and sprays. The Red Cross recommends having two pairs of non-latex gloves in size large in your kit. Keep your first aid kit in a central and easily accessible location of your home. In the event of an accident inside our house, we wanted to make sure it could be found quickly. Calamine lotion can help soothe the itching and pain of minor skin irritations, such as those caused by poison ivy. A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. A travel first aid kit is a compact kit designed to fit in a bag, backpack, or suitcase for folks on the go. Plastic clam shell case is compact and well-organized. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. It is by no means subpar as it meets United States FDA Regulatory Standards that qualify it as a medical device. Refill those stocks as needed, and don’t wait for them to run out before shopping for more. Assembling these numbers as well as a first-aid kit are just two of the ways to make sure your family stays safe in a natural disaster. There are a few basic medications you should have in a first-aid kit. Like last week when I cut my finger, my MIL was able to jump into action and didn’t have to search for supplies. A quality first aid kit should be part of any hiking, camping, or backpacking essentials checklist. One last thing, it’s a great idea to sit down with the family one evening and watch a few training videos on the University of YouTube on how to handle certain first aid issues. Luckily my in-laws were visiting for dinner, and my MIL is very skilled in aiding a cut. You should keep extras of any personal medications you take that don't need refrigeration in your first-aid kit. Emergency blankets are lightweight, metalized plastic sheets that help retain body heat. If you're having trouble signing up, please contact Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Or you can keep them all in an over-the-door divided shoe holder. DIY Pet Window Decals For Emergency Responders, How To Keep Important Home Info Safe And Organized, 10 Things To Know Before Your First Cricut Maker Project, 10 Perfect Font Pairings For Cricut Projects, How To Connect Script Fonts In Cricut Design Space, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Antihistamine in pills, Hydrocortisone cream (for rashes and scrapes), Travel-sized bottle of gentle dye-free antiseptic soap, Thermometer (oral and ear/forehead versions), Snake bite kit (especially if you live in a wooded area), Small handheld first aid guidebook for wound care and CPR.